UFC 134: Chael Sonnen vs. Brazil

Jordy McElroy@https://twitter.com/JordyMcElroyCorrespondent IJuly 23, 2011

Chael Sonnen is in the midst of a superfight, and it could include the entire country of Brazil.

The former UFC middleweight title contender has been busy on Twitter dropping negative one-liners on the country that is scheduled to play host to UFC 134.

Needless to say, he isn't pulling back any punches.

"If you bow in Brazil, they'll hit you over your head and take your wallet," Sonnen said.

Comments like these have angered and offended a multitude of Brazilian fighters, with the most noted being Anderson Silva, Wanderlei Silva, the Nogueira brothers, and Demian Maia.

"We respect Americans, Japanese; we respect everybody. We have a tradition in this sport dating back many years, and it's sad to see people not respecting that," Anderson told Graciemag in response to Sonnen's comments.

The trash talking began as a lead in for the middleweight championship bout between Anderson and Sonnen at UFC 117. Fans weren't too excited about the bout when it was first announced, and the vast majority saw Sonnen as just another stepping stone for Anderson's path to all-time greatness.

It wasn't until Sonnen opened his mouth that the bout became highly-anticipated in the MMA community. The UFC promotional team could've taken a vacation. The consistent jabs at Silva weren't your average, everyday punch lines. Sonnen was coming up with some pretty creative stuff.

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"A.S., your run is T-70 days. I'm not a math teacher from Ohio. I'm a gangster from Oregon. Talk is cheap. It takes money to buy whiskey," Sonnen posted.

While some of Sonnen's remarks have drawn chuckles from the MMA community, former UFC and Pride heavyweight champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira isn't laughing.

"He has a problem with Brazilians. He discriminates against us. He could find a way to promote a fight without speaking ill of anyone," Nogueira told Sherdog.com. "In martial arts, we learn to respect each other. I'll never speak ill of another fighter. Sonnen disrespects others and has no principles or character. He's a guy that every professional fighter, at least on my team, wants to face."

Along with Anderson, Nogueira trains out of the famous Black House gym with world class stars like Lyoto Machida, Jose Aldo, and Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza. Machida, a former UFC light heavyweight champion, has also found himself on the wrong end of a Sonnen tweet.

"Machida is not a bad guy. He's a victim of the Brazilian education system. There are better ways to get electrolytes than drinking [urine]," Sonnen posted.

The comment stems from a Machida interview with Tatame, where he revealed that he drinks his own urine as a natural medicine.

While fighters like Machida have been relatively silent in any kind of back and forth banter with Sonnen, others have taken a much bolder stance and even issued warnings to the Oregon native.

"You've been to Brazil, but I'm Brazilian. Like you've been talking about the Nogueira brothers. These guys are the history of the sport. We need to respect these guys," Wanderlei told Sonnen in a face to face confrontation in a van to a UFC promotional event. "You challenging him is okay. You know. One to one, you know? The promotion is good, but you need to respect some things.

"These guys need respect, and the country, you know. We need to have good conduct about that. Okay? Don't do that anymore, because that's danger, no?"

Recently, Maia also issued a statement to Sonnen on "UFC Sem Limites" (UFC Limitless), a Brazilian TV show. The show is promoting a new segment called "Send a message to Sonnen." The 2007 ADCC World Champion kicked off the segment.

"He came to Brazil and was surprised that we had computers here, we had Internet. So I think when he does come to Brazil, he doesn't have to worry about finding if we have technology here. I think he can come here and will certainly have a lot of people who can teach him some defense of triangle," said Maia, who is one of four fighters to submit Sonnen with a triangle choke.

With all of the suspensions and legalities behind Sonnen, he is finally back in the middleweight mix after spending nearly a year on the sidelines. There is still a lot to prove for Sonnen after having his incredible performance against Anderson marred by a failed drug test.

Whether you agree or disagree with his antics, no fighter has ever given Anderson the beating that Sonnen did that night. With that said, the hiatus may have served him well. It could very well be Sonnen facing Anderson for the middleweight title in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Chael Sonnen versus Brazil?

Yea, that fight wouldn't last very long.