Wear Your Pride: 25 Coolest World Series Rings

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Wear Your Pride: 25 Coolest World Series Rings

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    Why do you play?

    You might play for pride, you could play for fun, or you may play a sport because you have a competitive spirit. No matter what the reason is for playing, you always want to get the win and be crowned a champion at the end of the day.

    In pro sports, this is certainly no different—with every player vying for a ring at the end of the season. Major League Baseball knows more about championship rings than any other league in America, handing out almost 100 World Series rings to every player and team member that call themselves "champs" at the end of the season.

    In this list, we look at the 25 greatest rings ever to be donned by the champions. Some are flashy, and others are classic, but all of them send one message: We did it, baby.

25. 1922 New York Giants

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    New York Giants 4, New York Yankees 2

    Why this Ring Is Cool

    Not the sweetest ring on the list, but, hey, it's the first World Series ring handed out ever, so that's pretty monumental.

    This ring is pretty basic as far as design goes, but the way the diamond rests inside a baseball field is a nice touch. On the side are the generic bats and baseballs, with the phrase "Giants World"—which would be worn away on many rings still floating around today.

    So, What Will It Cost Me?

    The last time this ring was auctioned off, it was sold for a grand total of $14,100.

24. 1930 Oakland Athletics

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    Oakland Athletics 4, St. Louis Cardinals 2

    Why This Ring Is Cool

    Little fun fact here: This ring was made out of a tie tack. It may sound cheap, but at least they spruced it up with a couple of diamonds on the top.

    The reason this ring makes the list is because it is the first ring that brought attention to the team's logo by profiling it in the design. The team pride in the design makes this ring a classic and a favorite.

    So, What Will It Cost Me?

    The Internet failed me while looking for a price on this ring, but a World Series pocket watch (yeah, you don't see a whole lot of these being handed out anymore) was sold for $6,000. With that, I would assume the ring would go for around $8,000-$10,000.

23. 1948 Cleveland Indians

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    Cleveland Indians 4, Boston Braves 2

    Why This Ring Is Cool

    It isn't the flashiest ring you'll ever see, but it is original. The silver emblem, with drapes and the "World Champions" design resting on top of a black onyx base gives it a clean look.

    Of course, there is the diamond sitting on top of the emblem, but that's not what the ring focuses on, giving it a distinct look of originality.

    So, What Will It Cost Me?

    Back in 2003, someone snagged this ring for $9,000, but it was the legendary Bob Lemon's ring, so that probably added at least a grand, if not more, to the total.

22. 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates

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    Pittsburgh Pirates 4, New York Yankees 3

    Why This Ring Is Cool

    This unique design pays homage to the stomping grounds of the Pirates, Forbes Field. The top of the ring has a design that emulates the stadium's look, and in the stadium is a diamond. Get it, the diamond inside the baseball stadium? (Ba-dum, chh.)

    Anyway, the ring also displays the Pirates' logo and the iconic "P" on both sides, making this ring boast nothing but pride for the 1960 champs.

    So, What Will It Cost Me?

    This was a hard one to find, but the latest news on a ring being sold is when pitcher Harvey Haddix was auctioning his replacement ring. The starting bid was set at 3,000 big ones, but that may have been lowered since it was a replacement ring.

21. 1970 Baltimore Orioles

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    Baltimore Orioles 4, Cincinnati Reds 1

    Why This Ring Is Cool

    We are still in the era of the single-diamond designs, but at least the Orioles spiced it up, just the Pirates did a decade earlier.

    The diamond of this ring is set in the middle of a Memorial Stadium design right on the top. On the side, the Orioles got creative by using some color by putting an orange bill on the hat on one side and using the red, white and blue of the American League logo on the other side.

    So, What Will It Cost Me?

    The latest purchase on this ring was made in 2005, when someone bought it for $1,700.

20. 1976 Cincinnati Reds

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    Cincinnati Reds 4, New York Yankees 0

    Why This Ring Is Cool

    This ring relished in the fact that the Cincinnati Reds were finally world champs. The top of the ring has a diamond set inside of the engraving of the Commissioner's Trophy, and its practically like wearing a trophy that has a trophy on it.

    The side of the ring reads "Big Red Machine," the iconic nickname that this hard-hitting team was given. The other side has an image of Riverfront Stadium etched into it with "Reds 4 Yanks 0" written above it, boasting their sweep over the power house.

