WWE: Top 15 Superstars of the Next Decade

Jon Fisher@@Jonfisher21Correspondent IISeptember 13, 2011

WWE: Top 15 Superstars of the Next Decade

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    Around this time in the year 2000, die-hard wrestling fans were wondering which wrestlers were going to take them into the new decade and shine bright.

    Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mick Foley, Edge, John Cena, the Rock and many others were the staple for this past decade.

    In 2000, nobody knew who Cena or Lashley or even Randy Orton was and to think they are the top stars in the company right now is mind-boggling.

    I am here today to predict the top 15 stars who will lead the WWE Universe into the next decade.

    From CM Punk to Cody Rhodes and even to some surprises, this list is quite controversial and an interesting outlook on the future of the WWE.

    To accurately predict the future of the WWE, many attributes came to pass and history had effects on this list. Charisma, wrestling ability, mic skills, look and just that presence felt as he passes through the curtain.

    As a die-hard fan of the art that is wrestling, we always look for the next whomever or a man/woman that is very similar to that superstar who worked the previous generation.

    This list will not be the next who, but the next himself. John Cena is compared as this generation's Hulk Hogan or the Rock.

    I'm not one to compare superstars from two different eras, but John Cena is John Cena no matter what the discussion is.

    The order in which the wrestlers are assigned is in no particular sequence. Each wrestler will contribute in his own way in the next decade and I'm intrigued how each will do it.

    Without further ado, the list of the 15 superstars who will impact the next decade...


1. CM Punk

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    Only naturally right that CM Punk is first on this list right?

    No doubt about it that Punk has impacted the new decade already.

    Starting with his shoot promo in June, the wrestling world has been on fire for this certain wrestler.

    Claiming he is the best in the world, he displays his exquisite wrestling prowess on a nightly basis. Not only are his mat skills above the rest, but Punk shows excellence on the mic.

    When Punk holds a microphone or "pipe-bomb", everyone listens and tunes in to see what he will say next.

    My personal prediction: He will be a multiple-time World Champion and be influential in leading the new decade of wrestlers.


2. Mike "the Miz" Mizanin

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    With the big push he received last year, the Miz became one of the best superstars of 2010. 

    Already a WWE champion, multiple-time tag-team champion and United States champion, Miz has carved his name in the new decade. 

    At the moment, Miz will help revitalize the tag division with his partner R-Truth.  Together they are a bundle of excitement and charisma. 

    The Miz is excellent on the mic and still needs to improve on the mat, but he has proven to be a main-event player for years to come. 

    He is still very young and definitely has a lot to offer. 

    His lengthy program with John Cena and The Rock proved just why he will be a leader in the next decade. 

    My personal prediction: Miz will also be a multi-time World champion and a key component in the next decade. 

3. Dolph Ziggler

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    Perfection, as he calls himself, Dolph Ziggler has made an impact in WWE in the past couple years.

    From the mid-card championships to having a very short run with the World Heavyweight championship, Ziggler has certainly improved. 

    Ziggler spent time with the Spirit Squad and then became the man who always introduced himself at each TV appearance. 

    Just recently, Dolph displayed his charisma behind the desk with King, Cole and Ross. 

    He wasn't too bad and had more mic skills than credited. 

    Ziggler is a great U.S. champion to date and is about to enter into a program with Swagger and Riley. 

    My personal prediction:  Ziggler will be a World champion soon enough and will be another key player in the future.  Be aware of a face turn soon...

4. Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne: Air Boom

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    The reason I put these two in as a tag-team is because I want to see these two as a tag-team in the future. Their singles runs weren't as promising as we hoped.

    Just ask Randy Orton about Kofi, STUPID STUPID!

    This is where these two young and exciting superstars fit into the main equation: Each possesses outstanding wrestling ability and they have that "Wow" factor that explains itself.

    HHH is said to have a long-term plan with the tag-team division.

    With other teams in mind, Air Boom should be on that list of great tag-teams. There are others, but this team has something special.

    After a few title reigns, Air Boom will be a quality and effective tag-team for the future.

