College Football 2011: 50 Coaches, Players and Teams No One Wants to See Win

Joe PenkalaCorrespondent ISeptember 16, 2011

College Football 2011: 50 Coaches, Players and Teams No One Wants to See Win

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    One thing that makes college football so much fun to watch is the pure passion that oozes from the fanbases around the nation.

    From the players to the coaches to the teams, fans all over the world have a strong belief in their program and have no issue expressing it.

    On the other hand, this passion can cause fans to be just as extreme about how they feel about their rivals and other players and coaches that they just do not like.

    Here is a look at the 50 players, coaches and programs that bring out the anger and hatred in fans and cause them to use that passion to cheer against these individuals.

Lane Kiffin

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    After leaving under the cover of darkness and leaving Tennessee high and dry, it should be no surprise that Lane Kiffin finds himself on this list.

    Along with what happened with the Vols, Kiffin has made some comments during his coaching career that continue to have people smiling at the struggles of USC.


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    Hatred, envy, call it what you want but people love when the SEC fails. Over the past few years, the SEC has strung together an impressive run as a conference but with success comes detractors who are just waiting for any and all losses.

Brian Kelly

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    Coach Brian Kelly has not found himself being viewed in the best light these past two weeks as sideline explosions have drawn media attention.

    If you combine Kelly's sideline antics with being the head coach at Notre Dame, Kelly is quickly becoming disliked around the nation.

Ohio State

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    Like many other players, teams and coaches on this list, being a contender year in and year out will help you develop enemies around the nation.

    Whether you call it envy or not, people love to see "The" Ohio State University lose whenever possible.

Notre Dame

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    Much like Ohio State, Notre Dame is hated by many for many reasons. The Irish may be the most polarizing program in the nation and lots of people took joy out of last Saturday's heartbreaking loss to Michigan.

The U

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    While people are certainly enjoying the new heat that is on the Miami program, dislike for the Hurricanes goes back quite a while. From the late 70's on, people have been taking enjoyment out of each and every Miami loss.

Matt Barkley

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    In order to be the quarterback for the USC Trojans, it requires a certain amount of confidence, but Matt Barkley goes above and beyond that at times. From the second he stepped foot on USC's campus until now, Barkley has been arrogant and has not had the success to back it up.

Boise State

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    People have been hating on Boise State for quite some time now. The biggest issue people have is that Boise State plays a weak schedule and as long as they win one big game a year, they feel they should be in the national title conversation.

    Until Boise is in a more legitimate conference, this will not change.


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    Much like Boise State, TCU faces the same criticism from people, which is their schedule does not justify a BCS championship appearance.

    The one thing that TCU is doing right is next year is joining the Big East, a conference with a BCS tie-in.


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    Jealousy and hatred reached an all-time high while Tim Tebow was with the program. The constant media coverage with both Tebow and Urban Meyer made Florida an easy team to cheer against.

Bob Stoops

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    As Bob Stoops continued to grow the reputation of not being able to win the big games on his schedule, more and more people started to enjoy that. Now that it appears the Sooners are loaded and ready for a title run, people will become more and more interested with any potential loss.

Les Miles

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    With LSU's Les Miles, people have watched him make confusing call after confusing call but have also seen him coming up smelling like roses. People may not have anything against Miles but just want to see him fail on one of his crazy calls.

Jordan Jefferson

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    The disclaimer on Jordan Jefferson is a big IF.

    If he is found guilty for assault in a fight he was involved in with a member of our military outside of a bar, it will be hard for people to ever cheer for this kid again.

    If the case is dismissed or he is found not guilty, then fans will embrace him and look to protect him.


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    As if Texas was not disliked enough, with the addition of the Longhorn Network, Texas became even more hated around the nation. Things are even worse in their conference as the move will likely be what causes the conference to fall apart.


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    Two weeks ago, Maryland made people hate them and it had nothing to do with their coach or players but rather the torture they put us through by seeing their new uniforms. With this combination, Maryland took ugly to a new level.

