Best Touchdown Celebrations of All Time

Matt MartinezCorrespondent IOctober 1, 2011

Best Touchdown Celebrations of All Time

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    Let's face it, before the NFL became the "No Fun League," the excitement really began after a touchdown was scored. What would these narcissists think up? Would we see a fully scaled choreographed number? Was there a chance we could see a prop or an elaborate pantomime?

    Today, we don't see the pageantry that seemingly went hand-in-hand with touchdowns. A simple spike or a group hug is about all we get in today's game.

    Without the fear of a jumbo-sized fine or a suspension, players expressed themselves after scoring.

    Let's take a trip back to yesteryear. It's time to revisit the greatest touchdown celebrations of all-time.

21. Victor Cruz

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    I guess Victor Cruz is trying to cinch up some off-season work in this clip.

    Maybe Cruz is classically trained in the art that is Latin Bossa Nova. Watch the hips, it's all in the hips, baby.

20. Johnnie Morton

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    Remember Johnnie Morton? He was a member of the Lions, Chiefs and 49ers from 1994 to 2005. He was also one hell of a dancer with a show-stopping move.

    You see, Morton channels Turbo and O-Zone from Breakin' in this clip. Nice worm.

19. Toronto Argonauts

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    - "Hey guys, I got an idea."

    - "What is it?"

    - "Let's all circle up and fall on our backs after we score."

    Very creative, Toronto. 

18. Clinton Portis

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    I wish I could find some video of this ridiculous celebration.

    Clinton Portis rolled it back to elementary school after a score a few years ago. Ten year old girls across the country rolled their eyes as Portis took their signature gymnastic move.

17. Philip Lutzenkirchen

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    Phillip Lutzenkirchen created a national phenomenon after this crazy leg celebration.

    Totally unintentional, Lutz' leg looks like it might bend the other way. A lesser man would have blown out his knee. But as you can see later in the clip, Lutz can still get up. 

16. Jamal Anderson

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    Jamal Anderson spent all eight of his seasons in an Atlanta Falcons jersey. So, why not come up with a dance embody the Falcon spirit?

    Jamal's invention? The Dirty Bird. All NFL fans knew about this jig back in the late 1990's. Flap those wings, Jamal.

15. Steve Smith

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    Steve Smith is a big nut for current events. Back in 2005, he showed he had been reading about the Vikings alleged sex party on Lake Minnetonka.

    After roasting Fred Smoot, Smith dropped to his caboose and started rowing right along to reference the good time 17 Vikings had on the high seas.

14. Stevie Johnson

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    This is one of my personal favorites. Stevie can't spike the ball because his hands are too "Spider-man-like."

    This is reminiscent of that scene in Little Giants where the receiver puts too much sticky gunk on his hands and gets drilled in the face with the ball since his hands are stuck to his chest.

    That reference too obscure? My bad. 

13. Ickey Woods

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    Ickey Woods at least has the self-respect to take his celebration to the sideline. 

    But, you gotta love how the whole team gets involved. I imagine the 1980's Bengals in a Russia studio with a stern but fair Bronislava Nijinska encouraging them to keep their shoulders back and toes pointed while doing the Ickey Shuffle. 

12. Dave Stala

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    Ah, the CFL. Home to a gigantic field, two teams named the Roughriders (at one point), and apparently hacky sack enthusiasts.

    Watch Dave Stala juggle the oblong football like he was playing Sega Master System's classic "California Games."

11. Randall Hill

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    The Thrill was a hell of a collegiate receiver. Gaining more than 3,800 yards with the U, the two-time national champ did something memorable after scoring in the 1991 Cotton Bowl Classic.

    "Run, Forrest, run!"

10. Planking

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    Some people may cal it "planking," but i prefer the more descriptive "lying down game." Simply lay down with your arms at your sides motionless.

    Why not get the whole team involved?

    You gotta love the two white guys who are late for the party. Maybe next time, fellas.

9. Lambeau Leap

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    There is nothing offensive or unsportsmanlike about the leap. Invented by LeRoy Butler back in 1993, a myriad of Packers have followed his suit.

    Here, we see Donald Driver leap into the arms of his adoring fans. What's better than a hug from your friends after you put six on the board? 

8. Bobsledding

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    Let's take it to the Arena Football League where four men will straddle one another in celebration.

    This incites one thing for me (and probably you): "We got the one, Derice, and the one, Jr., Yule Brenner, and the man Sanka."

7. Duck, Duck, Goose

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    In a city that just got their hockey team back, Winnipeg goes nuts for this kindergarten staple!

    I wish all 11 offensive players would have sat down to play. The tighter the circle, the easier it is for the goose to get back to the vacant spot.

6. Joe Horn

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    If you forgot about this, shame on you. 

    Since Joe's game happened to be on Sunday evening, his kids could not attend. So, what does a dad do when he can't be somewhere? He calls! 

    Horn's pre-meditative celebration drew an unsportsmanlike conduct flag and he was issued a $30,000 fine. That's one expensive phone call.

5. B.J. Raji

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    BJ Raji probably never thought he was going to score a touchdown. First of all, he's a defensive lineman. Pick sixes are't exactly the norm. Second, he weighs 338 pounds. Baby hippos aren't exactly fleet of foot.

    You gotta love Joe Buck's call here. Silence. No chuckle, just crowd noise. I wonder what it's like to be totally devoid of a sense of humor. It must be boring.

4. Terrell Owens

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    It's easy to find Terrell Owens celebrations. He's grabbed a Sharpie out of his sock, utilized a cheerleader's pom poms, and ripped down signs behind the end zone.

    But nothing beats his defilement of the Dallas Cowboy star. After his first score, Owens ran 50 yards to midfield to basque in the glow of Cowboy's Stadium. After Emmit Smith bullied his way across the goal line, he did the same thing.

    Owen's second TD featured his same antics, only this time George Teague gave him a little taste of what Dallas is made of.

3. Randy Moss

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    Some people, like the abhorrent Joe Buck, might call Moss' faux-moon "a disgusting act." I just thought it was hilarious.

    The pants pull down would have been funny enough, but check out Randy's shimmy. Classic.

2. Merton Hanks

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    Watch and learn defensive backs...

1. Chad Ochocinco

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    Just sit back and watch the master of the touchdown celebration. If you don't enjoy Ocho's "creations," then you might be a little too uptight.

    Sure, he's totally self-absorbed, but who isn't in the NFL? Wide receivers march to the beat of their own drummer. Chad's just happens to be an eight year old who just got his first kit.