Manchester City Transfer News: Why Samir Nasri Won't Be Enough to Win EPL Title

Dan Renfro@danrenfroCorrespondent IIIAugust 24, 2011

Manchester City Transfer News: Why Samir Nasri Won't Be Enough to Win EPL Title

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    Samir Nasri is a fantastic player. He is one of the most dynamic attacking midfielders in the world.

    That is without a doubt.

    However, he does not guarantee an English Premier League title for Manchester City. In fact, I don't think City will win the title.

    On paper, City might be an easy pick. However, I don't think they will win the league this year.

    I have compiled five of the major reasons that City won't win the league.

Roberto Mancini Is a Defensive Coach

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    Roberto Mancini is a defensive coach.

    He believes in obtaining a lead and holding onto it desperately. Whether or not you agree with him, he has been relatively successful with that mindset.

    However, with his plethora of attacking options, he needs to think more offensively. Last week, he let an attack loose that ended up scoring three goals and creating countless other chances.

    While it's easy for Mancini to let his attackers loose in August, I think he will have a tough time changing his tendencies in April and May.

    I foresee Mancini turning to his old ways as soon as something goes wrong. He will coach away from his squad's strengths, and he will leave City in serious trouble.

Too Many Attackers

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    Too many attackers isn't a bad problem. In fact, I'm sure a handful of Premier League teams would love to have that issue.

    However, I think it could come back to bite Manchester City.

    They have plenty of attacking options, and it will be nearly impossible to keep them all happy. Each player thinks he is a world-class striker. In turn, he should be starting. However, there are only so many positions to be filled.

    With a log jam up front, Roberto Mancini might start rotating in every player. If he makes that mistake, Mancini could risk some chemistry, which could result in City's attackers flopping.

No Experience in a Title Race

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    Without a doubt, Manchester City are one of the most talented clubs in the EPL.

    However, they don't really understand the grind of a full season.

    Yes, City won the F.A. Cup title last year, which gave them an invaluable experience. However, they haven't experienced a season-long battle for a title. Obviously, it's not their fault, but it is a lot tougher than Manchester United makes it look.

    City finished strong last year. Nevertheless, they were not under the pressure of winning the EPL. This year, they could have some hiccups down the stretch.

    If their inexperience comes back to bite them, City could be looking at another third place finish.

Samir Nasri Is Inconsistent

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    A lot of great things can be said about Samir Nasri. However, it is easy to forget his faults.

    Nasri is a relatively inconsistent player. When he is good, Nasri is arguably the best attacking midfielder in the world.

    That isn't all the time.

    When he's bad, Nasri can be lazy with the ball. He can turn it over easily, and when he does, he hardly ever recovers the ball. He is only interested in attacking, which can really hurt his team.

    Nasri is a great player. That is a fact. However, his lazy demeanor can be infectious, and he could easily have a negative effect on Manchester City's positive mindset right now.

    If he doesn't get his way (right away), don't be surprised if Nasri starts looking disinterested and lazy. If that happens, City could under-achieve once again.

Manchester United Are Too Good

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    It kills me, but Manchester United are THAT good.

    They have the best coach, the best defense (when healthy), the best wingers and the best striker in the league. They have the experience, the name and most importantly, the confidence necessary to win the EPL. Again.

    For the longest time, Manchester City have been the little brother. They keep trying to spend more money to catch United. Every year, it looks like they're closer. This year, they arguably have a better lineup.

    That being said, you can't bet against Sir Alex Ferguson. He manages a fantastic squad, and they keep getting better. United embarrassed a solid Spurs squad on Monday, and without stellar play from Brad Friedel, that scoreline could have been much worse.

    Sure, United has questions in the midfield. Every team has a few questions. For example, does Roberto Mancini know what City's identity is going to be?


    Until he figures that out, City doesn't have a chance of overcoming United.

    Even when he figures it out, City will still only be the little brother to United.