An in-depth analysis of Rory Delap’s long throws for Stoke

Ronaldo Assis de Moreira Analyst IINovember 4, 2008

YouTuber “GerryDisthename” has compiled a fabulous video collecting video evidence of Rory Delap’s now famous long throw-ins for Stoke City, with commentary from the pundits at Match of the Day analysing the threat posed from the Delapatron (as he is now known).

The video can be seen here.

In response to the problems posed by Delap’s throw-ins, the BBC’s pundit Lee Dixon has come up with his own tactical solutions to how teams may equip themselves to defend themselves against this now well-publicised ploy.

According to the talking head, “the simplest and obvious thing to do is not give throw-ins away.” But saving for that almost certain inevitability, Dixon says that he “would tackle this by putting a team’s four best headers of the ball on the goalline with the goalkeeper and ask them to ignore the forward and just go and attack the throw-in… It is a lot easier if you are not concerned about your opposite man as you can concentrate on the flight of the ball, judge whether it is coming in your area and decide whether to deal with it or not… Everyone might think you are mad but if I was a manager I would try it.”

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