50 Ugliest Athletes of All Time

Ethan NContributor IJuly 19, 2011

50 Ugliest Athletes of All Time

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    There are some really unattractive athletes in professional sports.

    While Adam Morrison is an obvious candidate, he barely ranks inside the top 10.

    There have been a lot of players that have gained more notoriety for their looks than their play, and when you see their photos, it's clear to see why that's the case.

    This is a list that nobody wants to land on, but somebody has to be on it.

50. David Weathers

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    Weathers' fierce mentality got him nicknamed "The Bulldog."

    It might have helped that he had a similar look about him as the dog, though.

49. Nick Van Exel

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    Nick Van Exel and his wide-eyed gaze helped him see the basket with ease during his playing days.

    But what good is that in retirement?

48. Bobby Holik

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    Holy unibrow.

    Look, I don't mind if you're going to be a little hairy, but when your face is on television with regularity, you've got to take the viewers into consideration at some point.

47. Evgeni Malkin

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    See that strange look on Malkin's face?

    I believe that's the first time he saw himself in the reflection of the glass.

    I'd be shocked too if I just realized that's how I looked in a helmet.

46. John Lackey

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    Have you ever noticed that John Lackey always seems to have a snarl on his face?

    I think it might be permanently stuck in that position.

45. Pete Rose

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    Remember the bowl cut that we all wanted our mom to stop giving us as a little kid?

    I guess Rose thought it was a good look for him.

44. Shawn Bradley

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    Shawn Bradley was one very awkward tall guy.

    His legs were thin, he had little muscle mass and he had one very tiny head.

    No wonder he was in Space Jam.

43. Vlade Divac

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    Let's play a rather hilarious game of "who'd you rather" for our female readers.

    Divac is one very strange-looking guy, and that huge honker really doesn't help his case.

42. Marquis Grissom

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    Marquis Grissom clearly wasn't afraid to get up close and personal with the camera.

    But I think he may have broken the lens when the flash reflected off his forehead.

41. Chris Bosh

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    I'm just going to let the picture do the talking on this one.

40. A.J. Hawk

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    A.J. Hawk fits right into the Packers' group of linebackers with that long blond hair.

    That's a good thing, because he'd have a hard time fitting in anywhere else with that look.

39. Joe Flacco

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    Joe Flacco rocks that unibrow with the utmost confidence.

    He's a solid starting quarterback, but it might be a while before he has a celebrity girlfriend like some of his other NFL brethren.

38. Ben Roethlisberger

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    Ben Roethlisberger, that beard is not a good look for you.

    At least it takes attention away from the crooked nose.

37. Daniel Carcillo

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    No teeth, no problem.

    Even for an "enforcer," Carcillo is one mean-looking mug.

36. Jorge Cantu

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    Thumbs up for Jorge Cantu, as he turned in a solid career before the last couple of seasons in MLB.

    However, thumbs way down for his landing strip of a beard.

35. Alex Ovechkin

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    Alexander Ovechkin is a phenomenal goal-scorer and reportedly one heck of of a drinker.

    But if he were just an average Joe, he definitely wouldn't have much luck with the ladies.

34. Gary Gaetti

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    Gaetti looks like a naked mole rat mated with a beaver.

    He'd be higher on the list, but the epic mustache is some sort of saving grace.

33. Kimbo Slice

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    Kimbo had a tough time transitioning his attack from the streets to the ring.

    He's got that awesome beard, but a huge bald spot on top with braids running down the side?

    Come on, man.

32. Randy Johnson

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    One of the most epic mullets that MLB has ever seen belongs to Mr. Johnson.

    But what truly makes RJ's awful hair really bad is the fact that it got curly in the back.

    Now that's what I'd call a party.

31. Marko Jaric

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    Marko Jaric must have a pretty big...personality in order to land his supermodel wife.

    We all know it wasn't based on his prolific production in the NBA.

30. Joakim Noah

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    I don't think this needs an explanation.

    But I'll leave you with just one thought about Noah on draft night.

    Does he own a mirror?

29. Mike Ricci

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    Ricci's hair is all too long, but that isn't the only reason that he's up at No. 29.

    That devilish grin is downright scary.

28. Delonte West

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    Delonte West has endured a lot of criticism over the last couple of seasons.

    It's really getting hard to defend him, though.

27. Don Mossi

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    Mossi was an ugly guy before they were really prevalent in professional athletics.

    A huge honker, massive ears and a beard that extended from his cheeks to his feet.

    Now that's sweet.

