IMPACT Wrestling: The Worst Gimmicks in Company History

Charlie GSenior Writer IAugust 10, 2011

IMPACT Wrestling: The Worst Gimmicks in Company History

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    Every wrestling company has had at least one.

    I'm talking about a terrible gimmick.

    The impersonator, the rock star, the foreigner and plenty of other crappy ideas. Every company has had one guy, if not more, portray a stupid gimmick that leaves fans scratching their heads.

    These articles have been done about past WWE gimmicks mainly because WWE has been around a long time. Well, I'm here to tell you that TNA has had equally crappy gimmicks.

Orlando Jordan

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    The most recent of the bunch, Orlando Jordan.

    OJ debuted in TNA under no gimmick, he wrestled his first match without a gimmick. I was kind of happy that TNA had signed the former WWE United States Champion.

    Weeks later, Jordan debuts his openly bisexual gimmick.

    Jordan hosted his own talk show also featuring his boyfriend and girlfriend.

    As Jordan continued his gimmick it just got creepier and creepier every week.

    I've got nothing against gay people. In fact, I have two gay aunts.

    It was Orlando Jordan himself, that made the gimmick creepy. 

    Who remembers when OJ came from the rafters wrapped in nothing but security tape? Who remembers the time Orlando squirted sunblock all over his face and mouth? Who's wishing I hadn't brought those examples up?

    Orlando Jordan just went completely over board with his gimmick.


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    Moose was a hardcore Knockout. 

    Not like Roxxi hardcore but like Tommy Dreamer, Mick Foley and Raven kind of hardcore.

    Before going to TNA for a short tenure, she wrestled Deathmatches against guys and girls alike.

    Moose was The Beautiful People's bodyguard. She fought off ODB, Gail Kim and Roxxi. Moose was a stereotypical "trailer trash" woman.

    (You think ODB is trailer trash? Wait until you see Moose)

    Moose wrestled for some Indy organization and broke her leg. TNA released her from contract. Moose was never a good fit in TNA in the first place.

Cute Kip

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    On that Beautiful People note, how about Cute Kip?

    After Kip James became irrelevant, he decided to change his gimmick and join The Beautiful People and surprisingly they let him in.

    Cute Kip would wrestle mainly whoever The Beautiful People feuded with. Yes, he fought with ladies.

    Cute Kip was just a stupid idea from the start. The Main Event Mafia was up and running but instead Cute Kip was born.

Brutus "Modern Day Gladiator" Magnus

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    There was all this hype behind "The Modern Day Gladiator" coming to TNA.

    The Gladiator debuted in a typical squash match. 

    I liked the wrestler but not the gimmick. That kind of gimmick would never take off. A modern day gladiator?

    Magnus must've gotten the idea from that "Gladiators" show he was on in the UK.

    After weeks, Brutus didn't appear on TV until Douglas Williams and Rob Terry were introduced. Then the three of them made the British Invasion.

    So, Brutus Magnus went from "Modern Day Gladiator" to average British guy?

    Despite the gimmick being dropped in a heartbeat, good move. Modern day gladiator is like having a robot or caveman debut.

Prince AJ

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    I like AJ Styles but there was one time where I hated his gimmick.

    During the whole Christian Coalition or Angle Alliance dilemma, AJ turned on Christian to join Kurt Angle. The following week, Kurt named AJ the "Prince of Phenomenal" and gave him a damn crown.

    AJ would be introduced as "Prince AJ" and wear the crown to the ring.

    I hated it. I wanted someone to beat AJ senseless and destroy his crown.

    Eventually, and rightfully, the gimmick ended after Kurt Angle whooped AJ's ass and then the Prince gimmick stopped.

    Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses, Dungeons and Dragons hardly ever work in wrestling. Prince Nana and Madison Rayne are the only people I see that can pull off the type of gimmick.

Paparazzi Productions

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    As much as I like Alex Shelley, I didn't like this next one so much.

    Alex Shelley was hired by Jeff Jarrett to stalk certain people (Sting, Jackie Gayda, Christian Cage) and videotape them for blackmail.

    Shelley then created "Paparazzi Productions."

    Shelley also hired Johnny Devine as an assistant and the two X Division stars would always carry a video camera to the ring.

    They'd set it up and videotape their matches for some reason. 

    I thought Shelley could get away with the gimmick but having Devine was a little overkill. Bringing the camera to ringside also got pretty annoying.

"The Guru" Sonjay Dutt

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    Kevin Nash was full of bad ideas back in the day.

    He started multiple projects with X Division stars or should I say, Starr's (Austin Starr reference anybody? He just missed the cut).

    Kevin Nash started "Paparazzi Productions" and even started "The Guru" gimmick for Sonjay Dutt.

    Nash just went around labeling people with stupid gimmicks for some reason.

    "The Guru" was very sympathetic. He'd apologize a lot which was annoying. He collected money from the fans in the IMPACT Zone and wore all white.

    I blame this gimmick for Sonjay's eventual release.

    The gimmick got Dutt nowhere in his career but in a "Ladder of Love" feud with Jay Lethal. The winner got to marry SoCal Val.

    Dutt won, "married" Val and then got released. Another case of a gimmick not taking off.

Black Machismo

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    We can thank Nash for this one too.

    Jay Lethal competed in a singing contest but Kevin Nash pretty much told him he sucked and told him to do a wrestler impersonation.

    Lethal did a spot-on impression of "Macho Man" Randy Savage and with that another crappy gimmick was born!

