If OU Loses This Weekend-Tech Deserves Both The BCS & National Championship Game

J. Robert ByromCorrespondent IDecember 5, 2008

ESPN may have to show their true colors on Saturday night, if OU loses. Missouri will be the Big 12 champ and will have fulfilled their nickname this year, the paper tigers. that scenario will leave the big 12 with two one-loss teams and one will have beaten the other and it is not Texas, it is Texas Tech.  So, if that scenario happens Tech should go to the National Championship game hands down. 

They would have at least two more impressive wins than USC or Penn State could claim, with Texas or Ok State.  Their only loss would be on the road in Norman, currently toughest place to play in NCAA football and they would have a win over a top three team.   

If this situation happened to me the most interesting thing to happen would be if ESPN would stick to its head-to-head guns that it has used all week to explain why Texas needs to be aead of Oklahoma in the BCS.  My guess would be no, that they would say Texas deserves it more, that would disappoint me greatly and show that their interest are not completely unbias, but I completely hope that I am wrong about ESPN.

The Loser of Alabama-Florida would have an argument over why they are more deserving but it wouldnt stand up to the two wins Tech has over the 3rd and 14th ranked teams that will be ranked even higher if OU loses.

It is my feeling though that not only would Tech not go to the NC game they would get passed over by Texas for the second big 12 BCS slot even if it isnt the NC.  Oklahoma would still get picked to go to the cotton bowl and tech would be pushed down to the Alamo or Holiday bowl.