The 60 Most Painful Nut Shots in Sports

Zack Pumerantz@z_pumerantzAnalyst IIIJuly 21, 2011

The 60 Most Painful Nut Shots in Sports

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    With professional athletes around the world all in prime shape, and training similarly to stay in the best condition possible, they have one vulnerable spot that never gets tougher.

    The family jewels.

    The most reckless, fearless and intimidating player in the world can still be put to rest with a nice shot to the twig and berries, the frank and beans.

    With the protective cup made to guard a man's most sensitive area, it seems unlikely that an athlete would have to deal with the stomach-wrenching pain that comes with a nutshot if he is properly dressed.

    Unfortunately, many athletes disregard the importance of this protection and perform with a free area, while the ones who do wear one sometimes get extremely unlucky.

    Here are the 60 most extreme nutshots in sports.


60. No, You're a Towel

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    This is the ultimate way of congratulating a teammate.

    After making a clutch three-point shot, Florida Gators forward Chandler Parsons is running gingerly back to the other end of the court and gets treated with a nice gift on the way.

    Nothing hurts more than a towel whipping, which he received from teammate Vernon Macklin.

59. The Answer to the Baby Boom

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    We completely condone this show as it is not only entertaining, but it helps the overpopulation problem.

    It can't be argued that the Japanese have the best shows in the world.

    This might not be the craziest, as they have another one that will cause your jaw to drop.

    Check out Japan's craziest sport.

58. You Can Only Hope to Contain Him

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    The Clippers' dunk machine can never seem to be stopped.

    When Griffin was on Oklahoma, he was widely regarded as the best player in the country, and opposing teams' power forwards needed extra therapy following matchups with him.

    Opposing defenses couldn't stop him, but USC's Leonard Washington finally found the answer on this fateful night.

57. Youth of Our Nation

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    While this was supposedly an instructional golf video, it seemingly becomes more.

    An old guy on the bench decides to take matters into his own hands and show viewers the proper way to play golf.

    Clearly only a cigar makes this man feel better.

56. Grinding His Nuts

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    Skateboarding is subtly fighting to be the most dangerous sport in the world.

    With these skaters routinely lacking helmets and any protection at all, one faulty trick can ruin a future.

    Hopefully this man wasn't expecting to have children.

55. The Prince Is Stopped

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    It's amazing that a throng of comparatively skinny high school players can stop this man child, but the NBA has yet to find an answer to his prowess.

    While this video is surely enjoyable to many, it can be assumed that he has moved on from this tough night.

    The nut shot may have hurt, but LeBron James was in more pain from being stopped for the first time in his life.

54. Not the Children

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    It's fair to say Jose Canseco was just mad because the opposing team's bat boy still had testicles and the slugger was losing his to steroids.

    On this wild day in May 1997, Canseco hit a screaming foul ball into the nuts of the Chicago White Sox bat boy.

    This was evidently right before they began recruiting ball girls.

53. Reckless Abandonment

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    Once this kid put his hands up in the air, it was all over.

    It's hard for anyone to watch the rest of the video once his groin area is exposed and left to fate.

    In the end, he needs to learn this lesson.

52. World Record Kickee

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    This may be the most unique story in the world.

    Scott Kay decides to take to the streets with one goal in mind – get as many women to kick him in the nuts as possible.

    The woman "with sandals" would've been epic.

    Very creative on his part.

51. Right in the Family Julius

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    North Carolina State's Julius Hodge was subtly harassing Wake Forest's Chris Paul for most of this possession until the scrappy point guard decided to take matters into his own hands.

    The inconspicuous ball tap is the best part.

    One might say Hodge was on the worse end of a basketball career as well.

    While he plays in Europe, Paul is a star on the New Orleans Hornets.

50. Guacomole

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    Apparently, this 22 mph kick did turn this man's avocados into guacamole.

    Rod Sacharnoski's ability to withstand a vicious kick from American Gladiator Justice is remarkable.

    Most people would be on the floor crying before the kick was even thrown.

49. The Mayweather Is Cloudy

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    That is the ultimate low blow.

    While Floyd Mayweather Jr. may be a chatty, pretentious and self-absorbed whiner, he doesn't deserve this.

