Top 20 Biggest Sibling Rivalries in Sports

Ed NoveloCorrespondent IIIAugust 15, 2011

Top 20 Biggest Sibling Rivalries in Sports

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    Anyone who has a brother or sister can tell you that you're forever locked into a lifelong competition with your sibling.

    You share the same parents, and, therefore, the same genes, and that means anything one sibling accomplishes, you should theoretically be able to accomplish as well. 

    Sure, you might not openly acknowledge the rivalry, but you know it's there. I remember my brother and I used to compare report cards. And when he scored a goal in soccer, it hurt. And I told myself I had to match it.

    Don't think the following people haven't kept their siblings' accolades in mind. 

    The following is the 20 Biggest Sibling Rivalries in Sports...

20. Ramon and Pedro Martinez

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    A bit of background

    Pedro owns this rivalry.

    He was a part of the Boston Red Sox's 2004 championship team that famously broke the "Curse of the Bambino." He won three Cy Young Awards in 1997, 1999 and 2000 and was an eight-time All-Star. 

    Now you see why Ramon looks angry and Pedro is smiling in the picture.

    Ramon was selected to a single All-Star game in 1990, but he did achieve one thing Pedro never did—a no-hitter.

    Who would win in a fight?

    I'm going with Ramon. He looks like a serial killer. 

    So who does mom (secretly) love more?

    Pedro, mostly out of fear of Ramon. 

19. Ozzie and Jose Canseco

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    A bit of background

    Ozzie's career didn't last very long—just 24 professional games in total—and he then faded into obscurity, which is easy to do when your brother looks like a 1980s action figure. 

    Jose won a World Series championship with the Oakland Athletics in 1989 and again with the New York Yankees in 2000. 

    Today, he's known mostly for his book Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant 'Roids, Smash Hits & How Baseball Got Big, which describes in detail how multiple athletes took steroids.  


    Who would win in a fight?

    Ozzie, mostly because Jose wouldn't be there. He'd call Ozzie to take his place, just like he did that one time in that celebrity boxing match

    Then he'd realize that Ozzie can't fight himself. Both their heads will implode, creating a black hole that will devour the entire universe. 

    Who does mom (secretly) love more?

    Trick question! Mom hates them both equally.

    The problem is that Ozzie looks like Jose, and she just can't get past that. It's guilt by association.

    Ozzie falls into a deep depression. Then he comes out of it and has plastic surgery. The surgery is botched.

    He now looks like Pauly Shore. 

18. Michael and Ralf Schumacher

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    A bit of background

    Poor Ralf, he doesn't even come close to matching up to his brother Michael.

    Michael has 91 total wins, seven championships and 1,473 total career points. Now, that's going to sound especially painful to Ralf, who only has six total wins, zero championships and 329 career points. 

    Plus, Michael is considered to be one of the best Formula One racers of all time.

    Maybe that's what they're discussing in the photo. 

    Who would win in a fight?

    Ralf, and I know exactly how it would happen.

    Michael will be in the middle of celebrating yet another win, and Ralf will sneak up behind him in his Formula One car and strike him. 

    He'll be disqualified, adding yet another loss to his record. Then, he'll be arrested for attempted murder, because you really can't do that.

    Who does mom (secretly) love more?

    Michael, because Ralf can't even kill someone the right way.

17. Jeremy and Jason Giambi

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    A bit of background

    If it wasn't for one single play, Jeremy Giambi might have faded into obscurity.

    It was Game 3 of the 2001 American League Division Series, and the Oakland Athletics were up two games to none. It was the seventh inning and Jeremy had a chance to tie it. 

    He was rounding third base on his way to home, and all he had to do was slide through home plate. Instead, he stayed upright and was tagged out by Jorge Posada.

    They would lose that game and the series, and it will forever be remembered as "The Flip."

    Jason Giambi, on the other hand, is known more now for his admitted use of steroids. If we put that aside for a moment, we can note that he won the 2000 AL MVP and all those times he wore a golden thong.

    Nevermind, I can never forget that.

    Who would win in a fight

    Considering Jason is the one on steroids, I would think his freakish muscles would prevail.

    Plus, that golden thong likely gives him powers. 

    So who does mom (secretly) love more?

16. Pau and Marc Gasol

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    A bit of background

    Pau Gasol looks like a llama, and that's unforgivable. Luckily, he has two shiny championship rings and a Rookie of the Year award to distract me from looking at his face, and that's more than his brother Marc can say.

    And having Kobe Bryant on your team doesn't hurt.

