WWE SummerSlam: 5 Quick Things I Learned from SummerSlam 2011

Brent Turner@@BrentTurner1Correspondent IIIAugust 15, 2011

WWE SummerSlam: 5 Quick Things I Learned from SummerSlam 2011

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    Another Summerslam PPV is in the books.  Overall, it did not seem like a bad show. There were some moments that brought drama to the show, and there were other moments that seemed as though they were "forced" into the program, but I will get in to that a little later.  

    As we march toward "Night of Champions" and build for that, here are a few of my thoughts on tonight's overall pay-per-view.  

5. WWE Needs to Build Up Some Other Stars

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    Now, more than ever, there seems to be a gap between the main even stars, and everyone else below them.  It is almost like the Yankees, Phillies, Red Sox and everyone else.  John Cena and CM Punk put together a great main event match, as did Christian and Randy Orton.  This may have been one of few times when it was ok not to have too many matches on a ppv card.  

    The opening match was a decent match with the six man tag match.  This got the crowd involved early and set the stage for good things to come.  But one of the reasons it was important is because it took up some time, because WWE doesn't have anyone it feels comfortable with too many of its superstars competing on ppv.  

    Triple H needs to find some wrestlers that can build a story and develop a rivalry, thus starting their rise to PPV frequency.

4. The WWE Desperately Wants to Break in to Hollywood

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    Usually during these big events, celebrity appearances are limited to camera shots during the matches or the occasional national anthem.  However, with the addition of Cee Lo Green, the show tried to add a modern celebrity to mix in with the show.  

    Most people didn't buy Summerslam to hear him sing, but rather for the wrestling.  I am not sure what his addition to the show meant, and I see no point in it.  Most of Hollywood doesn't care about wrestling, and that is ok.  The WWE has done a good job the last thirty years carving out their own piece in society, and building on that.  

3. Wade Barrett and Daniel Bryan Are the Future of Wrestling

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    I still think that the original Nexus angle was handled badly after a few months.  Wade Barrett was, and still is, head and shoulders above every other Nexus member in overall personality.  I think that they were on to something with the Nexus, but late in 2010 decided that it was best for them to go another route.  

    The match that these two put on showed both wrestlers are ready to step their games up and produce a good, quality match that is worthy of a ppv.  I have to admit that I am not a fan of Bryan, but it seems as if he never has a bad match.  They both put on some exciting points in the match, and I am pleased that these two had a chance to display their skills with very little outside influence.  

2. Sheamus Is Better Than I Thought

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    I didn't know anyone that could put on a good match with Mark Henry.  For the life of me, I don't see how Henry has stayed around this long and not been released.  Aside from the Divas match, which I don't think anyone cared about, this was the match that I wasn't all that interested in and didn't care who won.  It was one of those things that over the last few weeks seemed to be forced, and two names were drawn out of a hat to fill out the Summerslam card.

    However, it seemed to me that Sheamus carried this match and proved that he could wrestle a different breed of wrestlers.  It was interesting to watch him as he battled Mark Henry and how he adapted his style when it was obvious that Henry couldn't.  Sheamus definitely carried this match as it was obvious that Henry can only do so much in the ring.  

    Sheamus may be on to something as a face, and although he did lose, he probably gained a lot of credibility in the back by his performance tonight.  

1. The "Anything Can Happen" Idea in the WWE Is Back

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    Seriously, how many of you had Kevin Nash returning to make an impact (no pun intended) at tonight's event?  There used to be a time that we would watch and not know what was going to happen each week.  I hope those days are coming back.  Somehow, in my internet reading this week, I didn't see anything about Kevin Nash playing a part, a major one at that, on the show tonight.  Before that, the return of Edge gave the Smackdown main event a boost, but also did a good job at keeping Edge away without taking the spotlight away from Orton and Christian.

    Vince McMahon is still very much in control, but if this was Triple H's idea, it was brilliant.  Having a controversial ending to the match, then having one of the biggest names in wrestling history return and wipe out the winner of the match was fantastic booking.  Nash looks to be in a position where he could influence a few storylines, but there is no need for him to return to full time wrestling.  

    Most of us probably thought that the ppv was over as Cena and HHH were arguing, but we were treated to a nice surprise with Nash, and then a whole new surprise as Alberto Del Rio came out and took advantage of Punk.  What started as a main event with the two biggest names in the WWE now has expanded to include Kevin Nash and Albert Del Rio.  If this is what is in store for our television viewing, then fans have many reasons to be excited again.