College Football: The Most Memorable Touchdowns Scored in Each Major Stadium

Joe PenkalaCorrespondent IAugust 9, 2011

College Football: The Most Memorable Touchdowns Scored in Each Major Stadium

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    When college football stadiums around the nation fill up on Saturdays, thousands of fans play witness to hard hits, big plays and memorable touchdowns.

    While some games play out without jaw-dropping moments, there are some that leave a lasting impact on our memories. These plays allow fans to close their eyes and put themselves back in that place when history unfolded.

    Here is a look at some of the most memorable touchdowns at major stadiums around the college football landscape.

Alumni Stadium: Ed Reed Stuns the Eagles

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    The downside for the fans at Alumni Stadium is they have often been the witness to many a great play against them.

    In this 2001 game, Boston College appeared to be going in for a score when the Hurricane defense stepped up and Ed Reed finished it off.

Rose Bowl: Vince Young Locks Up the Title

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    It is hard not to remember this play from the Rose Bowl. With Texas trailing and time running out, the Longhorns faced a fourth down deep in USC territory.

    As Vince Young had done so many times before, he came up with a play to save the day.

Orange Bowl: Johnny Rodgers Delivers

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    Coming into the 1972 Orange Bowl, Alabama knew they did not want to kick to Johnny Rodgers. Needless to say, the Tide should have stuck to that plan because this is what happens when they did not.

Orange Bowl Part II: Hail Flutie

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    The Orange Bowl is so good it got a second play, and this is one nobody has forgotten about.

    With time running out, Doug Flutie dropped back and stunned the Miami Hurricanes with this bomb to the end zone.

Orange Bowl Part III: Fumblerooski

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    Okay, last one for the Orange Bowl.

    Hard to leave this off the list, as Nebraska digs real deep into the bag of tricks. The Huskers catch the Hurricanes completely off-guard during the 1984 National Championship.

Doak Campbell Stadium: Run Warrick, Run

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    During his time in college, Peter Warrick was one of the most explosive athletes in the nation. While playing at home, Warrick ripped off one of the most incredible runs in college football history.

Lane Stadium: The Hokies Best the Huskers

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    With the game on the line, Virginia Tech put together a drive for the ages against Nebraska. While still needing a touchdown, Tyrod Taylor put this third down play together at the :30 mark of the clip.

Oklahoma Memorial Stadium: Game of the Century

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    In 1971, Nebraska came to Norman to play what was being called the "Game of the Century." As the No. 1 Cornhuskers battled against the No. 2 Sooners, Johnny Rodgers made one of the most memorable returns of all time.

Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium: Ricky Williams the Record-Setter

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    With Tony Dorsett's rushing record in sight, Ricky Williams broke the record in style.

    Watch Williams break off this 60-yard touchdown run to lock up the record; it might have even been the run that won him the Heisman Trophy.

Kyle Field: Goodson Gets Loose

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    During a game against Miami, Texas A&M wide receiver Mike Goodson put all of his talents on display.

    Watch as he takes this short screen pass and does the rest.

Jones At&T Stadium: Michael Crabtree Finishes off the Longhorns

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    With time running out in a game between Texas Tech and Texas, the Red Raiders were hoping to pick up a few more yards to get into better position for a field goal.

    Instead, Texas Tech got one of the biggest moments in their program's history.

Mountaineer Field: Robert Walker Sends Miami Home

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    Trailing by four points late in the fourth quarter, West Virginia still had a chance to take down Miami.

    Watch as Robert Walker sends the crowd into a frenzy and home with a victory.

Ohio Stadium: Troy Smith Puts It Away

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    With the game still tight and their No. 1 ranking on the line, Troy Smith led the Buckeyes into Penn State territory. During a critical third down, Smith dropped back and not only eluded Penn State defenders, but then tossed a laser to the end zone.

Beaver Stadium: Blackledge Saves the Day

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    With time running out and only one more chance to defeat Nebraska, Penn State needed to get into the end zone.

    The newly-formed passing attack, led by Todd Blackledge, came up huge once more, and he found Kirk Bowman in the back of the end zone to pull off the victory.

Beaver Stadium: Part Two Puts LJ over 2,000

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    The fans in Happy Valley have seen a lot of great moments, and it would be a shame to leave this one out.

    Looking to break the 2,000-yard mark, Larry Johnson busts free and into the record books.

Camp Randall Stadium: Jump Around Early and Often

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    Coming into Camp Randall, Ohio State had just moved up to the No. 1 spot in the nation. With the crowd pumped and ready to go, watch the start that Wisconsin got off to in their bid to upset the top team in the nation.