    So, What Will It Cost Me?

    In 2004, this ring was given to the man who forked over $9,000 for it.

19. 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates

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    Pittsburgh Pirates 4, Baltimore Orioles 3

    Why This Ring Is Cool

    First of all, look how much things have changed in the past three decades. The Pirates and Orioles were duking it out in the World Series. Crazy.

    Getting back to business, this is the first ring on our list that uses multiple diamonds to make the logo on top. That's right, we are starting to get flashy.

    On the side is an image of Three Rivers Stadium, but it's the other side that really sets makes the ring awesome. Above the modified Pirates logo, it reads "We Are Family," a phrase that shows the team that they won the World Series together and will definitely always remember it.

    So, What Will It Cost Me?

    In 2006, this ring was sold for $12,235. You probably will start to notice that these prices will shoot up very quickly now, so brace yourself.

18. 1987 Minnesota Twins

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    Minnesota Twins 4, St. Louis Cardinals 3

    Why This Ring Is Cool

    For the second ring in a row, we have one of the early rings that used an array of gems to make the logo on top. The diamond-studded "M" on top of the blue base is the feature of this ring.

    On one side, the Twins and American League logo are engraved, and on the other side it gets busy. The Commissioner's Trophy with "1987" displayed above it, and on the side is the logo of the Twins and Cards with the amount of games they won in the series.

    So, What Will It Cost Me?

    In 2007, this ring came with the price tag of $5,000. This ring, however, was not worn by a player, but instead by a front office worker by the name of Jim Dunn. Still counts, right?

17. 1977 New York Yankees

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    New York Yankees 4, Los Angeles Dodgers 2

    Why This Ring Is Cool

    Enough of that boring garbage, this was the very first World Series ring that used diamonds to make the logo. Hey, after 21 titles, it was time to change things up a little bit.

    The diamond encrusted logo on top was a game-changer when it came to championship rings. The side of the ring is something special though, with the Yankees hat on the bat logo being profiled. It reads "Yankees 21st World Championship," and the bat makes the "1" and part of the "k." Creative, original, and game-changing is what this ring is all about.

    So, What Will It Cost Me?

    Before I give the price of the latest sale found, may I remind you that Thurman Munson wore this ring. So, how much did it go for? $143,750.

16. 1990 Cincinnati Reds

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    Cincinnati Reds 4, Oakland Athletics 0

    Why This Ring Is Cool

    Again, this ring has a diamond-encrusted logo, but this one is set on top of a ruby base. One side of the ring has the trophy with the word "Sweep" topping it, and on each side of the trophy it reads "C-4" and "A-0."

    The other side has an image of Riverfront Stadium with the phrase "wire to wire" below, commemorating how they were the best in baseball throughout the whole season.

    So, What Will It Cost Me?

    Within the last five years, there have been two public sales of this ring, one going for $3,000 and the other going for $6,000. The reason the second one is double the price is because it was Ozzie Canseco's ring when he sold it.

15. 1983 Baltimore Orioles

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    Baltimore Orioles 4, Philadelphia Phillies 2

    Why This Ring Is Cool

    This design is like the reverse of the last couple of rings we looked at. Instead of using diamonds to make the logo, this ring uses them as a background to the gold logo that lays on top.

    The logo of an oriole swinging a bat with a crown on his head symbolizes just what it needs to: The Orioles are kings. The other side is nothing to write home about, as all that it shows is the trophy and the player's name on top. Yawn.

    So, What Will It Cost Me?

    In 2009, this ring—that by the way was owned by a scout—fetched nearly $4,000.

14. 1997 Florida Marlins

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    Florida Marlins 4, Cleveland Indians 3

    Why This Ring Is Cool

    If the light hits this the right way, it could cause temporary blindness. The top is just caked in diamonds, including the logo, the "F" and the base the logos rest on. This is one shiny piece of history.

    One side of the ring is the generic trophy image with the team name written above, and on the other side is the Marlin logo with the saying "5th season" written across the fish.

    Hey, who can blame them for bragging that they won a title in just five years?

    So, How Much Will It Cost Me?

    Another scout dealt his ring, and it reeled in $6,500.

13. 2006 St. Louis Cardinals

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    St. Louis Cardinals 4, Detroit Tigers 1

    Why This Ring Is Cool

    Get this, they made a diamond out of diamonds. Can you say epic?

