Power Ranking the 25 Coolest Minor League Caps

Robert Knapel@@RobertKnapel_BRCorrespondent IAugust 25, 2011

Power Ranking the 25 Coolest Minor League Caps

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    Minor league baseball caps are much cooler than those of their MLB brethren. MiLB teams have much more creative team names and logos, which naturally leads them to having cool hats.

    From Rookie Ball to Triple-A, minor league baseball teams feature bright colors and eye-catching designs on their caps. These all fit in with the experience of taking in a baseball game at a minor league ballpark.

    Photo Credit: Orem Owlz

25) Midland RockHounds

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    Dogs are adored by many, but it is not often that they appear on baseball hats. The Midland RockHounds decided that they are deserving of a spot on their caps.

    The Midland RockHounds are the Double-A affiliate of the Oakland Athletics. Players such as Bruce Sutter, Tim Salmon and Fernando Valenzuela have all played for Midland and are members of the team's Hall of Fame.

    Photo Credit: Midland RockHounds

24) Wilmington Blue Rocks

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    The Wilmington Blue Rocks get their name from the blue granite that is found in the nearby Brandywine River. One of the team's mascots is a moose named Rocky Bluewinkle and he is prominently displayed on the team's cap.

    The Kansas City Royals High-A affiliate has had All-Stars such as Carlos Beltran, Zack Greinke and Johnny Damon make appearances for the team.

    Photo Credit: Wilmington Blue Rocks

23) Fort Wayne TinCaps

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    John Chapman, more famously known as Johnny Appleseed, is an American legend.

    Up until 2009, the team from Fort Wayne was known as the Wizards, but the name was changed to the TinCaps as a reference to the cooking pot hat the Appleseed is depicted to have worn.

    The team is currently the San Diego Padres' Single-A affiliate. Jake Peavy is one of the most famous players to play for the Fort Wayne team.

    Photo Credit: Fort Wayne TinCaps

22) Jamestown Jammers

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    Fans have played a big part in both the name of the baseball team in Jamestown as well as its logo. The Jammers nickname was choose by a fan vote.

    However, what a Jammer is uncertain and fans were aloud to vote on this as well to solve the issue once and for all.

    The new logo for the Florida Marlins Short-Season A affiliate was selected as a grape because of the strong tradition of grape growing in Chautauqua County, N.Y., where the Jammers are located. 

    Photo Credit: Jamestown Jammers

21) Quad City River Bandits

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    The Quad City River Bandits have been an affiliate of many different major league teams during their long history. They are currently the Single-A affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals.

    Hidden behind the bandanna and the big hat on the River Bandits cap is a raccoon. He is the River Bandits mascot, Rascal.

    Photo Credit: Quad City River Bandits

20) Toledo Mud Hens

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    The Toledo Mud Hens are one of the oldest minor league teams still in existence. They first began play in 1902.

    The team's name goes back even further than that, to 1896, to a team that used to play in the area before them. The stadium was near a marsh that was home to a number of mud hens.

    While the team was once a Single-A team, it is now the Triple-A affiliate of the Detroit Tigers.

    Photo Credit: Toledo Mud Hens

19) Williamsport Crosscutters

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    The most famous baseball teams in Williamsport, Pa. are those that descend on the town every year for the Little League World Series. However, they are not the only teams that play there.

    The Philadelphia Phillies have their Short-Season A affiliate, the Williamsport Crosscutters, located there. The team's name references the area's history in the logging industry. It is hard not to like a cap that has a lumberjack on it.

    Photo Credit: Williamsport Crosscutters

18) Greensboro Grasshoppers

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    When looking for a team name that will strike fear into the hearts of opponents, look no further than the Greensboro Grasshoppers. Of course, I kid about this. However, the Grasshoppers do have a pretty cool logo and an awesome cap.

    Mike Stanton currently holds the franchise record for home runs for the Florida Marlins Single-A affiliate. He hit 39 home runs for the team as an 18-year-old in 2008.

    Photo Credit: Greensboro Grasshoppers

17) Lehigh Valley IronPigs

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    The Lehigh Valley IronPigs certainly have one of the most interesting names in minor league baseball. Their name is a reference to pig iron, a component necessary in the production of steel. The Lehigh Valley is well known for its steel production.

    In addition to a great name, the IronPigs also have a cool hat. The Philadelphia Phillies' Triple-A affiliate takes its name seriously and features an actual iron pig on the cap.

    Photo Credit: Lehigh Valley IronPigs

16) Brooklyn Cyclones

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    Brooklyn has a lot of baseball history from the Brooklyn Dodgers organization. As the Short-Season A affiliate of the New York Mets, a team known for showing homage to the Brooklyn Dodgers organization, the Brooklyn Cyclones also pay homage to the Dodgers with their cap.

    The "B" on the cap is reminiscent of the Brooklyn Dodgers logo. The Cyclones do add a bit of a twist by adding a "C" to their cap as well.

    Photo Credit: Brooklyn Cyclones

15) Savannah Sand Gnats

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    The Brooklyn Cyclones are not the only team in the New York Mets organization that rocks cool caps. The Savannah Sand Gnats, the Mets Single-A team, also wears cool hats.

    The team has been featured on television shows a number of times. Sasha Baron Cohen portrayed Borat at a Sand Gnats game for an episode of Da Ali G Show. The Sand Gnats have also been featured on the Food Network.

