Christian Ponder: Why He's a Better Starting Option for Minnesota Than McNabb

C. CuseOCorrespondent IIOctober 17, 2011

Christian Ponder: Why He's a Better Starting Option for Minnesota Than McNabb

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    The Donovan McNabb era is officially over.

    The veteran No. 5 may have played himself to early retirement Sunday night after he was benched in the fourth quarter during a 39-10 debacle against rival, Chicago Bears.

    It was so bad, his mother couldn't bear to watch her son's career end so miserably and left before the game had finished. His own mother people.  

    Well after that dreadful six-game experiment, it's time to look forward to 2012 and beyond.

    Bring in first-round rookie Christian Ponder out of Florida State. 

    Ponder made his NFL debut last night and showed more chemistry with the offense in 17 attempts than McNabb has in six games.

    Let's take a look at how Christian Ponder can save the Minnesota Vikings from Donovan McNabb's epic collapse. 

Christian Ponders More Accurate

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    Ponder is one of the most accurate rookie quarterback coming out of the 2011 draft class and the Vikings have been desperate for an accurate passer all year. 

    McNabb was not dreadful last night in terms of stats going 19-of-24 but he only threw for 177 yards.

    McNabb has the inability to throw under pressure and has been absolutely anemic when looking to throw the ball down field this year. 

    Ponder completed a 20-yard completion to Percy Harvin on his first NFL pass and displayed much better vision than McNabb has this season. 

    McNabb's completion percentage on the year is 60.3 percent and less then 30 percent on third down.

    Ponder completed 68.8 percent of his passes when healthy at Florida State and completed two third downs through the air last night. 

Christian Ponder Will Get Kyle Rudolph Involved in the Offense

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    Kyle Rudolph has shown sparks of stardom in his limited playing time in 2011. 

    Rudolph, the first tight end taken in the 2011 NFL draft, has nine receptions for 118 yards as the Vikings back up tight end. 

    Rudolph has displayed amazing hands, speed and the ability to separate himself from defenders in his small time on the field. 

    Ponder and Rudolph were the first two players the Vikings selected in the draft and have put together a very solid chemistry through their time together in practice and preseason. 

    They have a very solid friendship which can be seen from their Twitter accounts in which they constantly are "hanging out" and spending time together. @cponder7 @krudy82

    Ponder's first preseason touchdown pass was to Rudolph, and the two could build a solid relationship that will benefit the Viking's for years to come.

Ponder's Poise

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    During the Vikings vs. Bears game, NBC analyst Chris Collingsworth referred to Christian Ponder as extremely poised in the pocket.

    For you non Webster fans out there, the definition of poise is a dignified, self-confident manner or bearing; composure. 

    Ponder looked extremely confident out there all night vs. a very solid bears defense.

    Given the Bears were not prepared for Ponder, he still found open holes and was able to complete throws on the run. 

    The most impressive thing for Ponder last night was that he stayed composed when facing pressure. It seemed every snap, Ponder received pressure and somehow found away out of it when the pocket continuously collapsed.

    I don't agree with Chris Collingsworth often, but he was right about Ponder last night. 

Christian Ponder Will Command the Huddle

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    Donovan McNabb has look uninterested all season long. 

    Uninterested and bad.

    He has yet to command the Vikings huddle and the offense has been dull and unable to finish football games. 

    McNabb has yet to build any chemistry with his receivers or tight-ends and the team looks to be a step behind and unfocused when lining up at the line of scrimmage. 

    Christian Ponder has been a leader his entire football career, and he will command the offense. 

    Ponder knows what he is doing out there and he knows where he wants each player on the field, which McNabb has not shown since his time in Philadelphia

    Christian Ponder will become the Vikings' team leader, and he will command respect from his teammates. 

Ponder Will Get Percy Harvin the Ball

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    Percy Harvin has not lived up to any of his 2011 expectations, and it seems that he has seen more time on the bench then on the field. 

    One of the most explosive weapons in the NFL, Harvin has appeared completely healthy for the first time in his NFL career yet is posting his worst season to date.

    It has become clear that Percy Harvin and Donovan McNabb have not formed any type of chemistry and the Vikings weapon is not being effectively utilized. 

    With Ponder at the helm, Harvin should be getting more looks as he is the Vikings most trusted receiver which is key for a rookie quarterback. 

    Ponder hit Harvin on his first NFL pass last night for a 20-yard first down. That is a sign for good things to come people. 

Ponder Is More Athletic Than McNabb

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    I remember watching Donovan McNabb scramble his way to a 50-yard touchdown run in awe dropping athleticism for a quarterback.

    The problem with that though, is that was over a decade ago when he was playing football for the Syracuse Orange. 

    McNabb now looks slow, overweight and is unable to escape pressure with the Viking's below average offensive line protecting him.

    Christian Ponder stunned fans who were unaware of the rookie's athleticism last night while constantly escaping pressure and even stiff-arming Bears' cornerback D.J. Moore to the ground. 

    Ponder only had one rush for eight yards but he made plays with his feet that McNabb has done far too little this season. 

    Ponder will keep offensive drives alive with his athleticism and his ability to look down-field while on the run.  

Christian Ponder Is the Future

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    The Minnesota Vikings selected Christian Ponder with the 12th overall pick in the 2011 NFL draft this past April. 

    Ponder was the projected starter for the Vikings before Minnesota traded for former Pro-Bowl quarterback, Donovan McNabb.

    Ponder is the future of this team and the Vikings plan to have No. 7 under center for the next 10 years. 

    There is no point in playing McNabb over Ponder at this point when the team is 1-5 and has almost zero chance of making the playoffs. 

    If Ponder can gain experience now, he will go into 2012 with 10-and-a-quarter NFL games under his belt and receiving experience against all three division rivals. 

    Not only that, but if Ponder excels the Vikings can immediately become a contender in 2012, and they're most pressing team need will be filled. 

    If he is awful, then they will probably not win many more games in 2011 and could look to Andrew Luck in 2012. Just speculation people, I know it would be hard to give up on Ponder that quickly. 

    Either way, starting Ponder is a win-win for the Vikes' in 2011. 

Christian Ponder Will Lead to More Touches for Adrian Peterson

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    "Give Adrian Peterson the ball!"

    No, I didn't forget the obscenities that usually come along with the statement below. After last night, I just have become so empathetic for the Vikings play that I don't even think I can muster a foul word. 

    Peterson, the greatest running back in football was non-existant vs. Chicago only receiving 12 carries for 39 yards. 

    I don't care how much he has been stopped, you keep giving him the ball because not a single team in the NFL can contain him for a long period of the time.

    Twelve carries? That is pathetic.

    Christian Ponder is a rookie quarterback and who is a rookie quarterbacks best friend?

    His All-Pro running back.

    Look for offensive coordinator, Bill Musgrave to load up the Vikings offense with running plays if Ponder starts next Sunday to ease the rookie into the NFL. 

    Adrian Peterson should be receiving 25 to 30 carries a game with Ponder at the helm while the young gun gets his feet wet. 

    I smell touchdowns.