College Football Power Rankings: The 25 Rudest Fanbases in the Nation

Jim Sullivan@jsully711Featured ColumnistOctober 27, 2011

College Football Power Rankings: The 25 Rudest Fanbases in the Nation

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    Every team has their traditions, history and fanbases. Every fanbase has its highs and lows, its triumphs and tragedies, its moments in the sun and regrets in the darkness. We all love our teams and will until the end of time.

    Every one of us has a choice, however, on how to direct our passion. Do we put it into our own team's fuel tank, cheering them on whether it be a surefire win or a lost cause? Or do we dump it onto the the opposing fools who dared to challenge us in our own house?

    What we as the home team may refer to as "spirit" may be plain rude to the opposition, and finding that line between the two is tough in some situations. However, the majority of engagements are pretty translucent as to where that line is and some fanbases just take it too far, most of the time on purpose.

    Sitting at home behind your safe TV doesn't even begin to hide what goes on at some of these stadiums where football is literally the pulse of the student's worlds. It's a "you just have to be there to see it" kind of deal.

    Which school though takes the cake, making their fans the meanest, raunchiest, most arrogant people to ever scorch the Earth with their presence?  

    We rank which 25 college football fan clubs love to take passion to a whole new level, bringing it from rivalry to rudeness and spirit to arrogance with ease.   

25. Arizona

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    Arizona considers themselves the premier university in its state, and as much as that may not mean much, they certainly like to make a big deal out of it.

    Just last season, Mike Stoops led them to a pretty decent record and a somewhat disappointing loss in the Alamo Bowl to Oklahoma State.

    Now, the Wildcats failed to win more than one of their first six games and have already gone as far to fire Stoops in the middle of the season. The point of all that was to show that even though Arizona doesn't have a lot to be cocky about, they managed to draw national attention to themselves with their conduct at the Iowa game.

    The entire disrespectful clip can be seen here. I have been to a lot of college football games in my few short years of actually paying attention, but I have almost never seen something so rude and obnoxious.

    I had heard rumors that Tucson wasn't the nicest place in the nation, but I never imagined it to be so classless. 

24. Colorado

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    The Buffaloes up in Boulder may have left the Big 12, but their fanbase hasn't gotten any nicer.

    Over the past few years, CU has never really been any kind of powerhouse in the Big 12 and as a rule, most arrogance and rudeness is based in success.

    Maybe people from Colorado are just mean. We've all heard the classic story of fans throwing things at opposing teams, ranging from plastic cups to beer bottles.

    In a game a few years back, CU instead began to throw T-shirts, bright yellow ones. When rolled up and knotted, they actually looked a lot like penalty flags. Ask the announcers from that game, they'll agree with you.

    I don't know what it takes to make a fanbase want to prolong the inevitable with fake penalties, but that has to be something pretty strong. Additionally, after being crushed in games, CU fans would dance in the stadium, still jeering on against opponents who had already destroyed their team. 

23. Nebraska

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    Back in the day, the Cornhuskers were the team to beat. Nebraska was the powerhouse in the Midwest, recruiting the best to stay the best. Unfortunately after joining the Big 12, they began their fall from greatness.

    After Bo Pelini started as their new head coach, the Cornhuskers have began to ascend back to the top, attending the Big 12 Championship twice (with two losses) before leaving for the Big Ten. Nebraska fans do have a lot to be excited about for their future though.

    Like any groups of fans, there are the classy ones and the die-hard crazy ones. The insane ones are naturally a bit arrogant and that "we're better than you are" attitude can be especially rude. 

    The Sea of Red is one of the coolest traditions out there, but any crazy Husker fan will tell you that Crouch, Suh, and Gill are some of the best players to ever walk the face of this planet. For me, that's taking it a bit too far.

    Superiority is classless and as a football fan, any one of them should understand any team can beat any other team on any given Saturday.  

22. Ole Miss

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    The first but certainly not the last SEC team on this list, Ole Miss fans can be some of the rudest out there.