    Photo Credit: Savannah Sand Gnats

14) Casper Ghosts

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    When a team is located in a town named Casper, it seems very logical that the team's name would be the Ghosts. The Colorado Rockies' Rookie League affiliate has one of the most unique cap features out there.

    Somebody call the Ghostbusters, because you may be seeing things in the dark. The Ghosts' cap glows in the dark.

    Photo Credit: Casper Ghosts

13) Louisville Bats

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    Once you know that the Louisville Bats play at Louisville Slugger Stadium, their name immediately makes sense.

    The Bats are the current Triple-A affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds and have seen a number of their current stars play there. Both Joey Votto and Jay Bruce have made appearances for the team.

    Photo Credit: Louisville Bats

12) Clinton LumberKings

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    As I have previously mentioned, it is hard not to like a cap that has a lumberjack on it. However, when a cap has the king of all lumberjacks on it, that pushes it over the top.

    The Clinton LumberKings have been around since 1954 and have been an affiliate of numerous MLB teams. They are currently the Seattle Mariners' Single-A team.

    Photo Credit: Clinton LumberKings

11) Everett AquaSox

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    What does a frog have to do with a pair of AquaSox? Who knows, but he does look a lot like the frog that adorns a number of things related to the Rainforest Cafe.

    The logo actually makes sense given that the fact that one of the AquaSox's mascots is a frog named Webbly. The Seattle Mariners Single-A affiliate's other mascot? A hot dog named Frank. You gotta love minor league baseball.

    Photo Credit: Everett AquaSox

10) Omaha Storm Chasers

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    2011 marks the first season that the Kansas City Royals Triple-A affiliate is known as the Omaha Storm Chasers. The organization created a new logo and and outstanding cap, both of which look great.

    The Storm Chasers franchise has had some very famous names connected with it. Jack McKeon was the first manager in the organization.

    Bucky Dent managed the team in 2002. One of the members in the Storm Chasers ownership group is genius investor Warren Buffet.

    Photo Credit: Omaha Storm Chasers

9) Albuquerque Isotopes

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    The Albuquerque Isotopes receive bonus points for the fact that their name comes from an episode of The Simpsons. Although the name was officially chosen through a fan vote, the basis for the name comes from an episode where the Springfield Isotopes planed to move to Albuquerque.

    The team is currently the Triple-A affiliate of the Los Angeles Dodgers. The cap fits perfectly with the team's name.

    Photo Credit: Albuquerque Isotopes

8) Cedar Rapids Kernels

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    Anyone who has seen Field of Dreams knows that there are corn fields throughout Iowa. The Cedar Rapids Kernels take this very literally with their name.

    The Kernels are currently the Single-A affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels. Their cap makes use of a baseball bat coming out of a corn stalk.

    Photo Credit: Cedar Rapids Kernels

7) Burlington Bees

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    The Burlington Bees are the current Single-A affiliate of the Oakland Athletics. The team's cap is one of the best in the minor leagues.

    Many famous players have made appearance for the Bees while they have been the affiliate of different franchises. Vida Blue, Catfish Hunter, Larry Walker and Paul Molitor have all played for the team.

    Photo Credit: Burlington Bees

6) Beloit Snappers

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    The Beloit Snappers were originally an affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers. They are now the Low-A affiliate of the Minnesota Twins. When the team switched organizations, it still maintained its snapping turtle logo.

    Jim Morris, whose story was shown in the film, The Rookie, played for the Beloit Snappers early on in his career.

    Photo Credit: Beloit Snappers

5) Lake Elsinore Storm

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    The Lake Elsinore Storm cap serves as a form of intimidation. An opposing hitter does not have just two eyes glaring down at him when he faces a Storm pitcher. He also sees two eyes on the pitcher's cap.

    Currently the Single-A affiliate of the San Diego Padres, the Storm have seen a number of former Padres such as Jake Peavy and Xavier Nady suit up for the team.

    Photo Credit: Lake Elsinore Storm

4) Orem Owlz

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    Yes, you are reading that correctly. The Orem Owlz spell their name with a "z" rather than an "s".

    The Owlz are the Rookie League affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels. They play their games on the campus of Utah Valley University.

    Photo Credit: Orem Owlz

3) Vermont Lake Monsters

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    The Vermont Lake Monsters not only have one of the best caps in minor league baseball, but they also have one of the best names. The team was actually the last team to be known as the Expos before they changed their name.

    2011 was the first season that the Lake Monsters have been the Short-Season A affiliate of the Oakland Athletics.

    Photo Credit: Vermont Lake Monsters

2) Montgomery Biscuits

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    The Montgomery Biscuits name is one that came from fans' suggestions. The team takes the name very seriously and even shoots biscuits into the air during games.

    Monty, a buttermilk biscuit, is the team's mascot. He is also seen on the team's hat. The Montgomery Biscuits are the current Double-A affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays.

    Photo Credit: Montgomery Biscuits

1) Richmond Flying Squirrels

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    The squirrel taking flight on the Richmond Flying Squirrels' cap looks like he could be a superhero. Like many other teams with caps on this list, the Flying Squirrels got their name after fans were allowed to vote for the team's new name in a contest.

    The Flying Squirrels currently are the Double-A affiliate of the San Francisco Giants.

    Photo Credit: Richmond Flying Squirrels


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