Denver Broncos: Reasons Why Playing Tim Tebow Is a Good Idea

Sam CatronContributor IIIOctober 10, 2011

Denver Broncos: Reasons Why Playing Tim Tebow Is a Good Idea

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    Denver, I know you have some quality guys who are now running your organization. I know one of them is a Super Bowl winner. I know you want to get back to winning games and get over the Josh McDaniels fiasco.

    But the best QB on your team has been on the bench and I'm not talking about Brady Quinn.

    Tim Tebow should be your starting quarterback.

    You are right with a few things about him.  He's not the most polished QB in the league.  He's not a prototypical NFL quarterback.  He might not make every single NFL throw.  But he will give you something that you can't measure—heart.

    He might not be the future of your organization, and you will probably agree with me that he isn't.  But he needs to be the starting QB for the Denver Broncos right now.

Tebow Is a Winner

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    Tebow wants to win more than anything else.  He is willing to do anything to win and everyone knows it.  Every time Tebow takes the field, "The Promise" is blaring inside my head.  

    He has a passion for winning.  He has a statue outside of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.  "The Promise" is hung outside the stadium.  He led the Gators to two national championships and won himself a Heisman Trophy.

    All of this, and Tebow has never been given a chance.  In a season and a quarter, Tebow has three career NFL starts. 

Fan Favorite

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    Tim Tebow is an icon.  He is probably the most talked about backup NFL quarterback in the league right now.

    Tim Tebow is seemingly flawless.  He is a squeaky clean, Christian athlete who has a knack for helping people.  Tebow has done mission trip after mission trip followed by community service hours galore.

    He is a relentless competitor who has the heart of a champion.  Whether you think he can get the job done or not, you respect his constant effort.

Team Favorite

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    Tebow is not only a fan favorite—he's a team favorite.  They even admit to cheering for him to play. The players love him.

    "He came and gave us a spark. That's Tim Tebow. Everybody has been cheering for him for the longest. Now he finally got in and moved the ball for us."
    Willis McGahee, Denver Broncos 

    "It kind of makes everybody work when you see your quarterback work the way he does. You're like, 'Man, does this guy ever get tired or ever think about quitting, or shorting himself on reps?' Naw, never."
    Jarvis Moss, former teammate in Denver and at UF

    "There is no ego with Tim. He wants to work, he wants to learn, asks a lot of questions—not just from the offensive side of the ball, but he's asking me questions, he's trying to learn as much as he can to make himself a better player And that's always an encouraging sign to see a young guy who's been a star to come in and be a humble player."
    Brian Dawkins, Denver Broncos 

Tebow Is the Best QB You Have

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    Seriously, look at these two guys.  

    Yes, Brady Quinn does have nice arms and he is a handsome guy, but he doesn't have a future in the NFL.  He only had significant playing time in one year in Cleveland.  Might I reiterate, "one year in Cleveland."

    Kyle Orton is a turnover machine.  He's also not very popular—with anyone.  He hardly looks energetic or even competitive at times.  That's the complete opposite of Tebow.

Trade Value

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    Inevitably, Andrew Luck can only be drafted by one NFL team.

    The teams that are looking to draft him are at the bottom of the barrel of the NFL.  My previous article listed five teams, including Denver, who would be prime candidates for Luck.

    But the one thing you can count on is that there will be some losers in the "Suck for Luck" campaign.

    Since Tebow is obviously not the future in Denver and other teams are looking for a spark, why not dangle him out there?  He's got skill.  He is intelligent. And last but not least, he is a competitor.

    If you don't play him, his trade value diminishes.  Who wants a QB with three career starts?  Plus, if you win with him, the value goes up.  Its a win-win situation.

    Let's face it: the Colts are getting Andrew Luck.

What's Left to Lose?

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    Definitely not the Lombardi Trophy.

    The Denver Broncos are 1-4.  The last time a 1-4 team made the playoffs was 2002.

    Opposite of them, the San Diego Chargers are 4-1 and cruising along at the top of the AFC West.

    Plus, you guys need more than a new QB.  How about a defense who can stop more than a Pop Warner team or an offensive line who can contain a four-man rush?

    Or, you could find a Cam Newton type QB.  All of the things that were said about Tim Tebow, got said about Newton.  Now, he's in the Rookie of the Year talks.  Trust me, with Tebow at the helm, how bad could it get?