Tributing Mexico: Making Their All-Time Team

Jerry Sanchez@jerrysan_3Correspondent ISeptember 17, 2011

Tributing Mexico: Making Their All-Time Team

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    Today marks Mexico's independence from Spain. The only way I can pay respect to my parents' birthplace is making an ultimate team of the very best footballers from Mexico.

    The formation will consist of four defenders, four midfielders and finally, two strikers. But before we get started, here are some players who just missed the lineup.

Players Who Could Be in All-Time in the Next Decade or so

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    Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez

     He arguably has the best young talent on Mexico's current lineup. Known mostly for scoring, Hernandez has the capacity to stay on Manchester United and become the top dog on the squad for time to come.

    Giovani Dos Santos

     Gio is also in contention for Mexico's best player. He has amazing feet and passing but he still needs work on finishing.

    Just like Hernandez, he can go so far in his career. He just needs more of an opportunity to shine. He's another guy who I was seriously considering for the lineup, however he has not been on the squad long enough. 

    Guillermo Ochoa

     Ochoa is easily Mexico's best goalkeeper at the moment. His height compliments his long arms and length. He's been a starter for Club America since he was 18 and has done very well.

    Now in Ajaccio, he will improve from international soccer. Expect to see him a lot for Mexico in coming years. 

Honorable Mention

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    Jorge Campos

     Amazing versatility, great goalkeeping and colorful attire sum up Campos. He could play goalie and did well with great leaping and blocking abilities.

    A most surprising fact, he could also play striker as well; a rarity in soccer. Campos played a total of 130 international caps until retiring in 2004.

    Luis Hernandez

    He is the fourth highest scorer for the Mexican National team and their highest World Cup scorer. Known for his blond hair, he was an emerging talent in Mexico who disappointed most fans when he decided to go with the Los Angeles Galaxy.

    "El Matador" was highly considered for this lineup but ultimately you'll see who else stands in his way. 

    Tomas Boy

    In 1985 Boy had his most recognizable season as a player in Mexico. He scored seven times in 20 appearances. He had most of his great success in Tigres where he showed his skills and ultimately leading up to international caps for him. He then finished his career with the San Jose Earthquakes.

    He currently coaches Morelia for the Mexican League.

    Claudio Suarez

    Claudio Suarez has the most international caps from any Mexican ever to play on the squad. He's one of the best Mexican defenders of all time.

    As consistent as they come, he also showed strength when towering over scrawny strikers. After having great success in Mexico with Pumas, Guadalajara and Tigres, he moved to the MLS in a shocking move.

    The 42-year-old retired just over a year ago.

    Pavel Pardo

    Even though he is quite clearly out of his prime, Pavel Pardo will go down as one of the best Mexican midfielders ever.

    He began his career in Atlas and once showing signs of greatness, Club America picked him up after playing with Tecos.

    It was in Club America where he showed that he deserved the opportunity to go to Europe. In seven years he went off to Germany to play with Stuttgart along with Osorio.

    In his first season with Stuttgart, Pardo and his team won the Bundesliga and he was named a top five player in Germany. In three years of pure success, he went back to the team that revolutionized him, Club America.

    After playing two years with a somewhat successful Club America team, he then went to play for the MLS. He is 35 and currently plays for Chicago Fire.

Other Names to Mention

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    Javier Aguirre who played midfield and was known for his skills and championship wins with Club America.

    Ramon Morales can generally play any position in the midfield and was deadly from free kicks.

    Ricardo Pelaez is remembered for being apart of Club America's first squad when he went to tryouts. Who knows how Mexico would have been without him if he stuck with accounting?

    Benjamin Galindo was deadly with the ball and currently coaches Santos Laguna.

    Carlos Hermosillo is one of the top scorers for Mexico. He played six years for America at first, until eventually heading to Cruz Azul where he had his most successful run.

Goalkeeper: Antonio Carbajal

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    This is going way back. His professional career began in 1948 with Club España and he stayed with them until 1950. He went to Leon the same year he began his international career with Mexico.

    He played a record total of five World Cups. He is one of Mexico's greatest goalkeepers ever even though there is not much recorded history about him. 

    He is 82 years old.

Right Back: Carlos Salcido

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    Carlos Salcido gained most of his success from PSV Eindhoven. After the 2006 World Cup, he was linked to several European teams.

    A false statement was made when he had supposedly signed with English club Arsenal. In PSV, he was a regular on the starting lineup and in his first season PSV was crowned champions.

    After four consistent years with PSV, he was speculated to head to Liverpool. However, Fulham decided to sign him for €1.6 million. He was then sent on a loan and now plays for Mexican team, Tigres.

    The great defender who started out with Guadalajara shows no sign of slowing down just yet. Expect more from him for a couple of years.

Center Back: Alfredo Tena

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    If you remember Alfredo Tena, then you can remember how good he was on the pitch and his "Capitan Furia" tactics. He's a symbol for Club America, where he spent his entire career and coaches there basic strengths.

    After coming off the bench he quickly did what other players wanted to do: prove himself. He became a regular on the starting lineup and is an awesome center back.

    He can also be remembered for never taking any s*** from Guadalajara, the rival club. He was involved in major fights with Chivas but never instigated it.

    I'm proud to say I've met him at least twice in my young life.

