WWE: The Curious case of Daniel Bryan

Zach McCombsCorrespondent IOctober 7, 2011

WWE: The Curious case of Daniel Bryan

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    Hey, Bleachers! I thought today I would write about something different than the WWE's Conspiracy angle and talk about one of the most misused Superstars in the WWE today. That man is Daniel Bryan. Now, some of you might be saying, "Isn't Daniel Bryan the current SmackDown Money in the Bank guy? You must be stupid or something, because he's doing great."

    Now, hear me out. Bryan has been misused ever since he lost the United States title to Sheamus earlier this year. In this article I will analyze the ups and downs of Daniel Bryan's WWE career and I will also talk about how great a talent the WWE is misusing.

    So, without further ado, let the slideshow begin!

High Point: His Run on Season 1 of NXT

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    I don't care that Wade Barrett was the winner of Season 1. While he's great and all, Daniel Bryan was the big star of the season just like Alex Riley was the star of Season 2. Who was it that had one of the best matches of 2010 against Chris Jericho? Who cut the best promos on NXT? Daniel Bryan. Who actually had a storyline with two big-time heels? Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan was the main reason I watched NXT Season 1, and he never disappointed me.

Low Point: Being "Fired" for His "Agressive Actions"

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    The following picture was taken on June 7th of 2010. It shows Daniel Bryan attacking Justin Roberts with his own tie. He allegedly choked out Justin Roberts and was fired for his actions. It was during this attack that he also kicked John Cena in the head and spat on him. This attack marked the debut of The Nexus, which was the big storyline of the Summer until it's climax at SummerSlam 2010. It began to fall downhill from there.

    The angle, however is besides the point. The point is, instead of firing him, why didn't they just fine him or suspend him for his actions? It makes no sense that someone can take illegal substances and still be employed by the WWE, but God forbid someone is too violent on a professional wrestling show.

    Anyway, this is a low point of Daniel Bryan's career because many believed his days in the WWE were over and, while gaining exposure for him at the time, it didn't necessarily help his career.

High Point: Return at SummerSlam 2010

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    This match, regardless of what many think, was great. The build up was not terrible and the execution was good. If you haven't seen the match, watch it on Youtube, the highlight being John Cena adding the purple fruity pebble to his color wheel! No, the big moment of the match was the return of Daniel Bryan. His performance in this match was great and he alone was the reason the match was so interesting.

    When I first learned that Bryan was going to be returning to the WWE I thought that he could have re-joined Nexus, but I was in for a better treat when he kicked them all around the arena! His performance was nothing short of impressive and it is one of his greatest performances in the WWE. It's matches like this and the one with The Miz and Dolph Ziggler that prove he is one of the best workers in the business today.

High Point: His Feud with the Miz and the United States Championship

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    After Summerslam, Bryan entered a pretty good feud with The Miz. It started when Miz and Bryan were paired up as Rookie and Pro in NXT Season 1. Overall, the feud was good, and it really made both superstars look great. One of the things I loved about it was Micheal Cole's commentary. He was really into it and has played out his hatred of Daniel Bryan ever since.

    At Night of Champions, Bryan won his first title in the WWE after beating The Miz for the United States Championship. Afterwards, Bryan held onto the title until March 14th, 2011 when he lost it to Sheamus. In his first run with the title, Bryan had some great matches, such as the first ever "Submissions Count Anywhere" match and, of course, his match at Bragging Rights. Overall, his run with the title was good, but it had its downs, too...

Low Point: Daniel Bryans Issue with the Bella Twins and Gail Kim

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    This angle was pitiful in my opinion. I never thought I would say this considering that I really want the Divas' division to mean something again, but the feud just didn't really click for anyone. It never really went that far and the only thing that I remember from it was the Bellas turning heel during the angle.

    Overall, it was nice to see the WWE try to do something good for the Divas when it looked like all hope was lost, but this angle didn't work out very well.

Hit and Miss: Current Run on SmackDown!

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    Right now, Daniel Bryan's run on SmackDown! is like a roller coaster. When he was drafted to SmackDown!, he had some decent matches and a decent feud going with Cody Rhodes. After that, the highlight of his career so far was winning Money in the Bank.

    After winning the match he started a small feud which ended at SummerSlam this year. It was short-lived and it looked as if the feud would be for the Money in the Bank briefcase, but it ended shortly after the match at SummerSlam. Since then, Daniel Bryan hasn't been given the best run, he's on a losing streak and doesn't appear every episode.

    This slide is a hit and miss because, like I said, his move to SmackDown had some good moments and some bad ones as well.

What Does Daniel Bryan Lack?

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    Out of all the things Bryan has that are great, there is one thing that he lacks: charisma. Yes, Bryan has a great look, but what else does he have? He doesn't have a gimmick or any sort of personality on the show. As the Miz once said, it's hard to make it in the WWE without style.

    Right now, Bryan still doesn't have a decent character. However, I feel that the WWE could make a great heel out of him. Think about it, Bryan could get upset because he isn't winning matches, and he isn't coming off as the wrestler he knows he is. He could blame the WWE Universe for holding him back, just like the way R-Truth went heel, except even better. Instead of being a comedy type heel, he sould be deadly serious, ready to snap someone's bones and make them tap out. Bryan could beat down on younger stars and put anyone who gets in his way in the LeBell Lock.

    This would help him look credible, but there's a lot more heels than faces in the business right now.  However, if it makes Bryan look good and like a proper Money in the Bank Holder the WWE should do it.

Does Daniel Bryan Actually Have Mic Skills?

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    To answer the question presented in this slide's title in the simplest of terms: yes. Daniel Bryan has great mic skills, and to prove it you should watch some of the promos he's done with The Miz and Micheal Cole from NXT Season 1. Remember him telling Michael Cole that he's a poor man's replacement for J.R? I do.

    Anyway, if you don't think that Daniel Bryan can cut a promo, I suggest that you watch the video on this slide.

    Oh, and on a side note, Tarver didn't sound so bad on the Mic, either.


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    The reason that I made this in the first place is that when I see something about Daniel Bryan on Youtube people will either say that he's overrated or no good in the ring. Either that or you hear something about how Bryan doesn't have the "it" factor. All the WWE needs to do is book him in a good feud to get over and turn him heel or give him a gimmick that gets a reaction from the crowd. Bryan has it, it's just locked inside waiting to burst out and take the WWE by storm. Bryan will be a force to be reckoned with and I believe it's only a matter of time before he becomes relevant in the WWE.

    As always, tell me what you think about the article, Daniel Bryan and his current status in the WWE.