    My personal prediction: Kofi and Evan will have a long successful career with tag gold in the forefront. To further evolve their character, don't be surprised by a heel turn down the road.


5. John Morrison

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    The guru of greatness, the shaman of sexy and the most under-utilized talent on the WWE roster, John Morrison should, and in my opinion will, be the future of the WWE's next decade.

    The talent this man possesses is quite unmatchable from the pure athleticism side of things.

    His mic ability can and will improve over time, because experience cannot be taught.

    John Morrison isn't light on the accolades either.

    He was an ECW champion, an Intercontinental champion and a very successful tag-team champion with the Miz.

    To say it simply, Morrison can be a main event talent.

    I will stick to my guns on him, because most people have given up home.

    My personal prediction: He will be a main event talent someday and will have become a World champion. The better question is when, and if another heel turn is in his future.


6. Seth Rollins

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    The man that needs no introduction to the IWC, Seth Rollins (formerly Tyler Black) shook up the Ring of Honor world with comparisons close to CM Punk. 

    When he vacated the ROH championship and made a course to the WWE, Rollins lit up FCW just like his Indie days. 

    He has great mat skills and his mic ability is ahead of the game. 

    With very little weak points to name, Rollins will be a huge part of the WWE's future. 

    Some people think he is the true "future" of World Wrestling Entertainment. 

    If this is true, then the WWE Universe is in store for a culture shock in this man's debut. 

    My personal prediction:  Rollins will be great in the WWE.  Expect a multi-time champion and dominance at every level in the big leagues. 

7. Wade Barrett

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    Wade Barrett has accomplished many things in the WWE in such a short amount of time. 

    He dominated Raw for over three months as the leader of the Nexus. 

    The former winner of the first season of NXT, he challenged Orton for the WWE title at a pay-per-view. 

    He feuded with Cena for as many months as the Nexus was around.

    Wade was also the leader of the Corre, which is when he won his first singles title in the WWE. 

    With great mic skills, charisma and ring prowess, Barrett has a bright future in the WWE and it may come sooner rather than later. 

    All he needs is that one key feud that will push him to the top of the wrestling ladder. 

    My personal prediction:  Wade will be at the level of Del Rio or even higher in the next two years.  He was slated to face Taker at WM27.  There is enough evidence. 

8. Daniel Bryan

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    Arguably the best overall wrestler in the business today, Daniel Bryan is slated for greatness in the WWE.

    Currently holding the Smackdown Money in the Bank briefcase, he claims he'll cash it in at Wrestlemania 28.

    Right now it is September.

    For all of the haters out there, that is plenty of time to develop any kind of mic skills needed in his game.

    Except for that lone missing attribute, Bryan has all the necessary qualities to be a successful World champion.

    Just like Barrett, he needs that one big feud to push him over the edge.

    A change in entrance music finally came and went, which was definitely important.

    My personal prediction: Bryan will be a main-event player very shortly here. He will showcase his wrestling skills for the world to see and flourish as a champion for years to come.


9. Cody Rhodes

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    The son of WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes, Cody has a lot to live up to. 

    He is already on his way to becoming a main event player in this business and for good reason. 

    When Rhodes first bursted on the scene, he was known as the man with no mic skills or the guy under Ted DiBiase on the ladder. 

    Instead of Ted being the star of Legacy, Cody Rhodes is now a champion and mentoring him. 

    Cody is trying to bring relevance back to the Intercontinental championship. 

    For those who watched Jericho's DVD, all he wanted to win was the IC title. 

    If Rhodes can bring that back to supremacy, he is a lock for a World title reign very soon. 

    My personal prediction:  Rhodes will be a face of the next decade.  Just like Barrett and Bryan, he needs only one big feud to elevate status.

10. Alex Riley

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    Although Riley doesn't have much experience, I can tell he has a bright future in the WWE.

    Just by looking back at his work with the Miz, he has intangibles that cannot be taught.

    With experience will come improvement in the ring.

    Right now, Riley is green and that is not a shock. His singles career is about to take off and is entering a feud with Swagger and Ziggler.