Michigan Stadium: Woodson Locks Up the Heisman

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    Not only does playing Ohio State up the ante in any year, but Michigan was having an outstanding year led by Charles Woodson.

    Trailing in the second quarter, Woodson put a stamp on his Heisman season with this return.

Spartan Stadium: Sparty Strikes Back

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    Games between Michigan and Michigan State have always been heated.

    In 2001, Michigan was trying to hold off the Spartans as they drew closer to the end zone. It appeared Michigan had won the game, but the longest second in Michigan history never came off the clock.

    Here is what the Spartans were able to do with the extra time.

Memorial Stadium: Black 41 Flash Reverse

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    Nebraska and Oklahoma would face each other again as the two top-ranked teams in the nation in 2001. In this game, the Huskers dug deep into their bag of tricks and found this play that put them ahead for good.

Ross-Ade Stadium: Buckeye Madness

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    Unfortunately for the Boilermakers, the most memorable play was made by Ohio State in their house.

    With a major upset in their hands, Purdue gets caught off-guard as the Buckeyes go deep on fourth-and-short.

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum: O.J.'s Great Run

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    In 1967, the USC fans were treated to not only a great game, but the best run at the Coliseum.

    USC and UCLA faced off against each other, and running back O.J. Simpson proved to be the difference. Watch this play as Simpson shows off his strength and speed.

The Coliseum Part II: Jim Harbaugh Upsets USC

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    During the 2007 season, USC was expected to walk all over Stanford. As the game went on, Stanford remained close all the way into the fourth quarter.

    Now with the ball and a chance to win, Stanford faced this fourth-down play with under a minute to go.

California Memorial Stadium: The Play

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    Much like the Flutie Hail Mary, the play between Cal and Stanford will never be forgotten as well.

    With a lead and kicking off, Stanford appeared to have this game all wrapped up until this play broke out.

Autzen Stadium: The Pick

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    Late in the fourth quarter, Oregon held a lead over Washington, but the Huskies were driving and appeared to be going in for the win.

    Looking to make a play, Oregon corner Kenny Wheaton stepped up and made a play that will live in Oregon history.

Stanford Stadium: Michael Floyd Silences the Cardinal Crowd

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    In 2009, the Irish came out to the West Coast and played against Stanford. Early in the first quarter, Michael Floyd delivered one of the stadium's most memorable touchdowns, as he found a way to maintain control and pull this pass in.

Louisiana Superdome: Peter Warrick Locks Up the Title

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    In 2000, Florida State and Virginia Tech faced off to decide the National Championship. With the game still within reach for the Hokies, Peter Warrick would turn in this game-breaking moment to put the Seminoles in complete control.

    Fast forward to 2:30 to see him finish off the Hokies.

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium: Tebow Leaves a Memory

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    While it is not the flashiest play or had a huge impact on the game, Florida Gator fans loved Tim Tebow and what he embodied.

    Here is the last time Tebow would break the goal line in the Swamp.

Commonwealth Stadium: Bluegrass Miracle

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    Just when the Wildcats of Kentucky thought things were all wrapped up, the Gatorade bath had been given, but unfortunately, the last play was still about to be made.

Williams-Brice Stadium: The Duce Is Loose

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    During a game in 1996, South Carolina and Georgia were in the middle of a SEC battle.

    Nearing midfield, Duce Staley pulled off this great run, making Bulldog defenders look silly and helping the Gamecocks win the game.

Neyland Stadium: Herschel Walker Makes His Mark

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    I know all Tennessee fans and Bill Bates would like to forget about this play, but history will not.

    Watch as freshman running back, Herschel Walker, runs over Bates and into the Vols' end zone.

Bryant-Denny Stadium: Tyrone Prothro Amazes

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    Yes, I know, Tyrone Prothro was down at the one-yard line, so technically it was not a touchdown, but this play is so amazing that you have to ignore that fact and put it on the list.

    Not only is Prothro able to keep his concentration through this entire catch, but he has the strength in his arms to not allow the ball to come loose at any time.

Harvard Stadium: Harvard Ties Yale, 29-29

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    Despite not being recent powerhouses, the Yale and Harvard rivalry goes way back and has featured some outstanding teams. In 1968, the two teams met up and both were undefeated.

    Trailing by 16 points with :42 remaining, Harvard found a way to get this game tied.

Jordan-Hare Stadium: Newton Does It Himself

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    During a magical season for the Auburn Tigers, Cam Newton was in a class of his own.

    During a game against LSU, Newton put together this 49-yard run that summed up the kind of athlete and playmaker he was all year long.

Tiger Stadium: Earthquake Touchdown

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    In 1988, the LSU Tigers and their fans staked a claim to one of the loudest plays in college football history.