    Other than the infield design created from diamonds, the logo sitting on top is made out of rubies, bringing color into the ring right from the top.

    One side of the ring has a detailed depiction of Busch Stadium, with "Inaugural Season" set inside the stadium. This image is so detailed, there are fireworks in the background as well.

    On the flip side is the famous bird sitting on the bat logo, which is resting over the Commissioner's Trophy with "Tenth World Series Title" below it.

    So, What Will It Cost Me?

    The last ring, sold from a front office member, ran for just over $9,500.

12. 2001 Arizona Diamondbacks

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    Arizona Diamondbacks 4, New York Yankees 3

    Why This Ring Is Cool

    With this design, it's either you love it or you hate it. The grid of diamonds that the "A" rests on is unique and hasn't been repeated since, so just the fact that it's a one-of-a-kind makes it neat.

    There are actually a couple of different designs for the ring. The best side design is the American flag with the D-Back logo just over it. The reason this is awesome is because it was just over a month since the 9/11 attacks, and this ring brings a patriotic aspect into the design.

    So, What Will It Cost Me?

    No public sales of this ring have been found, but it is estimated to be worth $9,000 if someone ever was looking to get rid of it.

11. 1953 New York Yankees

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    New York Yankees 4, Brooklyn Dodgers 2

    Why This Ring Is Cool

    This ring is great because it symbolizes more than the fact that the Yanks are world champions. The "5" that is the centerpiece of this ring is a symbol to show that this was the Yankees' fifth straight title, a baseball record.

    The ring doesn't have too much glitz and glamor on the sides since it has the Yankee hat on the bat on both sides. Even though the design on the side isn't that sweet, the fact that they highlight the fifth straight title certainly picks up the slack.

    So, What Will It Cost Me?

    There are only 18 of these bad boys circulating today, and one will cost you about $32,000.

10. 1999 New York Yankees

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    New York Yankees 4, Atlanta Braves 0

    Why This Ring Is Cool

    You like the Yankees? You like diamonds, and I mean a lot of diamonds? Well, if you nodded your head for both questions, than you will love this ring.

    Diamond base, diamond logo, diamond rim on the top, this ring will sparkle under any light. One side shows the image of a giant trophy sitting inside of Yankee Stadium, with "25th" resting in the middle.

    The other side is the classic hat on the bat logo, with a banner that reads "The Century's Team" across the top.

    So, What Will It Cost Me?

    In 2009, a ring that was owned by a front office employee was auctioned off with the starting bid of $5,000. Obviously that number grew, but you may find it surprising that the winning bid was set at a whopping $21,150.

9. 1992 Toronto Blue Jays

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    Toronto Blue Jays 4, Atlanta Braves 2

    Why This Ring Is Cool

    This ring doesn't have a diamond overload, but, instead, it uses creative placement for the rocks. As you can see, the big diamond is used for the eye in the Blue Jays' logo, topped off with a red Canadian maple leaf placed just to the right.

    The sides of the rings are nothing special, with the American League logo on one side and the World Series logo on the other. There is something notable, however: Right below the World Series logo is the message "Canada's 1st," boasting how the team brought Canada their very first baseball world championship.

    So, What Will It Cost Me?

    Earlier this year, Derek Bell tried to sell his ring for $17,000. Unfortunately, the final bid of $7,499 did not meet the reserve price on eBay.

8. 2008 Philadelphia Phillies

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    Philadelphia Phillies 4, Tampa Bay Rays 1

    Why This Ring Is Cool

    Count 'em—103 diamonds were used to piece this ring together. The white gold ring does bring some color into the picture by having the diamond-studded logo lay on top of a red base.

    One side of the ring has the player's name with the Liberty Bell logo displayed below it, and the flip side has the trophy with both teams' logos alongside the number of games they won in the series.

    So, What Will It Cost Me?

    There hasn't been a public sale yet for this rock, but it has been estimated that a price tag would fall in the neighborhood of $10,000.

7. 2007 Boston Red Sox

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    Boston Red Sox 4, Colorado Rockies 0

    Why This Ring Is Cool

    This ring immediately shows pride by tying in two team colors—red and blue—on top of the ring. On top, the diamond shape that is made out of diamonds lays on top of the blue base. The top is also outlined by "World Champions" in the Red Sox font.

    The notable side of this ring has "7th World Series Championship" in big letters, with the small image of Fenway Park right below it.

    So, What Will It Cost Me?

