Top 10 Weirdest Athlete Voices Ever

Alex Joseph@alex_brosephAnalyst IAugust 23, 2011

Top 10 Weirdest Athlete Voices Ever

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    Everyone is already aware of Mike Tyson and his voice. It just doesn't match. 

    Tyson is one of the best boxers the world has seen. He's a huge guy. He's ruthless, mean and powerful. He bit another man's ear off, for crying out loud. So why am I not afraid of him? 

    He sounds like a mouse. A really cute, misunderstood mouse. 

    Granted, he could and likely would still beat me to death if I made fun of him for his voice, but if he was trash-talking while the pummeling was taking place, I might die of laughter first. 

    So who are other athletes with notoriously odd voices? Here's my top 10. 

10. Ric Flair

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    The Nature Boy comes in at No. 10 on this list for a number of reasons.

    First off, is it just me, or does Ric Flair take a really large breath and then, while exhaling, he tries fitting in as many words as possible? Something about his speech and his breathing mechanism seems off.

    Secondly, Flair is just ridiculous looking, but that doesn't make him not a huge wrestling champion. You would expect a really masculine and intimidating voice to come out of him.

    Well, that's not what you get. Instead, Flair has to talk loud and fast in order to halfway disguise his prominent lisp. 

    Regardless, the Nature Boy rocks. 

9. Dirk Nowitzki

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    Dirk may be an NBA Champion and one of the best "power forwards" to ever play the game, but that doesn't make him any less susceptible to this list.

    Dirk has always had a weird voice and it's not just because he's German. His voice is deep, but it's oddly deep, like he's talking with his throat. 

    When first coming into the NBA, Dirk was a little harder to understand. Now, with 13 years under his belt in Texas, Dirk has become a pretty good public speaker.

    Unfortunately, his voice is only weirder now because he still has the throaty German accent, but it's coupled with a Texas accent. 

    Just odd. 

8. Tony Gwynn

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    Tony Gwynn's voice is hilarious. 

    Gwynn is a big guy, a baseball great and like Flair, you'd expect something maybe a little deeper; maybe a little more intimidating. 

    If you want to, click on the video with Tony Gwynn's interview. After you do that, minimize the screen. Don't watch him talk, just listen. Would you ever expect that to be Tony Gwynn?

    He's got the "I'm a nerdy computer repair man" voice, as well as the, "I'm from North, but I've been in the South just a little too long" voice. 

    Being that Gwynn is from LA and played in San Diego, his voice is even more confusing and hilarious. 

7. Brook Lopez

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    The bigger they are, the weirder their voices. 

    Brook Lopez has blossomed into a great post player in the NBA. If the lockout ever ends, Lopez is set to have a huge season in New Jersey now that he has Deron Williams leading the team. 

    So, what is Lopez doing while the lockout is happening? Resting? Staying in shape? 

    Whatever he's doing, I just hope he's not trying to do some voice acting. 

    I don't even have anything to compare his voice to, and after watching other interviews with Lopez, you can tell the guy is just the biggest dork in the world. Probably not a bad thing, but his goofy voice can't make it any better. 

6. Bill Walton

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    I really thought about using the younger Walton for this list. Luke has a ridiculously deep voice and it really catches you off guard. 

    But how can you vote against Bill in the "weird voice" competition? Since he's been on TV for awhile, the whole world has been lucky enough to listen to him talk. It's a historic voice.

    Like Dirk, Walton's voice is very throaty and deep, but what makes him worse than Dirk is that he's been speaking English like that all his life.

    Can you imagine Walton as a little kid? That face and voice on a little kid makes me chuckle. 

    What's even funnier than listening to Walton talk is watching him talk. He's all teeth—the sports version of Gary Busey. 

    On a side note, I feel bad about making fun of Walton's voice and using this clip since he's talking about his father. 

    Sorry, Bill. 

5. Lennox Lewis

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    Lewis fought 44 times in his career. He won 41 times, 32 times by knockout, lost twice and had one draw. 

