33 Scariest Faces in Baseball History

Robert Knapel@@RobertKnapel_BRCorrespondent IOctober 17, 2011

33 Scariest Faces in Baseball History

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    There are some baseball players who have faces that could scare little children. Some of these players come off as intimidating, while others often just look scary.

    Sometimes, in the heat of the action, baseball players will make scary faces without even noticing it. Try not to be afraid as you scroll through some of the scariest faces in baseball history.

33) Timo Perez

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    Timo Perez does not seem to be looking at the viewer in this photo, he appears to be trying to look through them. There is an intense glare on Perez's face and he looks downright intimidating.

    During his career, Perez played on two teams that made the World Series, and he won a ring with the Chicago White Sox in 2005.

    Photo Credit: Rotoworld

32) Zack Greinke

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    Normally, Zack Greinke is not a scary player except for when opposing hitters step up to the plate against him. Greinke tried to change that with this one photo.

    It is clear that Greinke is angry here, but it is uncertain who his anger is directed at.

    Photo Credit: McCovey Chronicles

31) Dwight Gooden

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    Dwight Gooden was able to have a ton of success when he was on the field. However, Gooden had a number of off-the-field issues during his career. He has been arrested for fighting and driving while under the influence.

    Photo Credit: Jocks Behind Bars

30) Ugueth Urbina

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    Even after he was put behind bars, it was impossible to separate Ugueth Urbina from his cherished Ed Hardy hat. Maybe he spent a little bit too much time at the Jersey Shore whenever his team visited New York.

    Why was Urbina behind bars? He attacked some of this ranch hands with a machete. Urbina has the face of someone that you do not want to mess with.

    Photo Credit: ESPN

29) Elijah Dukes

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    Elijah Dukes was supposed to be an outstanding prospect, but character issues have held him back through his career.

    Dukes has been arrested a number of times since he was drafted, and the Washington Nationals even hired a special assistant to make sure Dukes stayed out of trouble.

    Photo Credit: Jocks Behind Bars

28) Sammy Sosa

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    In no way does Sammy Sosa look intimidating in this picture. The thing is, this is not how people remembered Sammy Sosa from his playing days.

    Sosa eventually revealed that he was using a skin rejuvenation cream which caused his skin to lighten.

    Photo Credit: Huffington Post

27) Jose Offerman

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    Someone immediately becomes much scarier when they have done what Jose Offerman has done. He has twice been involved in big incidents once his major league career ended.

    While he was playing for the Long Island Ducks, Offerman went after a pitcher with his bat. Offerman then went on to manage a team in the Dominican Winter League. He threw a right hook at an umpire and was banned from the league for life.

    Photo Credit: Mets Merized Online

26) Bill Lee

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    Bill Lee did not look scary at all when he kept his facial hair in check. However, once Lee let things get wild, he looked scarier.

    Lee looks like he could be your crazy uncle who always makes strange comments during Thanksgiving dinner. That actually wouldn't be too far off since Lee was known for the comments he made to the media.

    Photo Credit: Sox Blahs

25) Rod Beck

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    Rod Beck was an intimidating man. His looks added to his presence on the mound. Hitters feared facing him when a game was on the line.

24) Jeffrey Leonard

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    When a player earns the nickname "Penitentiary Face," it is certainly because he has a face that can scare anyone.

    The two-time All-Star was known for his routine after hitting a home run. He would run around the bases with one arm hanging at his side.

23) Vicente Padilla

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    Vicente Padilla does not look like someone you would want to run into on a dark street. He just looks intimidating.

    Padilla has played for four teams during his major league career, which means that he has probably scared people in at least that many cities.

22) Bill “Moose” Skowron

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    When a player gets his nickname because he had a haircut that makes him look like Benito Mussolini, it is not a good sign. The nickname stuck with Bill Skowron throughout his career.

    He was a member of four World Championship teams when he was with the New York Yankees. He was also selected to eight All-Star teams.

21) Ty Wiggington

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    Ty Wiggington has not made too many mistakes throughout his major league career. But one big mistake was growing this goatee.

    This look does not work for Wiggington. It makes him look intimidating but also is a bit of an odd choice for him.

20) Lenny Dykstra

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    Lenny Dystrka earned his nickname for his tough-as-nails attitude when he was on the field. Some would say that this attitude came from his alleged steroid use.

    Dysktra has also had a number of legal troubles off the field, including bankruptcy fraud and indecent exposure.

    Photo Credit: Daily Bail

19) Bobby Jenks

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    Maybe Bobby Jenks lost a bar bet and had to dye his goatee pink. While it is not an intimidating look, it is certainly a scary one.