26. Bartolo Colon

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    Big fat Bartolo Colon tipped the scales to new heights when he pitched for the Dominican club during the World Baseball Classic.

    It's been a long time since we've seen him like this.

25. Julian Tavarez

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    The glove on the head is really just the feather in the cap of this picture.

    Tavarez could have probably chosen a better look for this close-up.

24. Manute Bol

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    That is one bright uniform on Manute Bol.

    There is not another human being that will ever have the lankiness that Bol did, and his tiny head on an enormous body is downright puzzling.

23. Popeye Jones

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    Granted, this wasn't exactly Popeye Jones at his finest moment, but it helps get the point across.

    Oddly-shaped head, plus-sized ears and a frame that is rather void of muscular structure.

22. Dennis Rodman

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    Rodman might not be as high on this list if he wasn't so weird, but his reputation is built highly off his persona.

    Different hair colors on a daily basis and wedding dresses in the closet don't exactly scream "manly."

21. Shelden Williams

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    Shelden Williams' forehead needs its own zip code.

    At least we know that Candace Parker isn't superficial.

20. D.J. Mbenga

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    D.J. Mbenga has one of the ugliest offensive games currently in the NBA.

    At least he's got the awkwardly-sized melon to match it at the top of his body.

19. Gustavo Chacin

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    Chacin doesn't get the recognition that he's due as a legitimate top-20 candidate.

    When he first broke into the league with the Blue Jays, the acne made this mug a lot worse.

    Now that he's got it under control, it's still really not that good.

18. Ken Daneyko

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    Look no further than the man in the middle.

    That playoff beard was one that everyone was anxious for Daneyko to shave right off.

17. Iain Dowie

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    The comparisons between he and Sloth from The Goonies are obvious.

    How can anyone look so puzzled and pose for such a great picture simultaneously?

16. Carlos Tevez

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    There's no doubt that Tevez could fit wisdom teeth into that massive jaw.

    In fact, I think I could fit a small city inside of his mouth.

15. John Kruk

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    Randy Johnson's mullet was beautiful, but John Kruk's was absolutely legendary.

    Business before pleasure—a motto Krukie clearly lived by long before his days on Baseball Tonight.

14. Sam Cassel

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13. Marshawn Lynch

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    For those that don't know what the rest of Lynch's face looks like, just click right here.

    Then imagine this "Beast Mode" grill on his teeth.

    To top it off, Lynch's mustache looks like...well, not a mustache.

12. Robert Swift

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    It's been a tale of two different looks for draft bust Robert Swift.

    Unfortunately, the tattoos didn't help his career.

    Still mad about not getting your man, Danny Ainge?

11. Big Country Bryant Reeves

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    Big Country and his turquoise Vancouver Grizzlies uniform.

    That's what I'd call a worthy candidate for this list.

10. Gheorghe Muresan

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    In defense of Muresan, it's tough to fit into a 7'7" body with a 7'10" wingspan.

    It's too bad his facial features didn't catch up with the rest of his body.

9. Adam Morrison

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    I wonder how many people told Adam Morrison that facial hair was a good idea.

    At least he (sort of) cut the flow on top, but no matter what he's wearing, all eyes are fixated on that face as long as the 15-year-old version of a beard remains.

8. Tyrone Hill

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    What's with NBA players looking like aliens?

    Hill has one of the strangest-shaped melons I've seen in a long time.

    Where does his forehead end?!

7. Greg Oden

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    Greg Oden looks like he's at least 40 years old.

    With all of the injuries he's had, his knees probably feel about 40 too.

    Should we check the birth certificate?

6. Ronaldinho

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    Ronaldinho's appeal is on the soccer pitch, but off it, his swag is really brought down.

    If a horse and a bucktoothed beaver had a love affair...

5. Franck Ribery

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    Unfortunately for Ribery, an early childhoold car crash left him with scars that take over his face.

    But forget the scars, the haircut is what concerns me. Yikes. 

4. Leon Spinks

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    Leon Spinks should probably learn to smile without showing any teeth.

    Of course, that shouldn't be too hard considering he's missing the front row.

3. Ezequiel Astacio

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    Attention Jessica Simpson and Katy Perry: Proactiv could use this guy as a client.

    It's easy to see why he's at the forefront of these 50 guys.

2. Chris Kaman

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    Game, set and match to the Caveman.

    Did he really think the long hair was a good look for him?

1. Butterbean

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    Chris Kaman had a good argument for the top spot, but Butterbean blows him out of the water.


    A giant head with absolutely no neck and multiple chins will usually win the argument.

    That's exactly what happened here.