    The Rebels haven't exactly been even close to good as of late, holding a spot at the bottom half of the SEC for years.

    The University of Mississippi is known to have a student drinking problem which has led to their reputation as one of the top party schools in the nation. As many people know, with alcohol comes cockiness, and with cockiness comes arrogance. 

    These fans even used to wave Confederate flags at their games. And if that isn't rude, I don't know what is. 

21. Rutgers

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    The Scarlet Knights may be the flagship university in a state that is literally known best for its rude and crazy drivers, but that doesn't excuse them from this list. In fact, it's the reason I researched them in the first place.

    Rutgers has never been the powerhouse its fans want it to be, but by the arrogance many of them exude, you'd be surprised that the university does't own more Big East Championships.  

    The State of New Jersey actually asked Rutgers to put on seminars to increase "civility" for students, alumni and faculty.

    After the students' performance at the 2007 Navy game where they insulted players, midshipmen and families coming to watch their sons, all of whom are going to serve our nation overseas, I think Rutgers needs to put on a few more lectures on how to be nice. 

20. Boise State

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    This is going to sound like I'm quoting Yoda, but this is totally true.

    With success comes attention, with attention comes cockiness, with cockiness comes arrogance, and with arrogance comes rudeness. Basically, this is what happened to a small school from Idaho.

    Now owning a national following, the Broncos of Boise State have become extremely cocky over a short amount of time. These fans have assimilated sports writers, the media, and the BCS haters.

    If you ever face off against a Boise State fan, they will have many arguments on why their team deserves a shot at the national title and what conspiracy BCS theories have kept them out of it all these years.

    By the way, when I say "all these years," I mean since 2006.   

19. Central Florida

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    The University of Central Florida was a surprise to me too. UCF isn't exactly the most storied of college football programs and isn't even in a major conference, so why are their fans so rude?

    Your guess is as good as mine.

    According to a 2009 poll done by Sports Illustrated, UCF fans are apparently the rudest in Conference USA. There are reports that some of these fans have urinated on opposing fans, going as far to vandalize or steal vehicles, equipment and food. 

    Some of the things people do to people they don't even know is insane, even if they are wearing the "wrong" color to your game. It's ridiculous to scrutinize another human being who is just there to support his or her team.

18. Wisconsin

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    Wisconsinites are generally some pretty nice people who just go to their football games to "jump around," which I admit is totally worth going.

    However, there are some instances where fans wearing red and white took fandom to the next level. 

    Reports have come out of Madison that fans curse, throw things and show obscenities to opposing players and those who traveled to see them. Wisconsin does rank up there with schools where parties take priority to studying, but being rude to other fans is classless.

17. Michigan State

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    I can't say that I have ever had the chance to visit Spartan Stadium in East Lansing, but there are some reports that these fans are some of the craziest in the Big Ten. 

    From chants of "a--hole" directed at opposing fans to obscenities that are downright disgraceful, Michigan State definitely makes this list for many reasons.

    The entire student section can join in on jeers of opposing players and coaches that put the reputation of the university at stake.

    Considering that MSU is one of the better party schools in the nation, similar to Big Ten rival Wisconsin, their high ranking shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.

16. Texas

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    Texas is the largest university in a state that lives and dies on football. Over the years, the Longhorns have acquired a taste for arrogance through their many winning seasons; one unmatched by their rivals in College Station and Lubbock.

    The University of Texas is one of the premier football universities for top-notch athletes, gaining top recruits year in and year out.

    UT has attended two national Championships since 2005, winning one over USC and losing the other to Alabama. Their history as a school that likes to win doesn't give these fans a particular rudeness, but more a sense of entitlement and arrogance. 

    The Longhorns haven't exactly shown much taste of winning over the past season and a half though, failing to make a bowl game and losing horribly to both Oklahoma schools. 

15. Auburn

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    Auburn fans aren't what you would expect them to be when it comes to their manners. Usually, when your in-state rivals are some of the rudest in the country, you strive to be some of the friendliest.

