10 Ways Vince McMahon Could Return to Power in the WWE

Imaan Jalali@imaanjalaliFeatured ColumnistOctober 20, 2011

10 Ways Vince McMahon Could Return to Power in the WWE

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    Since the night after the Money in the Bank pay-per-view when Vince McMahon was relayed a message by his son-in-law Triple H that his services as COO are no longer required, fans have been wondering how Mr. McMahon will (inevitably) return to power.

    And how could he not? He is the face of not only the WWE but professional wrestling in general. In the last decade, he has even reinvented himself beyond wrestling parameters, launching the WWE brand to heights beyond his wildest dreams.

    In addition to wrestling, WWE produces films, has one of the top websites in the world, is aligned with charitable causes and in 2012 is expected to launch its own television network.

    From a creative standpoint, he may be lurking in the shadows, stripped of most of his influence. But sooner than later, one should expect the cunning Mr. McMahon to come out on top not only in real life but in WWE's central storyline premised on power-struggle chaos and conspiracies.

    Upon returning from his tearful farewell, Mr. McMahon reluctantly passed on the news decided by the board of directors, divesting his successor Triple H of most of his duties as COO. There's a new (interim) sheriff in town by the name of John Laurinaitis who is insistent on throwing his weight around to the dismay of "The Game" and anyone who opposes him.

    In the end, however, there can only be one true shepherd of the WWE—Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

    Let's look at 10 ways the "Genetic Jackhammer" will return to power in the WWE...

The Board of Directors Will Vote Mr. McMahon Back in

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    If the WWE board of directors can appoint Triple H as COO, and assign John Laurinaitis as interim GM, they can surely put the godfather of the WWE, Vince McMahon, back on his throne.

    Just to map out a fictitious scenario—after months of Laurinaitis' abuse of power as interim GM, he is giving a promo in the ring only to be interrupted by "No Chance in Hell" blaring over the arena speakers.

    The chairman struts his way to the ring like only he can, delivering the message that the board of directors has realized their mistake and have decided to reappoint the man they should have never doubted in the first place—himself!

Shane and Stephanie McMahon Will Sell Their Shares of WWE Stock to Their Father

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    Again, after months of running roughshod over not only Triple H but the roster, Laurinaitis is greeted with Stephanie and Shane McMahon.

    The two reveal they've willingly sold their stock shares in the company to their father, Vince McMahon, giving him a majority stake in the company.

    Shane and Stephanie's motivation for doing so is out of love for a father who gave them their livelihoods, personally paving roads for both son and daughter. The least they could do would be to present one last gift to a dad who will have his last hurrah on his own terms.

An NWO Takeover Led by Vince McMahon

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    If Vince can invoke the power of the NWO to "inject his company with a lethal dose of poison" in the spring of 2002, there's no reason why he can't use the black and white colors to regain control of his company.

    Imagine Vince, the puppeteer, pulling Kevin Nash's strings, who has been contracted to mandate the chaos The Miz and R-Truth have been causing on a weekly basis.

    Can you predict where I'm going with this? That's right—an NWO reformation featuring Kevin Nash, The Miz and R-Truth, led by Vince McMahon who would be hellbent on conquering and recapturing his company from the inside out.

Mysterious Events Befall Triple H and John Laurinaitis

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    Can you envision, in the next few weeks, John Laurinaitis is mysteriously laid out backstage with a 2X4?

    The next week, while Triple H is in the ring, the lights go dark, and when they turn back on, he is lying prostrate, a bloody mess.

    Fans will begin to think The Undertaker is to blame for the enigmatic circumstances surrounding the attacks on both Triple H and John Laurinaitis.

    Finally, the moment of truth arrives, and out comes a man dressed as a druid walking solemnly through bursts of flames, as the gong resounds with each footstep.

    Everyone thinks it's The Undertaker, but when he removes his hood, it is Vince McMahon who was "behind it all along."

Vince Gives the Roster Financial Incentives to Go on Strike for His Behalf

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    Let's not forget that Vince McMahon, despite being ousted as COO, is still a billionaire rolling in greenbacks.