    Zab Judah clearly had no other response.

    No class.

48. Proper Mechanics

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    This is why you don't fully face the pitcher when bunting.

    The proper way is to take an angle and stay on your toes, while not opening to the pitcher to leave your front side vulnerable.

    Rookie mistake.

47. Lower Blow

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    He was clearly getting dominated, so he decided to go with the backup plan.

    Otis "Magic" Grant was on the wrong side of this cheap shot during the '90s.

    While boxing is all about leverage, that doesn't mean he can go for the lowest muscles available. 


46. Hit by a Buffalo

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    This Buffalo Sabres fan may never watch another hockey game again.

    At a "Meet the Sabres" hockey game on concrete (dangerous?), one older player gets a solid wrist shot to the nuts of an innocent kid.

    That'll be one piece of memorabilia he'll never lose.

45. Ultimate Fighter

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    This isn't your typical accidental tap to the nuts. This is much more.

    In a fight between two black belt karate players, this man winds up and puts his full force into his opponent's testicles.

    How he can breath afterwards is astounding.

44. How Bad Could It Be, Right?

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    Oh, it could be real bad.

    To win tickets to Game 3 of the ALDS, a fan had to absorb a kick from this sexy presenter in the nuts.

    It's completely worth it, if just for her.

43. Backdoor Nuts

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    This is why you play tight perimeter defense and stay away from the backdoor pass.

    Well, that's not exactly the proper way to defend this play, but this kid needs to protect his family jewels.

    Basketballs can do serious damage.

42. Mortgaging the Future

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    It seems like numerous athletes hit balls without looking (no pun intended). 

    In this remarkable showing of heroism, this kid takes one for the team.

    He may have just mortgaged his future though.

41. Pads Are Overrated

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    He could not have been more conspicuous with this kick.

    That is the true definition of a red card.

    Occurring during the Celtic League Final in 2001, these rugby players weren't messing around.

    A protective cup would seemingly be essential. 

40. Good Old Karma

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    There may be no umpire on the planet who deserves a nut shot quite like Jim Joyce.

    Known as the man who ruined Armando Galaraga's potential perfect game with a blown call in the ninth inning with two outs, he takes a rough one here that clearly clouds his judgement.

    Karma sucks.

39. The Lakers Handshake

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    Many believed that the Los Angeles Lakers had a unique camaraderie in 2009 that led them to a Finals win against the Orlando Magic.

    While it seems like Michael Pietrus' hand is gingerly caressing Gasol's buddies, at closer look it becomes clear that Kobe Bryant slipped his excited hand in there to say a quick hello.

    Look at the tape on his fingers and the rest becomes clear.

38. This Just Got Real

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    They are no longer playing around, now it's war.

    Unable to avoid being dropped, a low blow to the testicles is all that can be done.

    The match may be fake, but this is too close for comfort.

37. He's Fryed Up

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    Not only did they kiss, but Kevin Garnett gave Channing Frye a subtle nut tap, which caused the initial anger from the usually-calm power forward.

    Essentially, they just had intercourse.

    Garnett is going to get a call from Frye weeks from now saying he's pregnant.

    Just more drama for these ballers.

36. Corey Magrabette

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    His second appearance on this list, Super Man Blake Griffin gets hit in the only vulnerable place he has.

    While he can't beat out Griffin's strength, Corey Maggette finds his way in there.

    First you must enjoy Corey Maggette traveling six times in a row.

35. Kicking for Stars

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    We can't make this stuff up.

    On the Show RHR (Road Hockey Rumble), they draft local players to come and use their athletic ability to kick the victim in the private area.

    Winners get beer, while the loser weeps like a maiden.

    The fan with the camera is beside himself with joy.

34. Tim Toughness

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    This just adds insult to injury.

    In a brutal battle between these two powerhouses, goalie Tim Thomas, known for his tough play, throws a cheap poke at his opponent.

    Let's keep it above the waste guys.

33. Not so Hard Boy

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    This ball boy may have been overly involved, but the crowd loved it.

    Before the moment of his life, this kid chucks the ball slightly too hard.

    The kid is clearly making a name for himself. This could open some doors for him.