    In this case though, the Tigers did the opposite: The War Eagles strive to be even more aggressively arrogant and rude than their Crimson Tide brothers across the state.

    There are reports that some of the students would hurl trash and insults onto the field during close games, aiming to hit referees or opposing players. 

    Curse words and obscenities are only the beginning for some as they have been seen vomiting or spitting on some of their SEC brethren which in my opinion is going way too far, especially at a football game. 

14. Michigan

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    Michigan fans rank up this high not because they throw things or are rude at games, but just because they out do us all when it comes to arrogance.

    As a college football fan, the "high and mighty" attitude gets to me more than anything.

    Michigan fans come in first here for many reasons. They seem to forget losses very easily and instead use that brain space to hold onto wins much too long. Pride in a team that has been weak in the Big Ten over the past few years is beyond belief.

    Claiming to be better than a team that just beat you badly is crossing the line in my opinion and arguing with them is impossible. They literally will ignore you, no matter how strong your facts are.  

13. Arkansas

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    The Razorbacks claim a spot on this list for a few reasons. I even have personal experience with Arkansas fans as A&M played them earlier in Dallas this season.

    Arkansas has one of the dumbest cheers in the nation as the "call the hogs." However, that is not what makes them rude.

    One thing I found in my research was some LSU fans claiming, with backup, that the fans in Arkansas continued to cheer and "call the hogs" even when an LSU player was injured on the field. Hog fans retorted that they do the call at any long break in the action and that the injured player may not have been noticed, but if that's the case leaders of those types of cheers need to be more wary of what is going on down on the field. 

    For me as a football player, even seeing an opposing teammate fall down injured was horrible, especially if it looked bad. I have trouble believing that there are fans out there that don't have the decency to show some respect to a player while hurt, no matter who they may be.  

12. Oklahoma

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    Sooner fans are some of the raunchiest and most arrogant out there. They hold onto the old glory days when Stoops led them to a title or even before that when coach Switzer-led OU.

    Since Stoops came to Norman, he has one national title and four appearance there, making him only 25 percent when it comes to the BCS National Championship Game.

    I will admit that Oklahoma fans have a lot to be proud of when it comes to their football team, but many of them take it much too far.

    Some fans go from bad to worse, claiming that they deserve the No. 1 spot in the polls every year. The Sooner fans want respect from the rest of the country and try to claim it with over-sized arrogance and a "we are almighty, fear us" kind of attitude.

    Arguing with them is pointless and until they finally realize that Stoops has to go, they won't be backing down.

11. Miami

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    The University of Miami has never exactly been the epitome of class and high stature, but some of their fans take that lowly reputation and love to smother it with mud and stomp on it till it till the cows come in.

    The "U," as they all like to call it, are some crazy football fans for a team that hasn't exactly had any glory since their loss to Ohio State in the 2003 national championship. Their fans are regularly arrested after games (don't get me started on the players). 

    Nasty obscenities and rude cursing is just the surface layer for a team that just isn't that good. There are even reports of vandalism and slashed tires on opposing vehicles in the stadium parking lot. 

10. USC

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    The Trojans start off the top 10 of rudest fans and for a good reason. Their fans are cocky and their band is arrogant looking.

    They wear "trojan" helmets and sunglasses...two things that literally do not go together. 

    Additionally, Lane Kiffin and the attitude of rich southern California just tops off this special kind of arrogance. The rest of college football may as well be pig sniffing farmers from nowhere.  

9. Georgia

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    Georgia fans are in the heart of SEC country and thus are some of the most passionate fans in the nation. Additionally, they are some of the most defensive people in the country.

    There are some reports on ESPN that Georgia ejects over 300 fans per game. That is completely ridiculous and is the highest among college sports.

    Also, some Bulldogs are known for going after opposing tailgaters as well as verbally attacking other fans as they enter the stadium. 

8. Texas Tech

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    Earlier, I claimed Texas to be the most arrogant of all the Texas schools, which I promise you is true. However, Texas Tech is certainly the rudest. They are seriously insane at football games. 

