Bahrain-Kuwait Basketball Brawl: Watch Tempers Flare and Shoes Fly During Fight

Sam WestmorelandFeatured ColumnistAugust 1, 2011

There's a Bahrain-Kuwait fight video making the rounds of the sports world today, after the national basketball teams of the two tiny Middle Eastern nations got into a massive brawl at the 13th Gulf Cooperation Council Junior Basketball Championship over the weekend.

Things got a bit chippy with just over two minutes to go in the game, when a hard foul on Bahraini Mohammed Buallay by Kuwait's Hussain Busheri caused the two sides to go ballistic. 

Kuwaiti players were immediately restrained by teammates in comically dramatic fashion, and things appeared to be winding down until a Kuwait player hurled his shoe into a crowd of his opponents while being restrained by teammates. 

In many Middle Eastern cultures, throwing a shoe is among the most disrespectful acts a person can commit, so naturally, Bahrain's players charge, sparking a massive brawl amongst the two teams. 

At one point, almost a minute into the fight, a flying kick by a Kuwait player sparks a Benny Hill-esque chase scene in which he sprints around the gymnasium while being chased by the entire Bahrain team (including assistant coaches and trainers anxious to avoid more trouble). They catch him as he leaps the bench, knocking him to the floor and punching at him madly in the process. 

The whole scene is a troubling one, and a nasty reminder that international basketball is just as rife with tension as any other sport. It's unclear what punishment is going to be taken, but I'd imagine some serious suspensions are going to be levied in this one. 

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