Will Richard Jefferson Be a Team Player with the Bucks?

Troy SparksContributor INovember 4, 2008

Richard Jefferson thought he was going to stay with one team his whole career.  He was wrong.

Jefferson was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks from the New Jersey Nets over the summer.  The Bucks needed a  scorer and got one with all-star caliber.

It seemed that Jefferson was reluctant to come to Milwaukee, but after getting over his frustration he approached the upcoming season like a true professional.  Maybe Jefferson realized that it's part of the business, changing locations.

So the question is: Will Jefferson work with Michael Redd?

Jefferson is a small forward who can go to the hoop or shoot the outside jumper.  Plus, he has playoff experience because his Nets went to the NBA Finals.

On top of that, Jefferson is a team player.  Some of the young Buck players should seek him out for advice on how to be a true professional on and off the court.  Jefferson's name won't come up in police records.  Both his parents are ministers. 

I think Jefferson will play out his contract with the Bucks and hook up with a playoff contender team.  Bucks fans should enjoy a player who will score and defend as long as they can.

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