Survivor Series Results: Casket Match: Undertaker vs Big Show

Chris BrowneCorrespondent INovember 23, 2008

Nice opening with the Druids again, havent seen them in awhile. Music kinda sucks though.

Big Show came out to a mixed reaction from the crowd.  Its like the crowd still doesnt know whether hes fully face or heel.

Taker came out to one of his more impressive entrances in awhile.  Maybe its because he's not suddenly appearing in the ring after the lights go out, or maybe its because theres something special about Undertaker and Survivor Series, who knows.

*Listening to commentators mention about Taker possibly taking Big Show to "hell" like he did Edge* *Avidly awaiting an Edge interference*

Surprising Superplex from Big Show on Taker without Big Show even having to go on the turnbuckle. 

Sub par match, lotta botched strikes. 

Chokeslam from Taker off the turnbuckle on Big Show. Chokeslam from Big Show on Taker in the ring.

Show flips the casket, tries to leave, the druids bring out another casket.  Taker wins after Irish whipping Big Show into the casket and it closing on Show.

Very lackluster match, so far I preferred the Divas match to this, and I'm an avid Taker fan.


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