10 Worst World Football Kits of All Time

Mikhail Turner@MikhailTurnerContributor IIIAugust 11, 2011

10 Worst World Football Kits of All Time

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    "The Beautiful Game" is referred to as such because of the artistry portrayed on the field by many players, and teams. Think Barcelona.

    Unfortunately, through the years, teams have tried their hardest to increase said beauty on the field through their kit design.

    The '90s was a good time for such kit fashion shows, especially in England, but they do have some stiff competition from these prehistoric kits.

    In football, fans prefer to see what is going on with the ball, and not have their eyes distracted by what their favorite players is wearing.

    Pictured above is Jorge Campos, the Mexican goalkeeper who is known just as well for his flashy kits as his short height and acrobatics.

    Not really sure what he is doing here.

    Possibly celebrating his status as No. 1?

    Click through the slides to find out!

10. Palermo's Pink Kits

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    Pretty in pink? No, not really.

    Palermo has rocked the pink kit for some time, and it's a wonder how.

    The overall layout of this jersey is simple enough, and it doesn't really lose points on jersey style.

    The pink color alone is enough to do me in though.

    Not sure if Palermo is one of the more fashionable places in Italy, but the pink outfit does not do.

9. Cameroon One-Piece Kit 2004

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    Sorry Cameroon, I love my African teams, but this kit is ridiculous.

    After they won the African Cup of Nations with their sleeveless kits in 2002, Cameroon again tried to force FIFA's hand with this Puma design.

    Needless to say, they were forced to re-enter normality.

8. Aston Villa Goalkeeper Kit 1993-95

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    Any Aston Villa goalkeeper wearing this jersey must surely have garnered a number of clean sheets.

    Besides the fashionable looks, the jersey would almost certainly have a polarizing effect on opposition strikers.

    The bright colors would alert any striker's eyes to the vicinity of the jersey and, with their senses overwhelmed, they would kick the ball straight to the goalkeeper.

    Although it could have the opposite effect. One could see the bright colors and know where not to shoot.

    Blackburn must have had a similar thought process in the early '90s.

    In the realm of goalkeeper jerseys, however, our next contestant is king.

7. Arsenal Away Kit 1991

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    As an Arsenal fan, I must say this is one disturbing picture.

    Thankfully, I was too young to remember seeing Arsenal wear this.

    Opposition fans and players alike must surely have been snickering when the Gunners came into town.

    This is by far the worst jersey in Arsenal history; that alone puts it on this list.

6. VFL Bochum Away Kit 1997

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    Anyone remember Captain Planet?

    I think Bochum did too.

5. Notts County Away Kit 1994-95

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    Is that plaid you see?

    Yes. Yes, it is.

    The kit is even more highlighted by the fact that the gold stripes on both shorts and socks have nothing to do with the entire layout of the shirt.

4. Birmingham City Home Kit 1992

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    Obviously this isn't the kit in question. This link shows it all. 

    If Birmingham had decided to bring these kits out of storage unit, their victory over the Gunners would have been even funnier.

3. Norwich City Home Kit 1992

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    Ah, the infamous "bird-poo" kit.

    It has been on a few lists around the Internet and deservedly so.

    Nothing else need be said.

2. Hull City Home Kit 1992-93

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    Whoever designed these kits took the Tigers' nickname a little too seriously.

    The rest of the kit is much like Anthony Gerrard's in the above picture, but the shirt alone keeps it at the top.

    How the board members OK'd such a design is also a good question. 

    Just like the Norwich kit, this one pops up in all the worst places, and it's obvious why.

1. Jorge Campos 1994 World Cup

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    Jorge Campos it is!

    This kit wins not only for its distinct look, but for sheer memorability as well. Of all the kits on this list, and those that I may have missed, the image of Jorge Campos wearing this in 1994 is still in my head.

    Campos had a whole array of grandiose kit selections during his career, but none more fashionable than this.

    Yes, Jorge, you won. I'm guessing those are tears of joy. Congrats.