College Basketball's 10 Most Hated Coaches in the Country

Ari Kramer@Ari_KramerSenior Analyst IIOctober 20, 2011

College Basketball's 10 Most Hated Coaches in the Country

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    Sports fans love to hate.

    In fact, many of us are almost as good at hating other teams, coaches and players as we are at rooting for our own.

    Things we hate:

    Winners—we hate it when teams and people win more than our teams. Note, though, that our ire doesn't blind all of us from respecting winners we hate.

    Jerks—we frown upon cheaters and sleaze balls. 

    With college basketball less than three weeks in the future, let's take a look at the game's most hated coaches.

10. Frank Martin, Kansas State

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    If you play for Kansas State, you love Frank Martin's intensity and emotion.

    If you root for Kansas State, you love his passionate coaching style because of the resulting product of recent years.

    However, while many outsiders also love Martin, many more can't stand him.

    His scornful, bulging eyes and his proclivity for shouting make him unappealing to the typical college basketball fan.

9. Mike Brey, Notre Dame

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    Perhaps this is more of a preemptive inclusion—when Pitt and Syracuse leave the Big East, Notre Dame could become a consistent top finisher in the conference, making its coach much more worthy of hate.

    Look at that smirk and hairdo! It'll be so easy to hate him!

8. Tommy Amaker, Harvard

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    In four seasons at Harvard, Tommy Amaker has taken the Crimson from college basketball obscurity to national prominence.

    Unfortunately, though, Amaker's path to the national stage included a pit stop in Taintville, USA. Pete Thamel of the New York Times reported in the spring of 2008 that Harvard lured Keith Wright—last year's Ivy League Player of the Year—and one other recruit by having a friend of Amaker's play pick-up basketball with them.

    That friend, Kenny Blakeney, later signed as an assistant under Amaker.

    Additionally, Harvard was accused of lowering its academic standards to accept certain recruits of greater basketball caliber. 

7. Tim Floyd, UTEP

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    Tim Floyd resigned from USC in June of 2009 following an NCAA investigation on the recruitment of O.J. Mayo.

    Reports claimed that Floyd gave money to someone directly involved with Mayo.

    After receding to UTEP, Floyd provided us this temper tantrum. That's not how to win back haters.

6. Rick Barnes, Texas

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    People hate Rick Barnes for a number of reasons.

    One, he turned Texas, a football school, into a perennial Top 25 basketball team.

    Two, despite coaching a perennial Top 25 basketball team, Barnes has only taken the Longhorns beyond the Sweet 16 three times in 13 seasons, busting our brackets year in and year out.

    Three, he emits a cold and austere aura on the sideline.

    Four, he doesn't breed the brightest players—ahem, Jordan Hamilton. 

5. Jim Calhoun, UConn

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    Many people hate Jim Calhoun despite his health issues and philanthropic inclination.

    He's an established winner with three national championships on his resume, and the more you win with a big-time program, the more the public hates you. Additionally, Calhoun has overseen two teams that faced NCAA sanctions.

    This year, he will be suspended for the first three Big East games, and the NCAA revoked scholarships and enacted recruiting restrictions as punishment for the improper recruitment of Nate Miles. 

    In 1996, two of Calhoun's players accepted improper benefits, leading to the team's NCAA tournament wins being vacated. 

    So, Calhoun might be a likable guy off the court, but we don't like winners and cheaters.

4. Roy Williams, UNC

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    UNC plays so many nationally televised games that we all have plenty of opportunities to see Roy Williams whine and complain like an unsettled three year old. 

    (Add that to the list of coaching qualities we hate: winning, cheating and whining.)

    In 2009, Williams cemented his reputation as a baby by asking Dean Dome security to eject a heckler. Keep in mind: the Tar Heels were playing Presbyterian, and the fan shouted at Deon Thompson, "Hey Deon, don't miss it," during a foul shot.

    If you're interested—and can handle a little profanity—read this hilarious blog post that conveys widely-held sentiments about the incident.

    In addition to his whining tendencies, Williams also knows how to win—he's won two championships at UNC and appeared in seven Final Fours throughout his career. 

    If that's not enough, he also has an NCAA violation on his resume. He allowed two boosters to provide graduation gifts to Kansas Jayhawks players while he was the coach, and the program was later sanctioned as a result.

    That's not a major violation, but it still adds fuel to our hatred.

3. Rick Pitino, Louisville

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    Rick Pitino is a winner, but he looks like a sleaze ball and committed an act of a sleaze ball—read about his affair with Karen Cunagin Sypher here if you're clueless.

    Now, he just doesn't know when to zip his lips and toss the key.

    Here's what Pitino told reporters at Big East media day when talking about Syracuse and Pitt bolting to the ACC.

    "My problem is not them leaving. My problem is you did it in 48 hours. Don't run away with a girl after one date when you've been dating someone else for three or four years. You've been dating this woman for 30 years, show a little respect."

    If you don't see the ludicrousness and hypocrisy in that statement, read this post by Rob Dauster of Ballin' is a Habit

2. Mike Krzyzewski, Duke

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    Where do we start with Mike Krzyzewski?

    He's been to eight championships and won four of them.

    He's been to 12 Elite Eights and won 11 of them.

    In 2011, he became the second Division I coach to win 900 games. He's two wins away from Bob Knight's all-time record of 902.

    Coach Krzyzewski is so good at winning that, while many of us respect him, millions of fans can't stand him.

1. John Calipari, Kentucky

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    John Calipari might be the best recruiter in the country, but he's also a cheater.

    The NCAA vacated his 38 wins and Final Four appearance in 2007-08 after deeming Derrick Rose ineligible. The point guard had someone else take his SAT's. 

    Twelve years earlier, he had to surrender his four 1996 NCAA tournament wins with UMass after Marcus Camby accepted money and gifts from an agent. 

    The entire country grew to hate him so much after his second scandal that Wildcat fans and those who picked the Wildcats to advance in their pools were the only people who didn't rejoice when Kentucky lost in the 2010 Elite Eight.