Maryland New Uniforms: The Different Combinations, National Reaction and More

Johnathan CaceCorrespondent ISeptember 8, 2011

Maryland New Uniforms: The Different Combinations, National Reaction and More

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    The Maryland Terrapins caused quite a stir over the weekend and unfortunately for their fans it was not all about their win over Miami.

    It was about their bold “pride” uniforms which were heavily influenced by the Maryland state flag. It caused quite a stir across social networking sites and made it on to multiple talk shows.

    Some people hated the uniforms while others liked them. Others thought that it didn't matter whether or not they were good looking but that they brought necessary attention to the program like Boise State's "Smurf Turf."

    Now the Terps are auctioning off replicas of what they wore, 10 helmets and 10 jerseys, to benefit their athletic program.

    For more details on these uniforms as well as fan reactions, keep reading this slideshow.

Pride Uniforms

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    To refresh your memory on what the uniforms they wore for the game look like, here’s a full picture of them.

    These were a surprise to the players, fans and media.

    Under Armour named these the “Pride Uniforms” and handed out this fact sheet to members of the media. Both the jerseys and shoes were specifically made to boost speed, the pants were built with “muscle-boosting, core-stablizing technology” and the gloves are “scientifically proven to have twice the grip” though it doesn’t indicate, which gloves’ grip it doubled.

Uniforms for the Rest of the Season

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    But these were not the only uniforms that Under Armour created for Maryland. The Terrapins wore one of their 32 different uniform combinations during their warm up practices.

    Here are eight of their combinations.

Other Combinations

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    And here are a few more. All of the pieces are interchangeable and could be worn in any game.

Negative Fan Reactions

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    Fans and celebrities everywhere chimed in across the country with their thoughts on uniforms.

    Jim Rome said, “Whatever the NCAA does to Miami, it should double for Maryland. Those helmets truly demonstrate a lack of institutional control.”

    LeBron James said, “OH GOSH! Maryland uniforms #Ewwwwww.”

    And Andy Levy said, “They had a design competition for kindergartners and it ended in a tie so they split the uniform in half #onlypossibleexplanation.”

Positive Fan Reactions

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    But some people liked the uniforms and applauded their originality.

    Dan Wetzel said, “Maryland uniforms have a good personality.”

    Mike Williams said, “I like Maryland’s uniforms a lot. Very good concept by Under Armour."


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    If you liked these uniforms and want to support Maryland athletics, you can buy them at auction between now and September 19th.

    The helmets start at $500 and the jerseys start at $200

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