Erik Bedard to Seattle Mariners: Trade Complete?

Dylan LevinsonCorrespondent IJanuary 28, 2008

There have been rumors circulating that Erik Bedard of the Baltimore Orioles is close to being traded to the Seattle Mariners.

The Orioles have denied any reports that a Bedard trade is in place.  

The Mariners have been the front-runners in the Bedard sweepstakes for at least a month.  They have been pursuing Bedard vigorously along with the Mets, Dodgers, and Reds.

The rumor surfaced when Adam Jones told a reporter that he'd been traded to the Orioles as the main piece in a Bedard trade.  ESPN.com reported that the two Mariners involved in the trade told teammates they had to take physical exams.

The rumored trade was declared false by the Orioles organization.  The Mariners have yet to speak on the situation.

Although the trade was proved false, many believe that a Bedard trade is imminent and the Mariners remain the front-runner.

As with the Santana trade, a Bedard trade could enhance a team's pitching staff significantly.  The Mariners, with a well-rounded pitching staff, could be a hard to beat team in the AL.

Adam Jones, the kid who was named as the main piece of the rumored trade, hit .314 with 25 home runs and 84 RBIs for Triple-A Tacoma, was named Seattle's Minor League Player of the Year.

If this trade were imminent, this trade has the potential to be a great deal.


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