32. Rules of Engagement

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    Clearly tempers were flying in this post-war match between Yugoslavia and Croatia.

    Happening in 1999, this was the first match following the war, and these players weren't thrilled with each other.

    After falling to the floor, he decides to grab a handful of opposing pain.

31. Throwing Bows

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    At least it was his elbow and not his foot.

    While we can't understand exactly what they're saying, one can only assume it's comical.

    Ouch is the same in every language.

30. L'Eggo My Eggo

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    Just a guess, let's say this wasn't an accident.

    Whether this man stole his opponent's Eggo waffles or lit his house on fire is irrelevant because it's clear whatever he did got the kicker heated.

    He won't walk correctly for a long time.

29. Ripple Effect

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    The ripple effect through his shorts really gets viewers shaking.

    While it reeks of pain, he should be celebrated for saving a potential goal.

    He isn't as pleased though.

28. When You Fall off the Horse...

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    Do we need any more proof that cups are necessary?

    During the NCHL Playoffs in the winter of 2010, featuring the Ice Breakers and the Scared Hitless, one player defines a future.

    After being dropped to the ground, No. 19 decides to get back at the defender and poke checks his opponent in the wrong spot.

    It's over for him.

27. We Got a Bleeder

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    "We're going to need a sub in here!"

    Kobe Bryant is known for his prolific defense but, like all great defenders, he gives a few cheap shots here and there to make a statement.

    Iguodala may now think twice next time.

26. Referee Interference

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    This wasn't in the job description!

    Being hit by a bouncing football in the tender area isn't exactly a fear of coaches.

    Huskers fans must loved this as much as those watching this video.

    Let's blame it on the referee.

25. Rod Shot

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    On January 15, 1997, Rodman decided to let the heat of the moment cloud any judgement he had left, which was very little.

    In a game with the Minnesota Timberwolves, Rodman tripped over cameraman Eugene Amos and responded by kicking him in the nuts. 

    He eventually paid Amos a $200,000 settlement and was suspended by the league for 11 games without pay, in effect losing $1 million.

24. Expanding the Crease

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    Those goalies can be dirty, as well as stealthy.

    This is how they create fear in their opponents.

    The offensive player deserves credit for most-sudden drop to the ground in history.

    He then gets up with no hesitation.

23. Say It Ain't Salo

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    During Game 5 of the 2010 Conference Semifinals between the Vancouver Canucks and Chicago Blackhawks, 6'3" Finnish Defenseman Sami Salo received a loving hit to the lower midsection.

    He left the game on a stretcher and was taken to a local hospital.

    Turns out his testicle wasn't ruptured, but rather swollen.

    Shake it off big guy.

22. Maybe This Will Change Your Mind

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    While the man sliding into home plate was safe, the umpire most certainly wasn't.

    The pitcher was seemingly unhappy with the call and wanted to show his disapproval.

    It's safe to say the umpire gets it.

21. Vancouver Riot Goes Nuts

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    After the Vancouver Canucks lost the 2011 NHL Stanley Cup, it became clear that things would get quite chaotic.

    Hockey fans need to let off steam after watching their team fail in their quest to win the Cup.

    This one fan finds out why it's essential to wear a cup while rioting.

20. All Crickets Here

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    The cricket ball resembles a round hockey puck and is detrimental to the nuts, or any part of the body for that matter.

    In a match against Australia, Pakistan cricketer Mohammad Sami gets a nice welcoming.

    He may begin to hear crickets after that one.

19. They're Fighting for That Extra Inch

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    While Jerramy Stevens has been an atrocious receiver, with only 202 career receptions for 2,217 yards in nine seasons, he probably didn't deserve this.

    Well, even if he did, Defensive End Tyler Brayton probably didn't exactly react normally.

    Most Seahawks fans would've reacted the same way towards their ex-Tight End.

18. White Men Can't Jump

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    Next time this umpire will move to the side rather than attempt to jump over the racing line drive.

    During a Pro 20 Game in Durban, umpire Brian Jerling fails in his quest to avoid the ball.

    While he failed mightily, the display of athleticism is impressive.

17. Out on Him

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    It's not possible for an athlete to be more vulnerable than the Cavaliers power forward was in this shot.