    Jenks could have been hoping that hitters would be too distracted by the bright pink patch of hair on his face to pay attention to his pitches.

18) George Foster

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    George Foster always seemed to look angry in pictures. There is no good reasons for this, but it is scary.

    After hitting 348 home runs and winning a National League MVP Award, Foster should lighten up a bit and let out a smile.

17) Don Mossi

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    Don Mossi had the nickname "Ears" during his major league career. He is constantly considered to be one of the ugliest players in baseball history.

16) Darren Daulton

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    Someone immediately looks much scarier when people believe that they are crazy. That is certainly the case with Darren Daulton.

    He once got into an accident and claimed that he was run off the road because of a business deal that had ties to the FBI and the White House. Daulton also wrote a book where he explains all of the secrets of pyramids.

15) Randy Johnson

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    Randy Johnson is easily one of the most intimidating players in baseball history. Standing at 6'10", Johnson would glare down at hitters.

    Johnson would routinely blow fastballs past hitters. He was one of the best pitchers of the modern era and one of the best left-handed pitchers of all time.

14) Albert Belle

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    There are a number of people in this world who it would not be a smart idea to mess with. Albert Belle is one of those people.

    Just one quick look at Belle's face and it is easy to tell that he is not here to play around.

13) Ryan Doumit

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    Don't look into his eyes. Don't look into his eyes.

    Fun fact: Ryan Doumit has never lost a staring contest in his life.*

    *This has neither been confirmed or denied.

12) Kevin Youkilis

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    Kevin Youkilis is not only scary to opposing pitchers. His facial hair makes him much more intimidating.

    Looking at a picture of Youkilis without his trademark facial hair is like looking at a different, much kinder person.

11) Donn Clendenon

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    There are baseball players who look angry, and then there is Donn Clendenon.

    Don't worry, Donn, be happy.

10) Otis Nixon

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    Early during his career, Otis Nixon had a problem with cocaine. He was suspended after testing positive for the drug during the 1991 season and he missed all of the playoffs that year.

    Nixon has cleaned up his life and overcome his drug addictions. He now preaches to others.

    Photo Credit: The Sports Riot

9) Dave Cash

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    Dave Cash was an outstanding second baseman. He was great defensively and he once led the NL in hits.

    In this picture, it looks like Cash is looking for someone. Going by the look on Cash's face, that person better hope that he doesn't find them.

    Photo Credit: Montreal Expos Cards

8) Jon Rauch

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    Few pitchers look more focused when they are delivering a ball to home plate than Jon Rauch.

    In this image, it appears as if Jon Rauch has crazy eyes. When a blazing fastball is already coming from a 6'10" pitcher, this intimidation is not needed.

    Photo Credit: From Home Plate

7) Dave Stewart

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    Dave Stewart looked much scarier during his playing days. Back then, he pitched with what seemed like an "I don't give a _____" attitude.

    That attitude helped Stewart become one of the best pitchers in baseball in the late 1980's. He won at least 20 games for four consecutive seasons.

    Photo Credit: 30-Year-Old Cardboard

6) Ty Cobb

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    Ty Cobb played the game of baseball with fire and passion. He sometimes took it too far and would not be afraid to go after anyone.

    Cobb sharpened his cleats before games and once jumped into an opposing catcher. If that was not enough, Cobb went into the stands and attacked a one-handed heckler.

    Photo Credit: The Pecan Park Eagle

5) Dmitiri Young

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    It looks like Dmitri Young just touched a Van de Graaff generator. His hair is going everywhere and he has a very cheesy grin on his face.

    This seems like an image that one would see in nightmares.

    Photo Credit: Sports Locker

4) Joe Torre

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    During his playing days, Joe Torre looked like a very intimidating individual.

    He looks a lot less scary these days. Now, Torre is more reminiscent of a grandfather than an angry ballplayer.

    Photo Credit: The Card Chop

3) Brian Wilson

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    Brian Wilson is like the the Zach Galifianakis of the baseball world. He drops a ton of non sequiturs and is just an all-around intriguing presence. 

    If there was one pitcher that you would not want to run into on the streets, it would certainly be Brian Wilson.

2) Nyjer Morgan

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    Whether it is Nyjer Morgan or Tony Plush, the Milwaukee Brewers outfielder is one of the most interesting characters in all of baseball.

    This image is one of the scariest faces ever made by a baseball player.

1) Al Hrabosky

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    Ahhhh! This is the scariest face that baseball has ever seen. There is a good reason why Al Hrabosky earned the nickname "The Mad Hungarian."

    Throw in the fact that Hrabosky would make a number of wild gestures when he was on the mound, and it is clear why he has this spot on the list.

    Photo Credit: The Sports Rag