Vontaze Burfict

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    Sometimes, when you play as hard as Vontaze Burfict does, you border on being dirty. But Burfict does not border on it, he sets up camp over the line and on some blatant plays, he takes it too far.


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    When you take the offseason scandal, uniforms and Phil Knight and put them into one program, people's dislike toward Oregon grows daily.

    The Ducks have managed to use their uniform innovations in recruiting and the affiliation to alumnus Phil Knight has helped.

    One thing is for sure, nobody would turn down Knight as an alumnus of their school.

Nick Saban

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    While Nick Saban is certainly one of the best coaches in the game, he tends to rub people the wrong way.

    It appears that sometimes Saban is so focused on success that when he actually earns that success, he does not take time to enjoy it, which causes some people to think poorly of him.


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    Much like the rest of the SEC elite, Auburn falls on the list because of dislike of the conference and envy for recent success. In 2010, Auburn found different ways to earn victories and a national title and have people waiting for their magic to run out this year.

Bret Bielema

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    Bret Bielema is an aggressive coach that likes to win and look good doing it. The problem with is that Bielema has, on occasion, gone ahead and run up the score, which does not sit well with people.


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    To a certain extent, Washington still lives off the reputation they built in the early 90's, which also led to the Huskies' getting in trouble with the NCAA.

    While the hatred for the Huskies may not spread across the nation, it is strong in the Northwest.


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    Some people have a hard time letting go of the past, which is why SMU finds themselves on this list. SMU is mostly known for the widespread violations they committed and led to the implementation of the death penalty.

    While SMU has not be relevant for quite some time, that does not stop people from taking pleasure in their defeats.

Kellen Moore

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    While Kellen Moore did nothing wrong, he is the face of Boise State and has people pulling against him based on that fact alone. As long as Moore is at Boise, there will be people cheering for him to lose.

Chris Petersen

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    TCU and Boise State are well represented on this list and it includes Boise State head coach Chris Petersen. While Petersen is a nice enough person, he leads one of the most cheered-against teams in the nation.

    If he stays with Boise State, Petersen will not have many fans outside of the state.

Gary Patterson

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    Just for being the head man at TCU, Gary Patterson makes his way onto the list. Patterson has continued to put the Horned Frogs in good positions for success and the more that TCU wins, the stronger people start to cheer against them.


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    While the Longhorn Network could be what ultimately breaks up the Big 12, Nebraska leaving for the Big Ten was a huge blow to the conference. Fans of the Big 12 and its teams will never forget what the Cornhuskers did.

Dayne Crist

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    The problem that Dayne Crist faces is becoming a player that was all hype. When you are the starting quarterback for Notre Dame and you cannot secure the job despite being given every chance, your own fans will start calling for you to be benched.

Texas A&M

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    As if losing Nebraska and Colorado was not enough, Texas A&M announcing that it is leaving at the end of the season and going to the SEC is a huge blow to the conference. This move will now begin the domino effect of other teams finding new conferences.


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    During much of the last decade, USC experienced great success but also added a lot of detractors. When the Trojans had sanctions placed against them from the NCAA, fans across the nation were delighted in the news and still take joy out of their recent struggles in the past few years.

Mike Stoops

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    While Mike Stoops can sometimes go unnoticed down in Arizona, people love to cheer against him for the simple fact that Stoops is well known for his sideline explosions. People love to see things go against the Wildcats to simply see the reaction it will get from Stoops.

Rick Neuheisel

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    When you go into a new program and start making promises that you do not come even close to fulfilling, your own fans will start to turn against you and that is what has happened to Rick Neuheisel.

    Neuheisel is under the gun this year, and even fans of the UCLA program may secretly be taking joy out of each and every loss.

Cam Newton

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    Despite being in the NFL, some fans still have a sore spot for Cam Newton. The overall feeling is that he or his family exposed a hole in the NCAA rules and cashed in on that opportunity.