    Lethal did win the X Division title a couple of times under the gimmick but it ate away two years of Lethal's career.

    I hated seeing Lethal come out and do his Savage impressions. They were okay in the beginning but then they just got old, boring and sad.

    Jay Lethal couldn't even be himself but had to portray another past wrestler.

    If Jay Lethal was able to be Jay Lethal for those two years, I think he would've amounted to more than just a multi X Division Champion.

Super Eric

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    Here we go.

    Super Eric.

    Eric Young was in a tag team with Kazarian and their ultimate goal was to capture the Tag Team titles. Only problem was that Black Reign and Rellik also had the same intentions and EY was scared of monsters.

    Eric Young debuted a new superhero gimmick which opposed his usual gimmick. His name was Super Eric and he and Kazarian won the Tag titles after EY ran away from the ring only to return as Super Eric and win the match.

    The team was forced to give up the belts because Super Eric wasn't in the match, EY was.

    The whole thing was a mess and Super Eric even led a stable called "Prince Justice Brotherhood." Super Eric was your usual baby face but teaming him with Curry Man and Shark Boy to make a stable wasn't that bad of an idea. Shark Boy was entertaining.

Petey Pump

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    Still on the X Division theme is Petey Williams' gimmick as Petey Pump.

    TNA used to have a "Feast or Fired" match. There was four suit cases all containing different things. A World title shot, X Division title shot, Tag Team title shot and a pink slip.

    Petey Williams and Scott Steiner won two of the cases.

    Steiner and Williams traded cases before revealing what they contained.

    After their trade it was revealed that Steiner had an X Division title shot and Williams had a chance at a World title.

    The two feuded over the cases and eventually had a "winner takes all' match. Steiner won but showed respect for Petey.

    Over the next few weeks, Steiner and Petey joined forces because Steiner guaranteed he would give Williams the X Division case.

    After drowning, electrocuting and beating down Williams, Steiner gave him the case.

    The two became an alliance and Williams even had his head shaved and hair dyed to look like a mini Scott Steiner.

    The gimmick did give Petey a hell of an X Division title reign but also may have caused his release. After Petey decided to fight against Steiner and the MEM, he was randomly released.

    Pairing with Steiner eventually killed Williams' career.

Black Reign

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    Black Reign was a monster that Eric Young was afraid of and was portrayed by Dustin Rhodes, also known as Goldust.

    Dustin supposedly had a split personality. Like Norman from Psycho.

    Dustin would be an average guy but something troubled him and led to his alter ego Black Reign.

    Reign was exactly like Goldust but instead of being gold and black he was silver and black. Oh, he also carried a rat to the ring, the same way Tara carries her spider to the ring.

    They even had a storyline revolve around his rat.

    Black Reign was just a completely strange idea. At least his name wasn't Chocolate Reign or something like that, right?

Rock N' Rave

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    Lance Hoyt, Jimmy Rave and Christy Hemme all came together to create the Rock n' Rave Infection.

    Hoyt even changed his last name to Rock just so it'll make sense.

    All three of them wanted to be rock stars. They dressed for the bit and even carried guitars to the ring. Not real guitars but those from the video game Guitar Hero.

    I have to admit, I was a fan of the tag team but not the gimmick.

    Rock n' Rave never worked out and they eventually challenged Beer Money in the "Off the Wagon Challenge" which resulted in Jimmy Rave getting fired.

    There was no more Rave in Rock n' Rave and they just crumbled soon after that. A rock and roll tag team can't really survive in modern day wrestling.

Flying Elvis's

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    WARNING: These final four are the worst gimmicks in TNA history.

    The flying Elvis's.

    What's to say but they were Elvis impersonators.

    There was three of them and they didn't last long.

    Jimmy Yang, Sonny Siaki and Jorge Estrada. They wrestled about one match together and that's all she wrote.

    We have seen the return of one "flying Elvis" and that was Jimmy Yang during the Destination X 2011 qualifying match. 


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    Trytan's career was a mix up.

    First he was involved in Jeff Jarrett's "red shirts" security guard squad. The red shirts feuded with the black shirts, I'm not lying.

    After their shirt war, Trytan left for a while.

    (His name wasn't Trytan during that feud)

    Later on, he resurfaced as Trytan.

    Trytan was a character based off the Terminator movies. He wore similar clothes and had the similar mannerisms.

    Trytan stalked Monty Brown and after one match between the two, their feud was over and so was Trytan's career.

Governor Palin

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    Roxxi and Taylor Wilde decided to play a joke on The Beautiful People by hiring a fake Governor Sarah Palin to hang out with them.

    After a few weeks, Wilde and Roxxi poured crap on the BPs and told them Palin was a fake.

    Wilde, Roxxi and the Governor all made fun of the Beautiful People until they beat down fake Palin. The BPs injured her and shaved her head which eventually gave us Daffney.

    Yes, Daffney played the role of fake Sarah Palin. Fake Palin even had a tag team match at Destination X. She won with help by partners, Taylor Wilde and Roxxi.

    A fake governor. Really? What's next a fake president? Wait, that's been done just this year...

The Johnsons

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    I can't wait to read some comments after this slide is over.

    The Johnsons were a tag team back when TNA started in 2002.

    They were twin brothers that dressed in giant latex suits in an attempt to resembles giant penises.

    End of story.

The End

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    Did I miss anyone?

    Who else had the worst gimmick in TNA history?

    Please comment!


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