Nude Rugby Girl: Rachel Scott Joins Men, Blind Referee for Naked Rugby Match

Matt FaulconerFeatured ColumnistAugust 7, 2011


Now this is a new one. In a nude rugby match that went down in New Zealand, there was both  nude women participating and a blind referee.

Yes, you read that correctly. A blind referee was in control on a nude rugby match. Bleacher Report is still attempting to figure out how well the ref did, but does it really matter? Here is what the Otago Daily News had to say about the blind referee taking part in the match,

Julie "aka `That blind woman'" Woods return as referee after taking it up in 2004 following a suggestion by All Black great Colin Meads.

The Dunedin woman said she enjoyed her first experience and was delighted to don her boots and test her whistle once again.

The self-confessed rugby fan, who will be attending World Cup matches at Forsyth Barr Stadium, said she sometimes got annoyed at games when she heard comments directed at referees about their lack of vision.

Well, it sounds like they got their point across. What better way than to get someone to stop calling referees blind than to put a blind person on the field? Well, maybe there is a better way, but who cares?

Rachel Scott, a 21-year-old student from Auckland, New Zealand, took part in the festivities and was even named player of the match.


In all honesty, it is highly unlikely that she was the best player out on the pitch, but how could a group of naked men turn down giving player of the match to a naked woman?

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According to Auckland Now, Scott said she had no regrets about her decision in taking part in the event, even though she was originally concerned how her family would react to her running around the pitch in the nude.

The girl definitely deserves the props to go out there and run around the pitch nude. I, for one, don't even know if I would have the guts to perform that act, so she certainly gets some credit for that.

But will she go out and play in the nude again? Unfortunately, she wasn't so sure she would take part in the event again.

Disappointing, huh?

Very disappointing. There isn't a person in the world who wouldn't want to see her get back out there on the pitch and do it again. There might even be some of us who want to get out there on the pitch and join her for some naked rugby.


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