15 Most Notorious Golfing Tantrums

Jeffrey Schmidt@JeffSchmidt9Correspondent IIISeptember 7, 2011

15 Most Notorious Golfing Tantrums

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    Golf maybe known as a game of etiquette, but that does not mean that it has not seen its fair share of tantrums.

    Tantrums that include breaking and throwing clubs, swearing, ball tossing, and even an occasional flag pole throw.

    Golf has seen a fair share of these incidents over its long history, and we are here to take a look at 15 of its best; enjoy.

Woody Austin Breaks Putter on His Head

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    Woody Austin could possibly be known more for his outrage on the golf course than his game. Austin has had several outbursts during his time on the tour, but this one is the most memorable.

    Austin broke his club after beating it against his head a few times after a terrible putt which makes this the most "bone-headed" move of his career.

Elin Uses One of His Tools -- a Golf Club

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    The wife of the world's former No.1 golfer Tiger Woods used a golf club to smash open a window of his crashed SUV, and then pulled him out of the vehicle after that turbulent early-morning accident in 2009.

    That will probably the closest thing to golf that Elin will ever associate with again. 

Charley Hoffman Tosses His Putter in the Water

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    After missing two highly makeable putts, Charley Hoffman must have thought that he would be better off without his putter for the remainder of the afternoon. Hoffman decided to launch his putter in the water, and did it without hesitation.

    I'm not sure what he used for the remainder of the round, but I'm guessing that he missed a few more putts.

Happy Gilmore-Swearing

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    Happy Gilmore maybe a fictional player but his outbursts are the best that we have ever seen in golf.

    He puts Tiger Woods to shame when it comes to screaming profanity on the course, and this scene is a perfect example of that.

Sergio Garcia Loses His Temper and Does a Happy Gilmore

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    Sergio Garcia is arguably the best current player without a major championship, but the frustrations of not having one began to settle in after he shorted yet another chip shot.

    Garcia went to town on the course, whacking it repeatedly until he almost broke his club. Hopefully Garcia can break the spell soon or else we might be seeing a few more of these meltdowns in his future.

When Golf and Soccer Collide

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    A Liverpool bonding trip to Portugal in February 2007 went badly wrong when Craig Bellamy allegedly attacked team-mate John Arne Riise with a golf club.

    The next night, the two combined to score the winning goal and Bellamy celebrated by swinging an imaginary golf club. 

Tiger Woods Blow Up Compilation

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    Tiger Woods is known for three things: being an outstanding golfer, sleeping with a million women, and yelling profanity on the golf course.

    This complication is only a few of the thrilling moments when Tiger lost his composure, but it nevertheless serves its purpose.

Tiger Woods Losing His Cool at the Masters

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    One more Tiger explosion would not hurt, would it?

Will Ferrell as Tiger Woods

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    Will Ferrell always seems to get involved with the ESPY's, but this maybe his best appearance yet. Ferrel excepts an award for Tiger Woods and then gives a speech pretending he is Woods.


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    Happy Gilmore strikes again, but with compelling reason. Gilmore yells at the ball telling it to "go home" after missing a putt, and then almost kills the camera man after he decides to throw the flag pole immediately after.

Kevin Chappell Doesn't Like His Shot

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    Dropping an F-bomb should make your ball go where you want it, right? Well that's what Kevin Chappell had in mind after this ugly shot.

Woody Austin Throws Tantrum

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    Woody Austin was at the very respectable score of -9 when this outburst occurred.

    Austin missed a challenging 4-foot putt which lead to him tossing his ball into the water, and then he proceeded to take a free hack on his golf bag.

Henrik Stenson Breaks His Club in Temper at the 2011 US Open

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    Henrik Stenson was not happy with his shot, so he thought the most sensible thing to do would be to break his club right in half.

    Stenson appeared to have cut his hand in the process which is something that will undoubtedly hinder your performance as a golfer.

Happy Gilmore You Suck You Jackass

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    This Happy Gilmore scene is one of the best in the movie, and it leads into what is the best tirade in all of golf.

Bob Barker and Happy Gilmore Fight

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    If the UFC was around during Bob Barkers time, he might have taken up a career in fighting instead of broadcasting. Barker and Adam Sandler duke it out in one of the funniest fighting scenes of all-time.