Mike Martz: Bonehead Of The Year Award Winner!

Steven ResnickSenior Writer INovember 10, 2008

The 49ers had a chance to beat the Arizona Cardinals with 4 seconds left on the clock.

In another game that the 49ers should have pulled out it fell on the shoulders of Mike Martz again. He failed just like he has done the whole season.

There were three decisions that Martz could have made. The first one should have been to spike the ball. It would have been with maybe 2 seconds left on the game clock. Didn't happen.

The second could have been to throw the ball into the end zone, check that one off the list, not being used.

The third was to run it with Frank Gore or roll Shaun Hill out that didn't happen.

He went with option number 4 the one that didn't make sense at all. He ran the ball with Michael Robinson on a dive play.

Of course, the Cardinals stopped it.

Gore would have at least gotten it closer than Robinson because Gore is a lot stronger. The play was a dive play so it wasn't like Robinson was going to have that much momentum going into the pile anyways. It was just another horrible play call by Martz—that cost the 49ers the game. Again.

Lastly, it was Martz's belief in J.T. O'Sullivan that has cost us the most this season. When a change should have been made earlier in the season.

Maybe if Norv Turner will be fired by the San Diego Chargers the 49ers can bring him back. At least he would have done something else. Martz gets the bonehead of the year award!


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