    It might be a little too early to put a title on his waist, but maybe before Wrestlemania.

    Riley has the look of a champion and that intensity is up there with Cena's or Edge's.

    Again, his charisma is above-average, but his ring skills do need work.

    My personal prediction: Riley will be in the upper mid-card for a while before a World championship comes his way. I predict a bright future in the WWE and that will include much gold.


11. Kings of Wrestling

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    The Kings of Wrestling are the future of the WWE's tag-team division.

    No arguments needed, Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero are as talented as ever in the wrestling department.

    Some have predicted a ROH invasion with the KOW in the forefront, but that never happened, at least not yet.

    If any of you haven't seen their matches on YouTube, I suggest you do that now.

    WWE has lacked tag-teams since the Hardys and Miz/Morrison.

    The WWE Universe used to be excited when Edge and Christian vs. the Hardys lit the stage. Now, tag-teams are used just to put wrestlers on TV.

    I have faith in HHH to fix the tag-team division and it will flourish, with the Kings of Wrestling.

    My personal prediction: KOW will dominate the tag-team division for quite some time. It is believed that they will debut soon, before the year ends. Hopefully it is much sooner.


12. Alberto Del Rio

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    The man each WWE fan loves to hate, Alberto Del Rio is currently the WWE champion.

    He cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase on CM Punk at SummerSlam and has yet to defend it.

    He is slated to face John Cena at NOC in five days, but since the Mexican tour is coming up, we all expect the same result.

    Besides a little current events lesson, Del Rio has been excellent since his debut.

    During his vignettes as an aristocrat, I had disbelief. He has proven me and the WWE Universe wrong and continues to surprise me.

    With great programs including Edge, Christian, Mysterio and John Cena, Del Rio is only going higher on the WWE totem pole.

    My personal prediction: Del Rio will be a main-event player for years to come. His mic skills and natural charisma will lead him into the next decade.


13. Justin Gabriel, Drew Mcintyre and Ted DiBiase

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    I put these three gentlemen in one slide because I feel they all have the same fate. Each will float around the upper mid-card in my opinion.

    Drew McIntyre has had one appearance on Raw in the past few months. Ted DiBiase's career is getting rejuvenated due to the help of Cody Rhodes and Justin Gabriel is in need of direction for his character.

    All are talented, but each lacks something that's needed.

    Ted and Drew lack a sense of character and charisma. Justin Gabriel needs some improvement in the mic ability department and that will come with experience.

    Don't get me wrong, any one of these guys could be a world champion in this next decade, but I just don't see it.

    My personal prediction: Each will have obtained tag-team or mid-card gold and will be the basis of a deep roster for this upcoming decade. With one switch, either man could be a big name in the future.


14. Randy Orton

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    Don't be fooled everybody—this is when Orton was great and entertaining. 

    I'm not going to go into detail about Randy Orton. We all know his story and all of his successes. 

    A multi-time world champion and a staple of WWE programming, Orton is primed for a hall of fame career. 

    Since his face turn, his popularity has dropped significantly.  STUPID.  STUPID. 

    Whatever the case may be, he will be one of the best of all-time when he retires and I certainly can accept that. 

    My personal prediction:  Future hall of famer.  Simple as that.

15. Sheamus

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    The Celtic Warrior had a rapid rise to the top.

    He won the WWE championship within his first year with the company. After his heel-run, a rather quick downfall took place and now we are seeing him on another rise to the top.

    Sheamus has every single quality I listed in the introduction slide and more.

    He excels in the ring and on the microphone. He has the build of a main-eventer and his overall aura shines through as a champion.

    His feuds with Orton, Cena and many others show why he is a quality champion.

    My personal prediction: Sheamus will win world titles in the next decade and a constant main event player.

    Well everyone that is my list of the top 15 superstars of the next decade. I'm sure I left some out and please respond back to me what I missed.

    I hope everyone has a great day and I appreciate all of the reads and comments that I receive. Take care everyone!

    I write the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and its...AWEEEEESSSSOOMMMEEEE!