Philadelphia Eagles: Success Depends on the Health of Jeremy Maclin

Darren GrossmanCorrespondent IAugust 14, 2011

The Eagles chances at the Super Bowl may rest on the health of Maclin
The Eagles chances at the Super Bowl may rest on the health of MaclinChris Trotman/Getty Images

Jeremy Maclin is the Eagles' best wide receiver. Make no mistake about it, while DeSean Jackson is explosive and makes big plays, Maclin is by far the Eagles most consistent weapon. Maclin runs all kinds of routes and his ability to get open is highly underrated.

Maclin's success is why his health is so important to this team. Without Maclin, Jason Avant becomes the starter. Avant is a decent backup wide receiver but is not and will never be a starting WR in the NFL.

Riley Cooper has showed some promise but he is not nearly to the level of a starter yet. Steve Smith is a former Pro Bowler but he is injured and who knows if he returns to form or when he will be available.

So the Eagles really need Maclin. He has been out with one of the strangest injuries of all-time, an undisclosed illness. Many people think it is related to a bout of mono he had in the offseason.

It could very well be, but the question is when will Maclin be ready to go? Will it be in time for Week 1? Will it be Week 5? I think fans and the Eagles have to come to terms with the fact Maclin could be out all season, or a long time at least.

If Maclin is not healthy, the Eagles offense will take a huge hit. I know they scored a touchdown against Baltimore without Maclin or Jackson, but their long-term success will be hard to imagine.Β  Jackson will get double-teamed without Maclin, and Avant, despite having good hands, has shown that he struggles to get open, especially if he is being covered by a solid corner.

At this point, all the Eagles can do is hope Maclin recovers and recovers quickly. The chances of going to the Super Bowl may just rest on the health of Jeremy Maclin.

Of course, there is a certain 34-year-oldΒ wide receiver who retired but would probably still like to play for a contending team. The Eagles reportedly made an offer after he retired. If Maclin's health woes continue, could the Eagles pick up the phone again and call Randy Moss?Β 

In a year where the Eagles are clearly going for it, it might be an idea worth considering.


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