UFC News: Jon Fitch Says He's 'Tired of Being Ignored'

Mike HodgesCorrespondent IJuly 22, 2011

After learning that neither BJ Penn nor the UFC had any interest of setting up a rematch, Jon Fitch has become quite outspoken in recent weeks. Add to the fact that he has been on the sidelines recovering from shoulder surgery and it is certain that Fitch is not too pleased with the UFC's actions as of late.

Fitch spoke to MMACanada.net and discussed his recovery process and his recent fall out with Penn.Fitch said he and Penn both agreed to a rematch but his injuries prevented him from competing. 

"I just couldn't sit by and wait and watch my fight leave and go away, because I'm left with nothing. I tried as hard as I could to secure the fight with BJ, but it happens when you're hurt and you're on the shelf," he said.

Fitch added that while he might not get the opportunity to face Penn, he considered a bout against Martin Kampmann when he is cleared to return.

Fitch also spoke on the fact of other fighters criticizing his style and passing up on him to negotiate more intriguing fights. The American Kickboxing Academy product believes he has the style to beat fighters such as Nick Diaz, and others who have belittled his style. Fitch had some strong words for the critics.

"I wanna hurt some people. I wanna finish a lot of people and I wanna do it in style," he said.

"I'm tired of being skipped over and I'm tired of being ignored, and it's time for me to make some noise."

Clearly out of character for the soft-spoken Fitch, but it sounds like he is determined and re-motivated to remain as a top contender once he returns to the UFC.