Center Back: Rafael Marquez

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    This list will definitely not be complete without Rafael Marquez. He has amazing versatility and can play about every defensive position at hand.

    He will mostly be known for playing center back, yet his play at right or left back and defensive midfielder make him so much better.

    Not only is he one of Mexico's best to ever grace the jersey, he was widely considered one of the best defenders in the world.

    He is the first Mexican to ever win the UEFA championship and he wasn't just there. He was a big contributor for FC Barcelona and will probably be remembered greatly by the Spanish fans.

    In Atlas, he showed great promise and was soon transferred to Monaco. In his first season, he helped them big time and they won the Ligue 1 title.

    Soon after, he made the greatest move of his career and the rest is history. Now he plays for the New York Red Bulls. Don't be surprised if we see him playing in Brazil for the 2014 World Cup.

Left Back: Ramon Ramirez

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    He was generally considered the replacement of Hugo Sanchez as the best Mexican player ever. However injuries stopped him from achieving great success.

    One of his most surprising moves was the choice to "betray" his club, Guadalajara, and move to rival team, Club America. Yet, he widely disappointed with America due to his lack of form. Once he had returned to Guadalajara, he showed his true skills but rather inconsistently.

    He is now 41.

Left Midfielder: Andres Guardado

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    It didn't take long for Atlas to notice how important Guardado would be for them. He received a great amount of attention after his successful play with them.

    Several teams wanted him, including Real Madrid, however in the end Deportivo La Coruña stepped up first and bought him.

    That transfer made him the most expensive player in the history of Mexico. He adored the fact that he didn't have to learn another language or culture.

    He became a natural starter and star in Mexico. Yet, he may leave the team because it's reported he does not want to be apart of Spain's second division after they were relegated. He agreed to stay and he is still playing for them.

    Now we all have to see what else he wants to do with his young career.

Center Midfielder: Alberto Garcia Aspe

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    He is one of the all-time leaders for international caps for Mexico. Alberto Garcia Aspe started out in Pumas and stayed there for seven years. In six years with Necaxa he showed major signs of brilliance and awesome footwork. Not known for his size all to much, he had to show players how good he was on his feet and how good he was at seeing players.

    In international duties, he played 109 games. He is now 44.

Center Midfielder: Cuauhtemoc Blanco

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    Blanco was amazingly charismatic as he was excellent on the pitch. He had great feet and control making people laugh and appreciate how much he did for Mexico.

    Over the last decade, he is arguably the best player to put on a Mexico jersey. He is the only Mexican to win a prestigious FIFA award, winning the Silver Ball and Shoe awards. He has also won the Mexican MVP award five times.

    As a kid and teen, he had to avoid trouble in his neighborhood where crime and fighting was easily spotted.

    He played soccer to stay out of trouble but it probably did have a factor in his aggressive style of play. He wasn't a dirty player, but he was known for losing temper.

    He debuted with Club America at 19 and it didn't come until 2005 when he led his team to a championship. He achieved amazing success in clubs like Real Valladolid.

    In Chicago, he was the main reason why people came to see the matches. Mexican fans all over the United States lined up and payed their hard earned money in order to see this legend.

    He is now playing in the second division in Mexico for Irapuato. All that's left in his career is to retire with Club America.

    He will never be forgotten in the hearts of Mexican fans with his "Archer" celebration and his Cuauteminha skill move.

Right Midfielder: Luis De La Fuente

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    There's no information I could find on this player other than he is widely recognized as one of the best in Mexican history.

    Nicknamed the "Pirate," Luis de la Fuente debuted in professional soccer in 1930. His incredible ball skills and technique helped him deliver fluid, precise passes leading to goals. He was very athletic and strong.

    He died in 1972 at the age of 58.

Left Striker: Jared Borgetti

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    Jared Borgetti is the all-time leading scorer for the Mexican national team. After 11 great years in Mexico, the English club, Bolton, made him the first Mexican to play in England.

    He ended his first season with them by scoring seven goals. He was soon released by them and finally played for a Saudi Arabian team. He spent a year there unable to adapt to their culture.

    He returned to Mexico to play for Cruz Azul and soon joined Monterrey, Guadalajara, Puebla, Morelia and finally Leon.

    He will always be remembered for his scoring abilities.

Right Striker: Hugo Sanchez

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    He is widely considered the best talent Mexico ever had to offer. Maybe it was the attention he received from Europe. Or maybe it was his scoring technique.

    After five great seasons in Mexico, he was linked buy several Spanish clubs and soon signed with Athletico Madrid. After four years, he signed to Spain giant Real Madrid. Madrid won five consecutive titles and they enjoyed great success.

    He retired in 1997 and soon coached Mexico to some decent wins.

    Sanchez has witnessed the most success out of any Mexican player in terms of scoring and achievements.


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    Mexico has always been a significant international team and will probably see more success with players like "Chicharito," Gio Dos Santos and Guardado. However these 11 players have provided tremendous amount of energy that led to victories.

    This squad was complied from several polls and websites. Here's a recap in the lineup:

    Carbajal as GK, Ramirez at LB, Tena at CB with Marquez, Salcido at RB, Guardado at LM, Blanco at CM with Garcia Aspe, De la Fuente at RM, Borgetti at LS and Sanchez at RS.


    Special thanks to Edi Martinez who helped me get even more information at forming the team.


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