Are Bucks Ready?

Troy SparksContributor INovember 14, 2008

By Troy A. Sparks

    This season's theme for the Milwaukee Bucks is "Ready to Rise."  And do what?  They didn't do too good against Memphis on the road.  Now the world champion Boston Celtics visit the Bradley Center Saturday night.

These are a group of guys with nicknames like KG, Sam-I-Am, Jesus Shuttlesworth, The Truth and Big Baby.  It'll be another loss for the Bucks.  On top of that, Ray Allen and Sam Cassell along with Glen "Big Dog" Robinson were part of the Big Three unit that took the Bucks to the Eastern Conference semifinals.  And they all got the bling-bling.

Imagine if they would've stayed here in Milwaukee.  Maybe the Bucks players would've received an NBA ring like each of the three did.  The current crop isn't playoff ready.  Sure, center Andrew Bogut held his own one-on-one against Tim Duncan of the Spurs Wednesday night.  But right after the Spurs are the athletic centers that Bogut can't run with because he's a big stiff from Austrailia.  It's hard to pick up what he's saying in the locker room in post game interviews.  Part of it comes from his accent.  The other part is from talking fast.

And then the team put Luke Ridnour, Richard Jefferson, Andrew Bogut and Michael Redd on the all-star team ballot.  Even though Redd is still hurt, he does look good on the bench in a custom-made suit, playing cheerleader.  This gives rookie forward Richard Luc Mbah a Moute valuable minutes.  If he keeps playing good defense and offense, Charlie V. will be on the outside looking in and replaced inthe starting lineup by another rookie for the second straight year.

I'll be at the Bucks-Celtics game, giving you the key moments.  Until then, go Bucks!

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