Survivor Series Results: Team Batista vs Team Orton

Chris BrowneCorrespondent INovember 23, 2008

Pretty much the entire Team Batista gets a pop.  Surprisingly for Orton being a heel, he gets a fairly positive crowd reaction. Regal actually gets booed during his entrance, which is good to see a heel actually getting booed tonight. Mark Henry is, well, Mark Henry, much of the same.

WOW.  Regal is eliminated in the first 10 seconds of the match, Punk hits the stepup enziguri (sp?), then GTS, cover.  Layla threw a shoe at Punk after Regal's elimination and hit him in the head (PRICELESS! TAKE THAT PUNK!).  Shelton enters next, Kofi takes the tag from Punk.

Few spats back and forth, missed Moonsault by Hardy.  Nice set of moves by R-Truth, bit Shelton pins R-Truth after a missed Scissors Kick from R-Truth and a Jumping Complete Shot from Shelton.

Orton tags in to a ver surprising pop from the crowd.  Orton pins Kofi after the DDT off the ropes. Orton sold the move very well, Im sure it's supposed to look like it hurts, but this time it sounded like it hurts.

Down to Punk, Hardy and Batista against Henry, Rhodes, Orton and Benjamin.  Rhodes pins Pink after a distraction from Manu allows Punk to be knocked off the turnbuckle by Rhodes.  He then hits Punk with a DDT for the pinfall.

Hardy gets pinned after a Worlds Strongest Slam from Henry.  Batista enters with a Spear on Henry and gets a pinfall. 

Spinebuster on Shelton followed by a Batista Bomb and cover, down to 2v1 Orton.

Batista Bomb on Rhodes, but Orton tagged Rhodes and tagged himself in.  While Batista tries to cover Rhodes, Orton stalks him out for the RKO, and hits it, then covers.  Team Orton wins, Rhodes and Orton survive.


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