NBA Trade Speculation: 7 Offseason Trades for the Golden State Warriors

Nikhil DilipCorrespondent IIIJuly 24, 2011

NBA Trade Speculation: 7 Offseason Trades for the Golden State Warriors

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    Even during a lockout, Monta Ellis' name continues to appear in trade rumors, and if he is traded, the Warriors could be a whole different team.

    But it's not just him.

    Golden State management has been shopping around other guys with bad contracts, trying to get something substantial in return.

    They haven't made a single trade since the one for Troy Murphy back at the deadline. After this salary-saving deal, the 31-year-old forward immediately reached a buyout with the Warriors.

    But what other trades could improve the Warriors and potentially get them back into the postseason?

    Here are seven of them.

Rudy Gay for Monta Ellis

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    Warriors get: Rudy Gay

    Grizzlies get: Monta Ellis

    This trade was widely rumored around the trade deadline, and for a good reason, too.

    An up-and-coming team in the Grizzlies get a prolific scorer who can get to the bucket at will in Ellis, while the Warriors get a solid wing player in Gay.

    The Grizzlies proved they can win without Gay, and while that does not make him expendable, it only justifies this deal on their end.

    Rudy Gay is five inches taller than Monta Ellis and can defend any wing player in the league. With both him and Dorell Wright on the perimeter, the Warriors can be lethal next season.

Biedrins to the Bucks

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    Warriors Get: Andrew Bogut

    Bucks Get: Andris Biedrins, Ekpe Udoh

    Ekpe Udoh is a long-term project for the Warriors, and he is slowly showing signs of the type of player Golden State thought they got with the sixth pick last year.

    While they should not give up on him, if he can be an important trade chip in a deal that can only help the Warriors, they must include him.

    Andris Biedrins, on the other hand, is not living up to the $54 million that Golden State paid him a few years back. Maybe all he needs is a change of scenery.

    On a team with great scorers (e.g. Brandon Jennings, Stephen Jackson), Biedrins can hit the offensive glass hard and kill teams with his putbacks.

    The Warriors themselves lack a defensive post presence, and that's where Bogut comes in. As he enters his prime, Bogut is slowly beginning to live up to the expectations he had when he was selected No. 1 by the Bucks six years ago.

    Bogut is the second-best shot-blocker in the league behind Dwight Howard, and the Warriors, who are notorious for their abysmal defense and complete lack of rebounding, could really use a guy like Bogut.

    A player like Bogut is the key piece for the Warriors to get back into the playoffs again.

Andre Iguodala for Monta Ellis

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    Warriors Get: Andre Iguodala

    76ers Get: Monta Ellis

    Of the millions of Monta Ellis rumors we've been hearing, this has got to be the one with the most hype.

    When the highest scorer on your team is a 32-year-old post player who makes six shots a game, a guy like Monta Ellis wouldn't hurt.

    He's a great scorer who would help Jrue Holiday develop as a point guard and he is different enough from Evan Turner to provide a scary wing combination.

    Golden State gets an athletic defender who is significantly taller than Ellis. His playing style complements both Dorell Wright's and Stephen Curry's very well.

Al Horford to Golden State

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    Warriors Get: Al Horford, Marvin Williams

    Hawks Get: Andris Biedrins, Dorell Wright

    Like in the Bucks trade, it's likely that Biedrins just needs a new environment. Larry Drew's offense is slow, with numerous Joe Johnson isolations, and Biedrins would perform well just getting boards and buckets again and play next to an electric player in Josh Smith.

    But for Atlanta, the real centerpiece in this trade is Dorell Wright. In his first year in Golden State, Wright scored more than he did in the previous six seasons, and the former D-Leaguer was a serious candidate for Most Improved Player. His style of play contrasts Joe Johnson, so the two should work well together on the wing.

    In addition, the Hawks can get rid of the $80 to 90 million that they owe the two players over the next five years. 

    As for the Warriors, Al Horford is similar to David Lee, and having two such players on one team should do wonders for Golden State. Horford is a serious upgrade over Biedrins, and his game should improve when he plays with a terrific facilitator in Stephen Curry.

    Marvin Williams is more of a post player, but can play alongside Monta Ellis with ease. He's not a huge scorer, so Ellis and Curry won't have to worry about giving up some touches.

    Williams and Horford may be able to justify the extra bucks the Warriors will be spending on them and lead Golden State back to the postseason, a place that the fans have seen only once in the past 17 years.

Danny Granger for Monta Ellis

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    Warriors Get: Danny Granger

    Pacers Get: Monta Ellis

    In Monta Ellis, the Indiana Pacers gain a terrific scorer whom the management has coveted for a long time. Danny Granger has kind of disappeared for everybody but Pacers fans, who surely were thrilled by his performance this past season.

    The former All-Star would play well alongside Dorell Wright and Stephen Curry on the wings. He's a significant five inches taller than Ellis and can defend the best wings in the league.

    For the Pacers, Ellis can be a volume scorer and an asset on defense, rather than the liability he is in Golden State.

    Ellis is an excellent defender who is always in the top five in steals. Unfortunately, he goes for too many steals, and since the Warriors don't have a strong post presence on the defensive side of the ball, his men can get right to the rim.

    With a defender like Roy Hibbert behind him, Ellis will have the freedom to defend and will thrive on the fast-break.

    Danny Granger would play well in a catch-and-shoot role, getting shots off of Curry's dimes. If Curry takes over more oft he drive-and-finish role that Ellis had last year, the Warriors should be fine without him.

Andris Biedrins for Chris Kaman

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    Warriors Get: Chris Kaman

    Clippers Get: Andris Biedrins

    An underrated center who's still only 29, Chris Kaman has become somewhat superfluous on the Clippers, as management has tabbed DeAndre Jordan as the team's starting center going forward.

    The former All-Star is a conventional center who will be able to help any team who's looking for a guy in the middle to grab boards and get out of the way.

    His playing style is close enough to David Lee's pick-and-roll or pick-and-pop style to make them compatible but far enough to make it interesting.

    For the Clips, Biedrins is the type of guy who can come off the bench and give Jordan a substantial 15 to 20 minutes every a night.

Ellis to the Bulls

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    Warriors Get: Luol Deng, Kyle Korver, Taj Gibson

    Bulls Get: Monta Ellis, Acie Law

    It's no secret that the Bulls need a shooting guard. Monta Ellis is a pure scorer who can get to the rim at will, kind of like Derrick Rose.

    His clutch play on both the defensive and offensive ends (exhibited with his multiple game-winners this past season) will only help Chicago. The Bulls lost Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals after leading for the majority of the game, but their lead slowly slipped away during the final few minutes. Acie Law will also help them off the bench, backing up Derrick Rose and ex-Warrior, C.J. Watson.

    The Warriors get a proven, underrated scorer in Luol Deng, who can play off of Dorell Wright well. Kyle Korver, on the other hand, is a pure catch-and-shoot player who will thrive off the bench in Mark Jackson's new slowed-down game.

    Taj Gibson was a great energy guy off the bench for the Bulls these past two seasons, and can surely do the same for the Warriors. With great scorers and team players, Golden State can find a new identity and get back into the playoffs.

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