    Trailing late, LSU found a way to get it into the end zone, and when they did, the crowd was so loud that it measured as a small earthquake on campus.

University of Phoenix Stadium: Boise State Magic

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    With the game almost over and Boise State facing a fourth-and-forever, the Broncos dug deep and called for the Hook and Lateral.

    Watch as Boise State sends this unforgettable Fiesta Bowl into overtime.

EverBank Field: Team Celebration

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    While the touchdown is nothing of the spectacular variety, the celebration is.

    Watch what Mark Richt gave the green light on when Georgia scored their first touchdown of the game against Florida.

Carrier Dome: McNabb Saves the Day

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    In 1998, McNabb and the Orange were taking on the Virginia Tech Hokies. Needing a touchdown, McNabb rolled out of the pocket and threw this game-winning touchdown pass back across the field to send the Carrier Dome into a frenzy.

Heinz Field: Bearcats Strike Last

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    In a game that was not slowed down by the weather, Cincinnati and Pitt went back and forth. Late in the game, Pitt scored a touchdown that appeared to put the game away.

    With a late-game drive, Armon Binns was able to pull in the final touchdown of the game and silence the Heinz Field crowd.

Michie Stadium: Randy Moss Silences Army

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    The crowd at Michie Stadium has seen Army offer up plenty of highlights and great moments during games against Navy.

    Unfortunately for the Black Knights, the best touchdown seen there occurred when Randy Moss took a short pass the distance.

Qualcomm Stadium: Barry Sanders Doing What He Does Best

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    In the Holiday Bowl, Oklahoma State and Wyoming squared off, but it quickly turned in to the Barry Sanders highlight show.

    Watch as Sanders makes multiple players miss on his way to a 67-yard touchdown.

Qualcomm Stadium: The Q Part II

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    With a sizable lead in the 1980 Holiday Bowl, SMU appeared to have things all wrapped up against BYU.

    Behind a 27-point fourth quarter, though, the BYU Cougars made a furious comeback that ended with this Hail Mary pass.

Notre Dame Stadium: Snow Bowl

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    Known as the Snow Bowl, Penn State and Notre Dame hooked up in a classic that went down to the last minute.

    Fast-forward to 9:20, and watch the Irish not only get it in the end zone, but also pull off the two-point conversion for the win.

Arrowhead Stadium: Sooners Take Control of the Big 12 Title Game

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    During the 2006 Big 12 title game, the Sooners and Huskers were battling in the first when Paul Thompson hooked up with Malcolm Kelly to put the Sooners up for good in this battle at Arrowhead Stadium.

Cotton Bowl : Bobby Layne Takes over the Cotton Bowl

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    In the 1946 Cotton Bowl, Texas and Missouri played in a showcase of talent for Bobby Layne. Most impressive was this touchdown reception that Layne made en route to a win over Missouri.

Faurot Field: 5th Down for Colorado

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    In one of the craziest situations, Colorado drove deep into Missouri territory with time running down.

    Somehow, Colorado ended up receiving five downs and made the last one count as they broke through for a game-winning touchdown that will never be forgotten in Missouri.

Georgia Dome: Newton Secures the SEC Title

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    Cam Newton and the Auburn Tigers knew that a win in the SEC title game would secure their spot in the National Championship game.

    With the game still up in the air and seconds away from the half, Newton killed the hopes of South Carolina.

Rice-Eccles Stadium: Last-Second Prayer by BYU

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    There have been many great moments between BYU and Utah during their rivalry, but one of the best was in 2006.

    Down to their last play, skip ahead to 5:33 and watch BYU pull out the buzzer-beating victory.

Citrus Bowl: Drew Tate's Mistake Turns into a TD

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    The 2005 Citrus Bowl was the host of one of the craziest plays in Iowa history.

    Trailing late and time running out, Drew Tate did not appear to have a firm grasp on what the situation was. He had fans screaming out of anger at their television only to quickly change to cheers.

Bulldog Stadium: Boise State Starts to Make a Name for Themselves

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    In 2001, Boise State did not have the reputation they have now; in fact Fresno State was the non-BCS team that was always trying to knock on the door.

    With a tight game in the fourth quarter, the Broncos pulled off this amazing play to help them pull of the upset on the road.

    Fast forward to 3:35 to see them pull this play off.

Vaught-Hemingway Stadium: Dexter McCluster Tricks Everyone

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    In a game between Memphis and Ole Miss, the Rebels dug deep into the playbook for the first play of the second quarter.

    You have to see the replay to watch this play unfold.

Sun Devil Stadium: Tommie Frazier Amazes

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    Sun Devil stadium was the site to one of the best touchdowns in college football history.

    With the title on the line, watch Tommie Frazier stun you with this 75-yard touchdown run.