Tiger Woods: 3 Reasons Why He Shouldn't Try a Comeback

Jeffrey Schmidt@JeffSchmidt9Correspondent IIIAugust 30, 2011

Tiger Woods: 3 Reasons Why He Shouldn't Try a Comeback

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    Athletes in today's society are propelled to the highest of standards. Some stay out of the public eye, while others always seem to find themselves in the middle of it all. Tiger Woods had the public eye on him constantly, but had nothing but a positive public perception, until one November day. 

    Woods has yet to resurrect his career since the dark cloud that ripped his family apart, and it appears that his health is still in question, and his mind is not where it should be. After these statements a legitimate question remains: Did Tiger Woods come back to early?  

    Woods should have stalled a comeback, and not rushed back so soon. I believe that the worlds top-earning athlete should get his life back in full order before he steps on the golf coarse again and not make a come back anytime soon. 

Competition Is Much Stronger

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    Tiger Woods has fallen from the top of the golf rankings to No. 38 in the entire world. Guys like Rory Mcllroy and Luke Donald are beginning to steal his thunder, but the thing is, no one sells golf like Tiger Woods.   

    Woods should stop now to preserve his former nature of being the worlds best because, he is clearly, no longer that.  

Family and Personal Health

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    Woods had several dozen woman linked to him during his affair, which only made the matter that much worse. Woods had two children with wife Elin, which is why he should make spending time with his children priority No. 1. 

    Woods has also had a number of injuries which include neck, back and knee problems, due to a forceful swing. By rushing back he not only puts pressure on those ligaments, but also increases his chance of re-injury. If Woods ever wanted to be the player he once was, then he would realize time is the key.   

Financially Stable

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    Tiger Woods is the highest earning athlete in the world, making him financially set for the rest of his, and his family's life. Now would be the time for Tiger to remove himself from the spotlight, and live a "normal" life. 

    Woods would most likely still be the face of Nike Golf, and would be ale to make celebrity appearances at different charity events.

    Now is the time for Tiger to step away, although golf would severely miss Woods. His departure would decrease T.V ratings, and possible lower prize money and sponsorships earnings for the sport. The idea of Tiger stepping down would be a said day for any sports fan, but I believe it is in the best interest of Tiger, and his family.