Will The New York Mets Lose Their Identity in Citi Field?

Nick DeSilvioCorrespondent INovember 22, 2008

I've been saying "I wish the Mets could get a new stadium" for as long as I can remember. But now that Shea Stadium is gone, I feel myself questioning my love for this team.

Words can't describe how disappointed I was when I gazed upon the design of Citi Field for the first time.

The first problem I had:  no retractable roof.

We NEED a retractable roof here in New York, as there are a ton of rain delays throughout the season. Not to mention the fact that the winds in Shea were fierce and you could freeze your butt off in the upper deck on a night in mid-June.

But the most glaring issue I have with the design was it's modelling after the Dodgers former home in Brooklyn, Ebbets field.

OK Wilpons, last time I checked, the Dodgers play in LOS ANGELES!

If you love them so much why don't you try to buy them and move them back here!

I could have sworn that there was a conspiracy going on to move the Mets to Puerto Rico and bring the Dodgers back to New York.  I would have wrote about it if I was on this site back then.

It seriously makes me sick. We are the New York METS, not the Dodgers!

And we even have the fabulous "Jackie Robinson Rotunda" to view when we enter our new state of the art facility.

No disrespect to number 42, but what on earth does he have to do with the METS!?!?

If you want to honor someone how about Roberto Clemente since 90% of our players are Latin American anyway.

It's a big joke.

Every time we enter our stadium we have to look at someone in Dodger's history, who has nothing to do with our own.

I'm not saying Robinson shouldn't be honored, but I think that Citi Field should pay more tribute to the Mets history instead of somebody else's.

This, I fear, is going to cause the Mets to lose their identity, which could be a good or a bad thing.

It, in a sense, will shade away the memories of the recent disasters from game 7 of the '06 NLCS 'til now.

But it will also destroy the Mets heritage.

Another thing that pisses me off beyond belief is the fact that Citi Field will have 10,000+ less seats than Shea.

The upper deck in Shea stadium was perhaps the greatest place in the stadium to be, especially during the playoffs and other big games. This is where the die hard fans sat, the true orange and blue bleeding warriors.

Never again will I get to see the upper deck erupt, because it's gone now.

Instead, Citi Field is going to be packed with all the business yuppies who know nothing about baseball and are just going cause its "hip."

I'll be lucky to even get my hands on tickets next year, and if I do I'm gonna have to shell out a lot of cash, instead of getting free upper deck seats like I always do.

If it was up to me, I would have designed a stadium that has the similar horse-shoe look of Shea Stadium.  And I would not have put in the right field overhang wall.

I HATE IT when teams put an extra bleacher into the outfield, preventing a nice smooth arch of the outfield wall.

If Ryan Church suffers another concussion due to that right field perch, I'm gonna snap.


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