    In 2007, this ring went up for a winning bid of $100,000 at a charity auction. No telling how much the charity aspect boosted this price, but it's still a high price for a ring owned by a staff member.

6. 2000 New York Yankees

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    New York Yankees 4, New York Mets 1

    Why This Ring Is Cool

    Ah yes, the Subway Series. This one ended in the Yankees taking the title, and they wanted everyone to know it.

    Around the top, the ring reads "World Champions 2000" in huge letters. One side has the trophy sitting inside Yankee Stadium with "Tradition" written below—because, when you win 26 titles, you better believe it's a tradition. The other side has the outer part of Yankee Stadium etched in its side.

    So, What Will It Cost Me?

    As of now, you can actually snag this dandy for a "Buy It Now" price of $37,500 on eBay. Well, what are you waiting for?

5. 2010 San Fransisco Giants

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    San Fransisco Giants 4, Texas Rangers 1

    Why This Ring Is Cool

    This scrappy team deserves a sweet ring, and boy, did they deliver. This two-toned ring has a classy look, with the diamonds playing a role with the base, logo and the rim around the top. The Giants also used diamonds on one side of the ring, where they put an orange gem in the middle of the trophy image and five diamonds sitting on the base of the trophy.

    The other side has a two-toned image of the Golden Gate Bridge.

    So, What Will It Cost Me?

    No sale has been publicly made yet, but some say it would fall in the range of $11,000 to $13,000.

4. 1993 Toronto Blue Jays

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    Toronto Blue Jays 4, Philadelphia Phillies 2

    Why The Ring Is Cool

    If you win back-to-back titles, you deserve a nice ring to show off to everyone you meet. This ring is modeled after the 1992 look, but this one is noticeably modified.

    The logo brings in three colors, with royal blue, baby blue and red for the maple leaves. This ring also has a bigger diamond in place of the eye and sits on more diamonds that the year before.

    One side has the classic American League logo, and the other side has the World Series logo with "Back to Back" written below.

    So, What Will It Cost Me?

    Surprisingly, there is no sale recorded on the Internet, but I would assume that the price would fall in the area of $10,000, give or take a few thousand if it was a player's ring at one point.

3. 2004 Boston Red Sox

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    Boston Red Sox 4, St. Louis Cardinals 0

    Why This Ring Is Cool

    Red Sox fans had to wait generations to get see their beloved team grab a ring, and man, was it worth the wait. Just like the other Sox ring shown on this list, this one burst with team pride.

    It has the red and blue along with the classic Red Sox font. The best part of this ring is the side that reads "Greatest Comeback in History 2004," paying tribute to the colossal comeback against the rival Yankees.

    So, What Will It Cost Me?

    For this ring that fans waited more than 80 years for, you will have to pay $18,500—and that's the price for a ring that a scout once owned.

2. 2009 New York Yankees

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    New York Yankees 4, Philadelphia Phillies 2

    Why This Ring Is Cool

    Starting to get sick of the Yankees yet? Maybe not, considering how sweet their rings are.

    Their latest ring features a whole lot more presence than the rings they used to win back in the '50s. Sitting on top of a blue base, the Yankee logo and the diamond shape it sits on top of is made of, you guessed it, diamonds.

    This huge rock has the classic logo on one side and a very detailed design of Yankee Stadium on the other. Both sides display a message that the Yankees' organization prides themselves on, with one side reading "Unity" and the other reading "Tradition."

    So, What Will It Cost Me?

    Front office staff rings aren't that expensive, right? Well, what if I told you this ring was sold for $27,455 just a few months ago?

1. 2003 Florida Marlins

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    Florida Marlins 4, New York Yankees 2

    Why This Ring Is Cool

    That's right, the coolest World Series ring in the land comes from the big fish down in Florida.

    This ring shows pride, tradition and flash with its brilliant design. This is the only ring to have a baseball featured as the base, with diamonds and gemstones creating the look. On top is a 10-karat gold Marlins logo with diamonds embedded in the fish, too.

    The side is also unique, in the sense that it marks every series in the postseason. The series results are posted around a big World Series 100th-anniversary logo, and on the flip side is the good ol' Commissioner's Trophy with the team's record, 91-71.

    So, What Will It Cost Me?

    Despite it being the biggest World Series ring at the time, it doesn't have the biggest price tag. The total for a ring not worn by a player usually goes for $9,500.

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