Pete Carroll

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    Much like Cam Newton, fans still hold some anger and resentment towards Pete Carroll. The way that Carroll left USC and the resulting violations that occurred upon his departure do not sit well with most fans.

Mark Richt

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    The worst thing that could have happened to Mark Richt was an 0-2 start. That is exactly what has unfolded at Georgia.

    For a fanbase that was already tired of Richt, that has turned the Bulldog faithful against him.


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    Georgia is in the doghouse with the average fan for not taking advantage of the opportunity to beat Boise State in the opening week of the season.

    Much like Virginia Tech last year, fans were pulling for the Bulldogs, only to be let down and have to listen to the talks of Boise State being in the title game continue.

Cliff Harris

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    During the offseason, Cliff Harris had some issues following the posted speed limit and found himself suspended for the biggest game of Oregon's season.

    The move cast him in a negative light and had people cheering against his success.

Denard Robinson

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    Again, success will cause people to cheer against you and that is what Denard Robinson has run into over the past couple of seasons.

    By being a part of a program like Michigan, and being their quarterback, you will always have a group of people rooting for him and a group of people waiting for him to fail.

Big East

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    Recently, the Big East has been joked about for its lack of strength in conference and the poor performances that its teams have posted in BCS games.

    The criticism has gotten so bad that fans and media have complained about the automatic bid given to the conference.

Mack Brown

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    Mack Brown is a shameless promoter of his program and that is exactly what you want from your coach, but it is not going to endear him to the rest of the nation.

    From recruiting to games on the field, you can be certain that people are actively cheering for him to fail.


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    Despite their lack of success over the past few season, Michigan is still a team that polarizes the nation.

    People are often Wolverine fans or haters, especially as you talk to people in the Midwest.

Suspended Ohio State Players

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    Before the season even started, Dan Herron, DeVier Posey, Mike Adams and Solomon Thomas all were under the gun for NCAA violations that led to their missing significant time at the start of the year.

    This move has not only put the players in a bad light but also Ohio State.

Jacory Harris

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    Playing quarterback is never easy at Miami and it gets even harder when you are found to have accepted improper benefits. If you combine that with never playing to your potential, your own fans will turn against you.


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    From their history, to their past and present players, to their fans, Oklahoma is one of the more hated programs in the nation and that dislike grows stronger the farther south you head.

    You can be certain that with the high expectations this year, people will be waiting for a Sooners loss.


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    Very simply, Hawaii gets to play its home games in, well, Hawaii. That is reason enough to not like the Warriors.

Terrelle Pryor

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    Much like Cam Newton, Terrelle Pryor has left the college ranks, but the hatred for what he did still burns in some fans' hearts.

    After committing violations that could have a lasting effect on Ohio State, Pryor left the program high and dry and got his payday with the Raiders.


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    Being one of the elite programs is generally enough to garner some ill feelings from fans, but an elite program in the SEC will be hated even more.

    Plenty of people will be hoping the Tigers lose tonight to Mississippi State.

Rich Rodriguez

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    Despite not even being at Michigan anymore, what Rich Rodriguez did to the program is something that Wolverine fans will never forget nor forgive.

    Rodriguez never had full support as the head coach and failed to get his system off the ground.

Virginia Tech

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    For quite some time now, the Hokies have come into the season with high expectations and failed to deliver on them.

    As is the case with any program, people are sick of hearing about it and will be doubters and detractors until they actually see them come through.

Tim Tebow

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    Despite being removed from the college game, Tim Tebow was the most loved and hated player in college football in a long time.

    The love affair that ESPN had with him did not help, as people around the nation would openly cheer against the Gators just because of Tebow.

The BCS System

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    Yes, it is not a player or a coach or a team, but lets face it, the BCS is the most hated aspect of college football.

    It prevents us, as college football fans, from seeing the excitement of a playoff that every other major sport gets.


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