Toronto Blue Jays: 10 Reasons We're Already Anxious for Spring Training

Stephen Brown@@the__ste (Double Underscore)Correspondent IINovember 2, 2011

Toronto Blue Jays: 10 Reasons We're Already Anxious for Spring Training

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    The World Series just concluded and already people are excited about spring training. The Toronto Blue Jays have a great fanbase and they are always hopeful and looking forward to next season.

    What will the Jays do this offseason? They have money to spend and people to sign? But whom? Who will play 2B?

    With the Jays showing promise last year, many in Blue Jay land have great hope for the future.

    With such a great offseason ahead of us, here are 10 reasons we are already anxious for spring training.

Beeston Will to Dish out the Cash

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    Now that the 2011 season has officially finished, it is time to speculate on free agents and player movement. I mentioned here how exciting it would be if Yu Darvish came to the Jays.

    The main reason for optimism is that Paul Beeston is willing to increase payroll substantially, perhaps to $120 million. With that comes excitement about who the Jays and their dynamic GM Alex Anthopoulos will target.

New Logo

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    Every Jays fan is excited to see how the new logo will look on the uniform.

    The throwback style, once finalized, could hopefully energize this young franchise, just as eliminating the devil in Devil Rays did for Tampa.

EE in LF

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    Reports show that Edwin Encarnacion has been working on playing left field. With this news comes great speculation.

    Is he moving to left to open up the DH spot for a new signee?

    Who knows, all we can do is speculate and hope he can make the transition just as well as new gold glover, Alex Gordon, from third base.


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    Man was he bad last season but, with a new season comes new hope. We are all anxious to see how he pitches after such a terrible season in 2011.

    If Drabek can turn into a solid starter and become a staple in the rotation, it would increase his confidence, help the overall scope of the team and aid in his progression to dynamic starter.

    It all begins in spring training.

Who Will Man Second Base? How Will They Gel?

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    One of the best aspects of the 2011 season was the camaraderie of the players on the bench. They were always in great spirits and were able to play as a team and never had any in-fighting.

    So who will play second base? Hill? Johnson? With Johnson, a type A free agent, maybe it would be better to let him walk?

    We won’t know and we won’t see how they play until spring training…


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    Will a prospect come into spring training and dazzle? It seems every year this is something that happens.

    Here is hoping that someone like Cooper, Loewen or Carreno do enough to remain on the big club and explode onto the scene.


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    We have been hoping for years that he will come into spring training and tear the cover off the ball. It has yet to truly happen and boy are we all ready to see Snider become a legitimate outfielder for the Jays.

    Hopefully this is the year, as many are getting tired of his inconsistency.


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    It isn’t until spring training that we can actually see a potential lineup in order. But, even in spring training lineups are not set in stone.

    That being said, with all the new moves that Jays nation hopes are coming, it will be interesting to see how they put the puzzle together.


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    How will this offseason help his progression? How will he enjoy a full year in Canada?

    He had a very poor showing during his half season in Toronto. Here is to hoping that he will continue to progress into the stud we all expect him to be.

    Many questions remain and none of them will be answered until spring training.


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    It is beginning to get quite cold here in Toronto. Spring training means the winter is over and the hot weather is right around the corner. With it comes golf, shorts and the Blue Jays.

    With the young nucleus of this team coupled with some money to spend, Jays fans will be very excited going into spring training. Who will they sign? Fielder? Darvish? Pujols? Wilson?

    Spring training is when we finally see it in action.