BCS Predictions: Predicting Which Teams Will Get Screwed in the Week 10 Rankings

James Brown@@chasingballgameSenior Analyst IOctober 29, 2011

BCS Predictions: Predicting Which Teams Will Get Screwed in the Week 10 Rankings

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    The BCS rankings are the most important polls in the country. These rankings determine what teams will play for the National Championship and how they stack up against other teams. The BCS system is an imperfect system, and because of this, teams always get screwed.

    Here is a look at five teams that have the potential to get screwed in Week 10.

Boise State Broncos

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    This will be a reoccurring theme all season long for the Broncos as they slowly slide down the polls.

    The Broncos just don’t have the competitive schedule to keep up with the other teams. When teams like Clemson and Stanford are playing top talent, they will get the nudge to move up the rankings and eventually will leapfrog Boise State.

    Unless several of the undefeated teams lose, it is only a matter of time before they leapfrog Boise State.

Nebraska Cornhuskers

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    Despite an exceptional outing against Michigan State on Saturday, don’t look for much of an increase in the rankings for Nebraska. The Cornhuskers' only loss on the season is to a very talented Wisconsin team and they deserve to be vaulted into the Top 10 in the BCS.

    This is unlikely to happen with the talented teams above them, and unless something crazy happens, Nebraska could get screwed.

Oregon Ducks

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    The BCS rankings will keep the Ducks out of the Top 5 as long as there is still an undefeated team. The Ducks had a horrible game in Week 1 against LSU, but have since rebounded, overcoming injuries along the way to be one of the best teams in the country.

    Until they play the Stanford Cardinal, they will keep getting screwed in the rankings.

Houston Cougars

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    Quarterback Case Keenum put the Cougars on the map. He was at it again this week when he fired up nine touchdowns in the game against Rice.

    Houston is undefeated on the season and they look a lot like Boise State did a few years ago before getting the recognition they deserve.

    The Cougars may not play in a great conference, but as long as they are undefeated on the season, they should get some more respect from the BCS rankings.

Arkansas Razorbacks

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    The Razorbacks have struggled in the last two games against weaker SEC opponents, and because of this they will most likely be jumped in the BCS rankings. Although they are still winning, barely beating weaker teams will not be acceptable in the BCS rankings.

    This is still a deep and explosive team with only one loss to Alabama, yet because of the recent play in the last two weeks, they will most likely fall in the standings.

    It proves that style points are indeed important in the BCS standings.

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