    At the A&M game in Luboock this season, there is evidence that Tech fans vandalized the buses with excrement, shoe polish, and paint.

    A few years back in 2001, after Texas Tech defeated a high ranked Texas A&M team, the fans who rushed the field actually lifted a goal post off the turf and threw it into the clearing A&M section of the stadium

    The administration even had to issue a statement that asked students to behave better at the football games. If it goes so far as the school President has to get involved, it has gone too far. 

7. Tennessee

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    The Volunteers are the epitome of southern football arrogance. They have one of the strongest stadiums and traditions in the nation, but they can and will be crass and rude trying to defend the old days of glory.

    Lane Kiffin abandoning them after dedicated himself to the Volunteers must have really pissed off a fan base that was ready to get back to business in the SEC East. A SI fan survey had the Volunteers voted third worst in the SEC and now more than ever do they have the right to be frustrated. 

    As SEC faithful, they demonstrate exactly what we would all expect out of that part of the football crazed country, but that fact doesn't excuse their behavior. 

6. Florida

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    Florida fans are literally insane. I can find almost no other fans that are as rude and disrespectful as Gator fans.

    There is a saying out there that if other fans drink their team's Kool-Aid, then Gator fans drink Gatorade—and a lot of it.

    There are lots of reports of Florida fans spitting beer over opposing fans, verbally attacking them, and being arrested. The Tuscaloosa police even watched out for certain Florida fans after posting a video online. 

    Other SEC fans are more than enthusiastic to claim Gator fans are some of the rudest, most classless and craziest in their conference.  

5. Oregon

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    Autzen Stadium has a reputation for being one of the loudest and craziest around.

    Oregon has been extremely successful over the past few years, attending a national championship and winning a few Pac-10 Championships. 

    Many Pac-12 fans report Duck fans as being vulgar, rude, crass, foul, and mean.

    Of the entire Pac-12, these fans take the cake for being the rudest. Their insanity has no bounds as they continue to succeed on the gridiron. 

4. Ohio State

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    Ohio State has a long and storied tradition of being one of the top ranked programs in the country. Their fans also have the reputation of being one of the rudest and meanest in the Big Ten. 

    Now, I'm not saying that all Buckeye fans are crass and vulgar, but this video some Michigan fans posted back in 2002 pretty much says it all. There is almost a never-ending stream of bleeped out words and chants.  

    As passionate as these fans are about their football, some things are taking it too far, and chanting obscenities and yelling in other fans faces is a bit over the line. 

3. West Virginia

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    For years, WVU fans have been considered some of the worst in the nation.

    They have been seen attacking other fans, throwing glass beer bottles and doing anything that makes them feel better about losing.

    This season when the LSU Tigers visited the Mountaineers, there were multiple reports of WVU fans assaulting LSU fans outside the stadium. They actually physically attacked some other fans. That kind of passion is beyond belief. 

    Classless doesn't even begin to describe this university and I can not express how disgusting and disgraceful that is to the rest of college football fans. 

2. Alabama

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    Alabama is a great football university. It has history, tradition and one of the best programs out there. Nick Saban runs a tight ship and most of his players stay under lock and key. 

    However, the Tide faithful have gone to extreme lengths to show off how great their team is, with one poisoning the storied oak trees on the Auburn campus.

    Really? Are you serious?

    I almost find it laughable that someone is that intense to poison some special trees by Toomer's Corner Store. 

1. LSU

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    LSU takes the top spot on the rudest fans list and it's certainly for a reason: Tiger fans are the rudest, most arrogant people on the face of the planet. 

    Even SEC fans, some of the most passionate in the world, voted LSU the worst hosts for football games. These Tigers are insane and will verbally and physically attack you.

    Death Valley is known for some of the craziest people every to walk this earth, and if you have ever had the unfortunate encounter to spend a game as the opposing team in Baton Rouge, I am truly sorry.


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