    Marc's a solid player in his own right, though. He just needs to leave the Grizzlies for the Lakers like his brother did, and he might have a championship of his own.


    Who would win in a fight?

    Marc. I don't care what they say, Pau is still soft.

    Always was and always will be.

    Who does mom (secretly) love more?

    Marc. She still can't get over the fact that she gave birth to the Jersey Devil. You know, if one of the Jersey Devil's parents were half llama.
    I guess that would mean his dad.

15. Tiki and Ronde Barber

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    A bit of background

     When Tiki Barber retired at the age of 31, he was the New York Giants' all-time leading rusher. He had a lot left in the tank, having rushed for 1,662 yards that year. Now he's 36 and is trying to make a comeback.

    It won't happen.

    He left a year before the Giants won the Superbowl, and because of that, Ronde is the only one between them who has won a ring. He did so in Super Bowl XXXVII.

    As of 2005, he's the first cornerback in the history of the NFL to record at least 20 interceptions and 20 sacks in his career.

    And he did that without being a total jackass. 

    Who would win in a fight?

    I got my money on Ronde. 

    Tiki would probably just talk down to him and go on and on about how great and smart he is. This would be ample time for Ronde to take out his knees and stomp him good. 

    Ronde would, of course, be wearing his Super Bowl ring.

    Who does mom (secretly) love more?

    Ronde. Tiki's spent far too much time looking at himself in the mirror for her liking.

14. Bob and Mike Bryan

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    A bit of background

    They're twins who kick a lot of ass in doubles tennis, and any award one wins the other does, too. That pretty much puts them on equal ground.

    They're currently the world No. 1 in doubles—240 weeks and counting—and have won a total of 11 Grand Slam titles. 

    Who would win in a fight?

    Mike's older by two minutes, so that's got to mean something. He wins by uppercutting Bob off a bridge into some spikes. 

    Sub-Zero is the referee. 

    Who does mom (secretly) love more?

    She's still trying to tell them apart.

    She called Mike, Bob the other day and was totally embarrassed. She now asks Bob to wear a "World's Greatest Son" t-shirt at all times.

    He does, and now she loves him more.  

13. Eric, Marc, Jordan and Jared Staal

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    A bit of background

    As you can see, there are four Staal brothers, and each one of them plays for a professional hockey team. 

    Let's being with the oldest brother, Eric. He plays for the Carolina Hurricanes and was a first-round pick. He's their captain and helped lead them to their first Stanley Cup in 2006.

    Then there's Marc, who plays for the New York Rangers. He, too, was a first-round pick.

    Next is Jordan, a first-round pick by the Pittsburgh Penguins. He won a title with them in 2009.

    Last is Jared, who now plays to the Hurricanes with his brother Eric. He was the only brother not taken in the first round.

    He loses. 

    Who would win in a fight?

    Eric, Marc and Jordan wil gang up on Jared and beat him up for ruining the first-round streak. He'll cry as they repeatedly give him atomic wedgies. 

    His girlfriend will point and laugh, as Marc, Jared and Jordan have paid her to do so. 


    Who does mom (secretly) love more?

    The secret formula her doctor gave her to inject directly into her uterus during pregnancy, making her offspring super hockey players.

    Expect for that Jared. She missed. 

12. Leon and Michael Spinks

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    A bit of background

    Michael Spinks may have only one loss to his name, having won 31 of his 32 fights, but there's one thing that his brother Leon can say that he can't.

    "I beat Muhammad Ali!"

    That's right, Leon is only one of five fighters in the world that can say this. I don't care if that's his one and only win—that puts you above most people.


    Who would win in a fight?

    Oh, it's Leon. He socked Muhammad Ali! In the face! And he got away with it!

    No, you don't want to mess with Leon.


    Who does mom (secretly) love more?

    She tells Michael that he's her favorite, but she's lying. 
    Behind his back, she calls Leon the "Champ." She always puts extra gravy on his biscuits.  

11. Rob and Rex Ryan

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    A bit of background

    Though both brothers are known for their vicious defensive schemes, Rex is easily the more widely recognized brother.

    Rex loves feet and routinely guarantees his Jets will win the Super Bowl. He loves to expose his belly at hockey games and is known to wear wigs on occasion. 

    Bob, on the other hand, keeps quiet for the most part. He's now the defensive coordinator for my Dallas Cowboys, making them the Super Bowl favorites as far as this Cowboys fan is concerned.

    Who would win in a fight?

    I know exactly how to defeat Rex Ryan.

    The strategy is so simple that it's brilliant. All Bob Ryan has to do is watch this video. It's of Little Mac defeating King Hippo in the NES game, "Mike Tyson's Punch-Out." 

