Super Bowl XLII: Karma Denies Bill Belichick

PackSmackAnalyst IFebruary 4, 2008

You can't fool karma.

You can sneak behind your authority's back, you can scam your friends, you can take advantage of your brothers, you can lead by deception, you can hide in the shadows and fool everybody else, but you aren't going to fool karma.

Some men will abandon all principles and ethics to craft their way into utopia. The problem is, utopia isn't seized by con-artists and hucksters.

Rather, it is granted to those who best exemplify its values. Such values are: toughness, discipline, effort, execution of the fundamentals, teamwork, focus, tenacity, courage, responsibility, bravery, determination and complete commitment.

Such Utopian values are also the type of values characteristic of Green Bay Packer coach Vince Lombardi, after whom the NFL Super Bowl trophy is named.

Therefore, with such a name and legacy attached to the trophy, it seems entirely appropriate and fitting that it should be handed to a team that exemplifies the values Lombardi stood for.

This year, the New York Giants earned that Lombardi trophy because they did things the right way.

Apparently, New England coach Bill Belichick must have run out of illegally-obtained video tape on the New York Giants defense because he had no answer for the vicious pass rush with which the Giants assaulted Patriot quarterback Tender Tom Brady.

When Brady wasn't getting his face planted into the University of Phoenix Stadium turf, he was throwing at people's feet or to places where there was no receiver at all. Yes, he felt the pressure.

Perhaps video tape alone cannot stop a pass rush.

Who ever heard of a helmet catch? What kind of a play was that where Eli Mannning escaped from the grasp of several Patriot pass-rushers, and then tossed the ball down field so his receiver could catch it on his helmet?

Is that normal? Well, not according to the receiver, David Tyree, who said the following about the play, "This was all supernatural."

It wasn't just a talented catch after a fortunate escape, though certainly those things were there.  It was karma getting involved so that blatant, under-handed cheating Belichick would not receive the reward of being welcomed into utopia.

So at the end of the day, it is the New York Giants, winning by the honest type of values that Lombardi stood for, who are admitted into utopia, while convicted cheater Bill Belichick is denied.

Belichick's party is not over, however, as the NFL Commissioner has been asked to meet with members of Congress over Belichick's cheating antics.

Though karma would not give Belichick what he could not earn, perhaps Belichick, who should have been banned from the NFL, will find that karma will instead give him what he has earned.