Manny Ramirez's 10 Biggest 'Manny' Moments

Chuck Platt@chuck_plattCorrespondent IISeptember 20, 2011

Manny Ramirez's 10 Biggest 'Manny' Moments

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    Manny Ramirez, oh, Manny Ramirez.

    Even when he's gone, he's not really gone, as evidenced by his headline-making arrest in Florida last week on a battery charge after a fight with his wife.

    Manny's recent brush with the law has to be included among his top-10 biggest "Manny being Manny" moments, right?

    Well, let's find out. 2011 has certainly added a sublime chapter to the continuing saga that is Manny Ramirez...

10. Manny's High-Five Double Play (2008)

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    In a May 2008 game at Baltimore, Manny managed to track down a deep fly by Kevin Millar with a spectacular catch.

    Without breaking stride, Manny ran up to the wall, high-fived a fan—a Red Sox fan at that—and fired the ball into Dustin Pedroia, who relayed it to Kevin Youkilis to double off Aubrey Huff. 

9. Manny Fights Youk (2008)

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    During a 7-1 win over the Tampa Bay Rays, Manny's patience for Kevin Youkilis' post-at-bat tirades reached a breaking point.

    At the end of the game's fourth inning, Manny called out Youk on his antics, Youk snapped back and Manny responded by taking a jab at Youk. A handful of other players and staff restrained Manny and walked him away from Youk.

8. Manny Cuts-off Damon (2004)

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    David Newhan of the Baltimore Orioles hit a high fly ball off the wall in deep center. Johnny Damon, with his infamously weak arm, "fired" the ball back into toward Mark Bellhorn, his cutoff man.

    Making an all-out, lunging effort, Manny Ramirez snagged down Damon's throw for no reason, whatsoever.

    Instead of legging out a triple, Newhan was able to come around for an inside-the-park home run, all thanks to Manny's spectacular effort.

7. Manny Loses His Earring (2002)

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    Playing in rehab game with the Triple-A Pawtucket Red Sox in May, Manny slid hard into third and managed to lose one of earrings, a diamond stud, worth roughly $15,000.

    After the game, many of Manny's teammates and members of the grounds crew help Manny poke around in the dirt for the earring. Alas, their efforts were in vain; the diamond was never found.

6. Manny Forgets His Paycheck (1995)

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    In a 1995 story with Newsday, Cleveland Indians manager, Mike Hargrove, described an incident where Manny left a paycheck in his cleats one time when the Indians were on the road.

    Hargrove's elaboration on Ramirez's behavior: "That's Manny being Manny." And thus the phrase was born. Thanks, Mike! 

5. Manny's Arrest (2011)

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    Manny's latest headline-grabbing move? Getting arrested in Florida on a battery charge for allegedly striking his wife, Juliana, during an argument at their home in suburban Miami. 

    So yes, Manny's latest 'Manny' moment was bizarre enough to warrant inclusion on this list.

4. Manny Decks McCormick (2008)

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    Prior to a June road game in Houston, Manny Ramirez asked Red Sox Traveling Secretary Jack McCormick to reserve him 16 seats for that night's game.

    When McCormick told Ramirez that he couldn't guarantee the slugger's request, Ramirez shoved McCormick, 64, to the ground and told him to "just do your job."

3. Manny Plays Hooky (2003)

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    In 2003, the Yankees were in town and Manny was too sick to play with a case of pharyngitis.

    That didn't stop Manny from saddling up to the hotel bar with Yankee infielder Enrique Wilson, who was a former teammates of his on the Cleveland Indians. Too sick to play, but not too sick to go out and yup it up with a buddy? Classic Manny. 

2. Manny's Monster Leak (2005)

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    In a July 2005 game against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Manny ducked into the Green Monster during a meeting at the mound between starter Wade Miller and pitching coach Dave Wallace to ehrm, take care of some business.

    Manny zipped up and emerged from the Monster just in time to have Joey Gathright drop a single right in front of him. His throw to the plate on a scoring Devil Rays' runner was, not surprisingly, late and off mark.

    By the way, this wasn't Manny's only infamous foray into the Monster.

1. Manny Retires (2011)

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    The top Manny moment of all-time has to be the moment that ended his playing days. With his name linked to a positive drug test and facing MLB's 100-game suspension for second-time drug policy offenders, Ramirez straight up retired.

    It was, sadly, a very fitting end to Ramirez' spectacular but often bizarre career, full of unusual twists and turns, some humorous and some not.