    And if he executes correctly, he can do it in under a minute.

    Who does mom (secretly) love more?

    Bob. Once you guarantee something three years in a row and don't deliver your mother kind of loses respect or you.

10. Sterling and Shannon Sharpe

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    A bit of background

    Unfortunately, Sterling Sharpe's career was cut short by a neck injury, but he was well on his way to being one of the best wide receivers in the history of the NFL.

    His best season was in 1992, when he caught 108 passes for 1,461 yards and 13 touchdowns. 

    Shannon Sharpe is now in the Hall of Fame and is still talking trash as a commentator. He won two Super Bowl's with the Denver Broncos and one with the Baltimore Ravens.

    Who would win in a fight?

    Shannon. Sterling has a neck problem, so Shannon will walk right up and hit him with a steel chair, which would hurt even if you didn't have a neck problem.

    He'll then showboat for hours upon hours. 

    Who does mom (secretly) love more?

    Mom—and by mom I mean me—feels incredibly bad for Sterling, so she loves him more.

9. Patrick and John McEnroe

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    A bit of background

    John McEnroe is easily the more recognized brother—traumatizing people with your screaming might do that—but Patrick was no slouch.

    He was really good when playing with someone else, winning 16 doubles titles. He did win one single's title, though, defeating Richard Fromberg in 1995. There was also the matter of losing to John in his first ever title appearance in 1991.  

    You know that stung. As you can see, John's still laughing about it.

    Despite John's psychopathic demeanor, he managed to achieve a world No. 1 ranking and 17 Grand Slam titles, 77 career single titles and 77 doubles titles.

    Who would win in a fight?

    I'm assuming Patrick's been plotting his revenge for years, so I'll put my money on him. 

    Poor John doesn't know what's coming. Kiss your family goodbye.

    Who does mom (secretly) love more?

    Oh, mom loves a winner. Patrick can go to hell. 

    And he will...after the murder.

8. Cheryl and Reggie Miller

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    A bit of background

    Reggie Miller is probably best known for his Dhalsim arms, and for scoring eight points in nine seconds in the 1995 playoffs against the New York Knicks. 

    He never won a title, but he did finish his career as a five-time All-Star with 2,560 career three-pointers.

    Cheryl's professional career was cut short by injuries, but her college career was prolific. She was a four-time All-American with 1,534 rebounds, which is good or third all-time in NCAA history.

    Who would win in a fight?

    Just look at the picture. Cheryl's got Reggie on lockdown. 

    Who does mom (secretly) love more?

    Cheryl, because she's a better commentator. 

7. Tony and Phil Esposito

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    A bit of background

    Both brothers are in the Hall of Fame, with Phil winning the Stanley Cup with the Boston Bruins in 1970 and 1972, and Tony with the Montreal Canadiens in 1969. 

    Tony was an All-Star goalie in 1970, 1972 and 1980. He was ranked No. 70 on The Hockey News' list of the 100 Greatest Hockey Players.

    Phil won the Art Ross Trophy five times, in 1968, 1970, 1971, 1972 and 1973, as he led the league in scoring. He was ranked No. 18 on the same list. 


    Who would win in a fight?

    Goalie's have quick reflexes, so I'm taking Tony. 

    He'll see all of Phil's punches coming and will block them. Plus, he has all of that padding and that extra large stick. He'll smack him upside the head, take off his mask and spit fire from his mouth.

    Phil will disintegrate, falling into a pile of ashes. 

    Who does mom (secretly) love more?

    Tony. You can't love a pile of ashes.

6. Henrik and Daniel Sedin

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    A bit of background

    Not only are they identical twins who were born and raised together, they both have played for the same professional hockey team for their entire careers as (essentially) co-captains of the Vancouver Canucks. 

    Now that's a tight bond.

    Henrik holds Vancouver's all-time assists record as well as points in a season.

    Just this year, Daniel won the Art Ross Trophy, scoring the most points in the league that season, as well as the 2011 Ted Lindsay Award, awarded to the most outstanding player. 

    Who would win in a fight?

    These are hockey players, so it figures to be a bloody brawl. But then I saw this video of Henrik losing a fight to Chris Neil, so now I'm having my doubts about him.

    And then I saw this video of Daniel getting put through some glass, and now I have no clue what to think.

    Let's call it a draw. They have to be conscious to fight.

    Who does mom (secretly) love more?

    Daniel. Any brother named Daniel gets babied more. 

5. Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko

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    A bit of background

    Did you know that Vitali Klitschko has a Ph.D? And I don't mean in ass kicking—it's in Sports Science. So he'll beat you down and explain how he did it. And if you're still conscious, it just might make sense.

