The Real Reason Why LSU Lost Is The Red Hat Guy (pictured)

Matthew SmithCorrespondent INovember 8, 2008

Wow, when i sat down to write this article i didn't think i would have a good picture to put, turns out i was wrong.

I attended the LSU vs. Alabama game today and was very impressed with the overall atmosphere of the game. Being an LSU fan I obviously was cheering from the Tigers, and some things I saw today shocked me.

The most important reason LSU lost today is obviously the four interceptions by Jarrett Lee. Thats going to be an entire other article in itself.

The problem I had with the game isΒ the long (seemingly endless) TV timeouts that seemed to come all the time especially when they were not needed.

For example, LSU had just tied the game up at seven on a beautiful pass to Byrd and guess what instead of Bama getting the ball while the 90000+ fans from LSU are really fired up... here comes the guy in the red hat that makes us wait for almost five minutes.

Want another? Bama misses the field goal in the second quarter, is there a reason to have a TV timeout? No, but they decide to have one anyways.

I'm not saying that it is the reason LSU lost (as the title says) but you have to agree that stuff like that definitely has a major impact on the game.

I'm also sure that this is not the only example and that you people out there will surely have more stories so please feel free to post them.

Stayed tuned for that new article about the quarterback situation at LSU.