    He has assets, money and influence at his disposal—the kind he could dole out in tantalizing quantities to those who could be of great use to him.

    One way to manipulate his way back into the fold would be to offer top members of the roster financial incentives to go on strike, depriving WWE fans of invaluable entertainment. The talent would refuse to return to action unless Vince McMahon's power is returned to him.

    The board of directors will have no choice but to cave into this type of extortive negotiating ploy.

    An extension of this notion would be that the wrestlers becomes so fed up with the John Laurinaitis regime, they petition for weeks on end in order to bring back Vince McMahon to his rightful place as COO.

Chris Jericho Returns and Finds a Loophole

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    What better way to reintroduce Chris Jericho to the WWE Universe than by portraying him in arguably the best light he's ever been depicted?

    Without a doubt, I'm referring to his WCW days as the conspiracy-theorist who was a mastermind at finding the most arcane of loopholes to wiggle his way out of dilemmas.

    The former "Ayatollah of Rock N Rolla" has gone on record saying he wouldn't want to return as the previous stoic, pretentious character he inhabited but something that would surprise viewers.

    It wouldn't be a bad idea to combine elements of his WCW character with a new ingredient or two in order to make it novel for fans.

    His first order of business, though, should be to make a trip to the library of congress and look up a loophole in the definitive pro-wrestling manual, if there is one.

    Who am I kidding, of course there is!

A Vince McMahon-Donald Trump Alliance

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    The last (memorable) moment of Donald Trump in a WWE ring involved shaving off Vince McMahon's virile hair at WrestleMania 23.

    Desperate times call for desperate measures, however, and Vince McMahon might not be left with any other choice than to ally himself with the man he considers a competitor, Donald Trump.

    Trump could give him the resources, introduce a network of contacts and furnish Vince the necessary funds to coerce his way back into his previous position of power.

    From a storyline standpoint, it is a plausible scenario, as well, given the fact that, despite their acrimony over the years, Vince and Donald have always shared a (begrudging) mutual respect.

Vince McMahon Has the Ultimate Ace Up His Sleeve—He Is the Anonymous GM

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    Recall the anonymous GM storyline?

    If you don't, that's OK, as the disembodied laptop hasn't emailed itself in the last several months, yet there it still stands, erect, next to Michael Cole.

    It would be quite the jolt if the sound of a new message "rings," shocking the announcers, talent and live and home spectators who were led to believe the anonymous GM had been unceremoniously phased out.

    Ultimately, there is one last and final message as the laptop reveals the marionette behind it—Vince McMahon.

    Because Vince, the anonymous GM, never ceded authority to begin with, Laurinaitis' designation as interim GM is summarily wiped out, leaving only one to rule Raw (and the WWE).

Vince Returns as the Owner of a "New" Company—the World Wrestling Federation

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    Vince McMahon still owns the rights to the name "World Wrestling Federation."

    Perhaps Mr. McMahon could get the big names of the former World Wrestling Federation on his side, such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, The Undertaker, Mick Foley and even Triple H.

    The rationale behind this would be that Vince is disgusted by what his company has become and has decided to lead an army of wrestlers who made the company what it is today.

    Eventually, the World Wrestling Federation (can't say WWF!) triumphs over the WWE, which stands for literally nothing, with Vince McMahon once again at its helm.

    Vince is once again in charge—this time leading a company that has its gravitas and "power" back.

There Is a Match to Decide Vince's Fate

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    Those who have been following WWE storylines for the better part of a decade will recognize this scenario as being very similar to the stakes of a 5-on-5 elimination match at the 2001 Survivor Series, pitting the WWF against an alliance between WCW and ECW.

    The match was known as "winner take all," consquently deciding the fate of the company that would either continue being the WWF/E or become a WCW/ECW hybrid.

    Thankfully, Vince prevailed, exultant in knowing his power would not be eroded.

    Likewise, today, a match could be on the cards, perhaps at the very same event, playing off Team Laurinaitis vs. Team McMahon (with Triple H) for the right to rule the entire company.

    Stipulations have decided many storylines in the past, so why should Vince McMahon's return to power be any different?


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