Chicago Bulls: Top 5 Shooting Guards Since Michael Jordan

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Chicago Bulls: Top 5 Shooting Guards Since Michael Jordan

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    Following Michael Jordan's retirement after the 1998 season, the Chicago Bulls have never been able to fill his void at shooting guard.

    Still to this day, the Bulls are searching for a shooting guard.

    Jordan certainly set the standard to a place that no one else will ever be able to even touch in Chicago sports.

    The Bulls have had decent players at the position over the years, but still none have been equal to His Airness.

    The Bulls hope to add another clutch shooting guard to pair with Derrick Rose, so hopefully they can find a player like some they have found in the past. 

    The following shooting guards were good players, though they knew they were playing under a huge shadow.

John Salmons

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    You know things have been bad since Jordan left if John Salmons is making a "best of" list.

    Salmons altogether played about one season in Chicago after coming over from Sacramento and eventually being traded to Milwaukee.

    When Salmons came over from the Kings, he averaged 18.3 PPG in 26 games. His numbers dropped to 12.7 per game in 51 games the following season, but still players like Ron Harper, Ronald Murray and Larry Hughes didn't put up better numbers.

    During the playoffs, Salmons averaged 18.1 PPG, making him a significant part of the Bulls seven-game classic against the Celtics in 2009.

    John Salmons was a pretty good defender, and has put up decent numbers since being traded to the Bucks. In his first 30 games, Salmons put up 19.9 PPG. He hit a bit of a sophomore slump in his following season with 14 PPG.

    Salmons never was able to play like he did in the playoffs in 2009, but was always a reliable player to have on the floor.

Jamal Crawford

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    Jamal Crawford was dealt to the Bulls on draft night in 2000.

    Crawford played in Chicago from 2000-04. He constantly raised him game every year, eventually averaging 17 PPG in his final season with the Bulls.

    Crawford didn't put up incredible numbers across the board, but he became a pretty clutch player over the final years he spent in Chicago.

    Crawford ultimately went on to join the New York Knicks in a trade before the 2005 season. Crawford now claims Atlanta as his home and will be entering free agency again this offseason.

    Perhaps he will return to Chicago, where he started it all.

Ron Mercer

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    During the 2001-02 season, Ron Mercer took over the shooting guard position for the Chicago Bulls.

    In 61 games started, Mercer averaged 19.7 PPG.

    Mercer was putting up great numbers, but he was eventually traded in the huge inter-division trade with the Pacers that brought Jalen Rose to Chicago.

    The move turned out to be the right move for Chicago, as Mercer was an aging veteran and Rose managed to put up big numbers for his minor stay in Chicago.

    Mercer was never able to touch the numbers he had in Chicago, never putting up more then 8 PPG for his remaining three seasons in the league.

Jalen Rose

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    A member of the "Fab Five," the veteran guard came into Chicago hoping to make things happen.

    Rose's playing time was spotty due to being traded early in 2003 to Toronto, but when he played he was solid.

    After being traded over from Indiana, Rose averaged 23.8 PPG over the last 30 games of the 2001-02 NBA season. The following season, which Rose started all 82 games, Rose averaged 22.1 PPG.

    Jalen never ended up assisting the Bulls to the playoffs, but his scoring was perhaps the best numbers a shooting guard has put up since Jordan retired.

Ben Gordon

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    The Chicago Bulls took the UConn product with the No. 3 overall pick in the 2004 NBA Draft.

    Gordon was known for his prolific scoring, especially as threat coming off the bench. He claimed the Sixth Man of the Year award following his rookie season.

    Ben Gordon and the Chicago Bulls went into the playoffs four times, being the first team to do so in the post-Jordan era.

    Gordon became the man that Jordan was in Chicago. Not the same caliber player, but when the clock was ticking down and the game was close, Chicago did whatever they could to get the ball into Gordon's hands.

    The Bulls and Ben Gordon eventually came to breaking point when Gordon refused the Bulls' contract extension offer, eventually resulting in the Bulls letting him walk after the 2008-09 season. Gordon joined the Detroit Pistons, and has never reached his playing abilities that he had in Chicago.

    Ben Gordon had many fans in Chicago, fans embracing him for his clutch shots. Sort of reminded them of Jordan's guts you could say.

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