    In Game 4 of the 2010 Conference Semifinals, Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo was just fighting for the ball, attempting to throw it off his opponent.

    As Anderson Varejao is flailing and fighting to gain stability, he leaves himself wide open for a hurting.

16. Gunslinger to the IR

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    It's safe to assume that Jenn Sterger watches this clip on repeat as she sips her coffee in the morning.

    Let's hope that this happened before the gunslinger sent pictures of his gunslinger to the sexy reporter.

    No wonder she wasn't interested.

15. Goal Posting It

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    Maybe next time he'll avoid trying to stop an apparent goal.

    While we commend the effort, it was reckless abandonment in the end.

    The team loves him more for this display.

14. You Raise Me Up

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    Maltese-Australian footballer John Hutchinson got upended by Carlos Hernandez during an Australian "A-League" game in 2009.

    This is brutal considering the amount of available room to be attacked.

    He'll be avoiding splits from now on.

    Notice how he will never walk right again.

13. Doing the Dougie

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    The first part of this video involves the foreplay, leading to more.

    The kicker than decides to slow his partner down and ruins his day.

    Typical for these defenders.

12. Don't Spike the Balls

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    This might be the most epic celebration of recent memory.

    Never again will you see such a furious and violent spike.

    Suck it up ref.

11. Honorable Mention a Nutshot Per Second

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    In case there were any nutshots that you were disappointed weren't on here, here's a compilation of 50 nutshots in 50 seconds.

    This video is a clear display of how insane Americans are and how far they are willing to go to get on television.

    What a unique culture.

10. Not Very Swift Here

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    Stromile Swift was not pleased with the result of this play.

    Chris Bosh, as he was flailing and falling out of bounds, decided to do the only thing necessary.

    Kick straight and up, works every time.

    Swift might deserve this for never discovering his vast potential after being the No. 2 pick of the 2000 NBA Draft.

9. In the Name of Science

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    Heart rate: 145 BPM

    Tennis balls loaded: 40

    Fear in his eyes: Priceless

    This may be the worst job in the world no matter what data they get out of it. You're a trooper.

8. More Like One in a Million

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    What are the chances of this happening?

    Middle Tennessee's mascot, known as "Lightning" was on the wrong end of a spike during this volleyball match.

    Perhaps she was fed up with his antics.

7. Sliding Ball Tap

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    On the other hand, soccer may be the riskiest sport.

    It's hard to look at this video without wincing.

    Brutal sport.

6. Putting His Nuts on the Blue Line

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    Philadelphia Flyers' Patrick Thoreson was a hero for a matter of three seconds before the Washington Capitals took advantage of his decapitated nuts and scored with a man advantage.

    He must be commended for putting his body on the line for his team, but next time wear a cup.

    Unfortunately the refs will never stop the play unless the player is in serious danger.

    Hockey may be the toughest sport in the world.

5. This Is Actually Legal

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    Joe Son and Keith Hackney went at it at UFC 4 with these (somehow) legal groin shots.

    If he's wearing a cup, it could be to his advantage, however this is malicious.

    He'll be black and blue tomorrow.

4. Running Scared

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    While this is the easiest way to win a fight or avoid further confrontation, until the victim feels his nuts again, it's the worst display of unsportsmanlike conduct possible.

    That poor defensive lineman really got the wrong end of this.

    His opponent was just doing a routine cup check.


3. Pain Vaulting

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    Perhaps he should lay off the pole for a while.

    While the shot to his nuts was clearly brutal, this performer can't believe the amount of people who just saw him destroy his future sex life.

    Ouch is really the only word to describe this occurrence.

2. The Most Dangerous Sport

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    Not only is bullriding lethal and dangerous, but this rider learns the hard way why you never trust a bull.

    While the riding itself is wild enough, thinks become chaotic once the rider falls off.

    His nuts will hate him for a long time.

1. Grabbing the Bull by the Horns

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    When will they understand that when you mess with the bull, you will get the horns.

    Jose Tomas, a top matador from Spain, learned the hard way why bulls should be treated with respect and honor. 

    During a match in Mexico, he was upended by this angry bull and lost 17 pints of blood.