Jefferson Takes Over Scoring Load For Injured Redd

Troy SparksContributor INovember 5, 2008

By Troy A. Sparks

    With Michael Redd out with an injury, Richard Jefferson scored 32 points in a 112-104 overtime win at home over the Washington Wizards.  At this point, the fans in Milwaukee should know - at least for now - after five games that he's the man.

    The Bucks scored a lot of points.  But they gave up a lot, too.  A combined 216 points between the two teams isn't typical Eastern Conference basketball.  So naturally, not a lot of defense was played.

    With a double-digit lead by the Bucks after the first quarter, I wondered how they went  scoreless the last six-plus minutes of the second quarter.   Then they let the Wizards  take a halftime lead.

    This defensive concept that head coach Scott Skiles is trying to introduce to his team isn't working.  He wasn't happy a couple of times when the Wizards worked backdoor plays to the hoop.  Well, at least the Bucks have a winning record (3-2).

    Oh, did I mention that their next two games are against defending champion Boston and the Big Diesel, Big Aristole, Shaq Fu, etc., and the Phoenix Suns?  Andrew Bogut can't handle most of the big centers in the league.  Especially if they're mobile and can run up and down the floor.  I think I may have to see Shaq this Saturday myself at the Bradley Center just in case this is his last year in the NBA.

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