Tom Brady and Randy Moss: Pro Bowl No-Shows

Jeremy MasonCorrespondent IFebruary 7, 2008

The NFL season is officially over. Congrats to the Giants for their amazing late-season run and Super Bowl victory.

Unfortunately for NFL fans everywhere, the only thing left to look forward to is the 2008 Pro Bowl.

Ah yes, the Pro Bowl.ย  That's the game theoretically composed of rosters stuffed with only the NFL's best. Theoretically. Truth be told, it is not.

Every year, several of the NFL's best players turn down their invitations to participate in the all-star game. This year, to the surprise of absolutely no one, the best quarterback and wideout have both opted out of the meaningless scrimmage.

Brady and Mossโ€”the dynamic Patriot duo that sparked a season that missed perfection by a hair.

And of course, when I say "hair," I mean a dropped pick by New England's sure-handed cornerback Asante Samuel.

I also mean a dumb decision by Belichick to go for it on fourth and 13 instead of kicking a field goal. I also mean an impossible dance by Eli Manning to escape three blitzing Pat defenders. I also mean that catch made more with helmet than hands.

You pick.

But I've made my point. The Pats were good. And they were so, much in part to the sterling play of both Brady and Moss.ย  However, when the AFC takes that first snap on February 10th, it will not be Brady under center.

As the AFC quarterback drops back, he will not throw a pass to Randy Moss.

Brady doesn't do Pro Bowls, despite being selected nearly every season. The headlines might say that Brady and Moss will miss the game because of lingering injuries, but I know the real reason.

It's somewhat obvious, I think. The fact that eight Patriots were selected tells a lot. Brady's reason for not participating in the game is both logical and simple.

Brady simply knows that there is no reason to risk injury in an exhibition game. Unlike most Pro Bowlers, Brady has no reason to live out fantasies of playing on an all-star team.

He doesn't need to imagine himself playing on a team made of nothing but all-star level players. He doesn't share the opinion that the all-star game is a chance to surround himself with all the best players. Brady plays on such a team all year.

For 19 games this year, Brady lined up behind a wall.ย  This wall consisted of five players. Three of these were selected to play in the Pro Bowl

Brady's receiving corps was represented on the original Pro Bowl roster. That rep was Randy Moss. Each level of Brady's top-five defense will be represented in the game.

Vince Wilfork from his D-line. Mike Vrabel from the linebacking crew and Asante Samuel from his secondary will work the game.

Tom Brady skips the game every year because he understands the stupidity of trading 16+ games that matter for one that doesn't. When viewing Tom's no-show in this light, it is impossible to accuse Brady of insulting his fans because it is obvious that he is merely respecting his teammates and his organization.


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