    He's currently the WBC world heavyweight champion.

    His younger brother Wladimir currently is the longest reigning Heavyweight Champion in the history of the IBF, WBO & IBO heavyweight titles.


    Who would win in a fight?

    Unfortunately, they've never fought, so we can't say for sure. But they say knowledge is power, so I'm going with Vitali since he has a Ph.D. 

    After hours of studying, he'll discover a degree is sports science is stupid, and he'll just hit Wladimir with a brick.

    School's for chumps.

    Who does mom (secretly) love more?

    You kidding? These guys are lethal. She loves them equally and will forever maintain that.

4. Bengie, Jose and Yadier Molina

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    A bit of background

    They were all catchers, and they were all winners. 

    Each of the three brothers have won a World Series. Jose won with the Angels in 2002—as a backup catcher to his brother Bengie—and again with the Yankees in 2009. As mentioned, Bengie was the starting catcher on that 2002 World Series team. Yadier won his in 2006 with the St. Louis Cardinals.

    Now that's a good blood line. 

    Since Jose technically has the most, he gets bragging rights. Yadier and Bengie have to wipe his butt on Tuesdays. 

    Who would win in a fight?

    I assume they'll be wearing their catcher's gear, so this fight can take a while. 

    In a moment of exhaustion, Bengie will remove his catcher's mask. Yadier will capitalize, jump kicking him in the face, exploding his brain. The crowd will cheer.

    Also, there's a crowd.

    Jose will pick up a sword off the ground and split Yadier's wig. The sword, of course, being the only weapon known to man that can cut through a catcher's mask.

    They all wake up in a 20th-century village. It's a Shyamalan twist.

    Who does mom (secretly) love more?

    Jose, mostly because he won the imaginary fight, and those are the hardest fights to win.

3. Dom, Joe and Vince DiMaggio

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    A bit of background

    Between the three, Joe DiMaggio had the best career, playing all 13 years of his career for the New York Yankees. He's a Hall of Famer, is a 13-time All-Star, a three-time MVP and a nine-time World Series Champion. 

    Those are good stats.

    Dom, otherwise known as the "Little Professor"—he kind of looked like a dork—also spent his entire career with one team. He was a seven-time All-Star for the Boston Red Sox.

    And then there was Vince.

    Poor Vince played for five different teams, and he was only an All-Star twice. They kept him in the basement and fed him chicken skins.

    Who would win in a fight?

    I have my money on Vince. 

    The least talented son always has the most rage. It's a known fact. Put it this way, if a murder was committed and these three were the suspects, who would you suspect?

    Who does mom (secretly) love more?

    Dom. Solely for the glasses. 

2. Serena and Venus Williams

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    A bit of background

    Both are incredibly accomplished in their sport, but Serena has the advantage.

    She has 13 Grand Slam titles to Venus' seven. And though she has less single's titles—37 to Venus' 43—she looks to be the better player.

    Notice how she's holding a bigger trophy in the picture.

    Who would win in a fight

    Please, we all know the answer to this question. Serena's thighs are huge and muscular, and all she needs to do is get Venus trapped between them. 

    Just a flying jump kick and couple good squeezes and it's lights out.

    Venus never really stood a chance. 

    So who does mom (secretly) love more?

    Venus. She's afraid of Serena.

1. Eli and Peyton Manning

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    A bit of background

    If you break down their statistics, there's no contest.

    Peyton is far and away the more talented quarterback. His hairline is even receding to make room for more brain. If you look close, you can see the wrinkles on his scalp. 

    Unfortunately, the both have a Super Bowl ring, which is really the one and only stat anyone cares about. And not only does Eli have one, too, he got it against Tom Brady and the then-undefeated New England Patriots—Peyton's arch nemesis. 

    It took Peyton years to get over that hump.

    Who would win in a fight?

    This would be a shameful fight to watch, but given Peyton's size and intelligence, I would have to give "Brainchild" the edge.

    You know he would have the whole thing planned out a week in advance. And you better believe there would be audibles.

    It would end with Manning throwing a spiral directly to Eli's head, officially making him act as stupid as he looks.

    Who does mom (secretly) love more?

    Neither of them.

    She secretly loves their oldest and under-appreciated son—hold up, I have to check what his name is—Cooper the most. 

    Not only does he actually exist—if the Internet is to be believed—but he has part ownership of an energy firm that deals with oil and gas stocks.

    Oil and gas! You can live without a Super Bowl ring, but oil and gas are essential. 

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