    Needless to say, Lewis was a monster in the ring. 

    That's why it's so unfortunate that he's not a monster on the mic. It's really difficult to listen to Lewis talk and it's not because you can't understand what he's saying.

    I can understand him just fine, but there's so much going on when he talks. 

    First off, he talks slowly, likely so people will understand him better, which is nice. However, it feels like he tries to enunciate too much; it feels forced.

    On top of that, he still has a bit of a British accent, which would be really cool but unfortunately it's hardly noticeable.

    Much like Dirk has started sounding like he's from Texas, Lewis sounds like he's lived every place except England. There's some British in there, some American, some Jamaican and other things that aren't detectable. 

    It's just another weird voice on a super intimidating guy. 

4. Brittney Griner

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    If you've never heard Brittney Griner talk before, you're in for a treat. 

    As I'm sure most of you know, Griner is the 6'8" post for Baylor University. Yes, Baylor's women's team. 

    She is a force on the block, and if you watch the video, you'll get to see her dunk. A lot. In fact, that's all the video is for the first 30 seconds.  Give it time, there's an interview in there.

    The fact that Griner "sounds like a man" has been brought up before, but I'm taking it a step further. Griner having the deep, intimidating voice wouldn't be a surprise. I mean, come on—she's huge! You aren't expecting her to have a super girly voice. 

    However, she doesn't "sound like a man" in the most conventional way. Her deep voice isn't so intimidating. That's what makes her voice more intriguing. It's like a really effeminate man, or a man with a really bad lisp. The names Leon Phelps and Brian Fellows come to mind.  

    Anyway, Griner is an anomaly and her voice is something else. Fast forward the video to 1:25 if you want to hear her scream after throwing down a powerful dunk.

    It's scary. 

3. Dikembe Mutombo

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    So maybe this is one guy on this list whose voice isn't that far off from what you'd expect.

    Mutombo is a mammoth of a man: 7'2", 260 lbs. His defensive prowess made him a force in the NBA. Nobody wanted to go to the hoop while Mutombo was guarding the rim. 

    His infamous finger wave came off as both comedy and horror. It's funny for the fans, but it drove fear into opposing player's heads. 

    That being said, there's no doubt Mutombo is deserving of an intimidating voice...

    But this voice? This voice scares me. 

    "Hi, I'm Dikembe Mutombo of the Houston Rockets...AND I WILL EAT YOUR SOUL." 

2. Macho Man Randy Savage

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    Easily the best voice on this list. 

    First and foremost, Macho Man was an entertainer. The guy was a beast, so his deep voice is no surprise, but the way he talks is just the best. 

    The emphasis he puts on words, the slight rasp he has from yelling so much; everything is just classic. 

    Nobody else has a voice like Macho Man and nobody else ever will. The only comparison I can make to Macho Man's voice is Chris Farley as Matt Foley.

    You know, the "I live in a van down by the river" guy. 

    Even then, there's still no comparison. Macho Man will be missed.

    Also, please, if you have the time, watch this entire interview. It's easily the funniest thing you'll watch all day. 

    Macho Man forever!

1. Mike Tyson

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    Well, this was expected. 

    Mike Tyson wins hands down every time there's a weird voice contest. He would win even if the contest wasn't designated to athletes only.

    There's just no getting around how odd his voice is. Tyson has been one of the scariest, most intimidating athletes to ever come around. 

    He was great in the ring with a record of 50-6-2; 44 of those wins were knockouts. That alone is enough to be intimidating.

    Then he had to go and bite off Evander Holyfield's ear like it was no big deal. 

    Then he had to get a huge tattoo on his face like it was no big deal.

    But, of course, he then had to get his own TV show about pigeons and appear in comedies like The it was no big deal. 

    There's a soft side to Mike Tyson, and it's not just his voice. 

    Although, that voice is pretty soft. I guess I'd fight him.