Did Juan Manuel Marquez Hire Likar Ramos for an Acting Job?

Leo ReyesAnalyst IJuly 18, 2011

Juan Manuel Marquez  vs. Juan Diaz
Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Juan DiazEthan Miller/Getty Images

Did Mexican counter puncher Juan Manuel Marquez hire Colombian Likar Ramos for an acting job? 

It looks like he did, according to Don Donatello of Now Boxing, who said, "Likar Ramos was able to break his fall and gently land on his back. But then he fell asleep with his eyes closed."

Donatello compared Ramos' knockout to Paul Williams who was knocked out by Sergio Martinez face down in the second round, and Ricky Hatton who went down against Pacquiao and banged his head and back first on the canvas.

The knockouts by these two fighters were legitimate as shown in videos that followed their devastating defeats. But in the case of Ramos, it looks like he traveled to Mexico just to collect his prize.    

"The only question that anyone should be asking tonight is how much did they pay Likar Ramos for one of the worse acting jobs ever displayed in the boxing ring?" Donatello wrote.

The video replay of the first round knockout clearly shows Ramos fell with his back first but it seems like he had a pillow at the back of his head as he landed on the canvas without hurting his head on impact.

ESPN's Dan Rafael in his Twitter post  said he thinks it did not look like a KO punch that would do such damage.

“Gotta be honest, that did NOT look like a knockout punch that would do such damage. Just did not look that bad. Just being honest." 

“It was almost like Ramos squeezed his eyes shut. When guys get KO'd COLD like he seemed to be it's because they hit their head. He didn't." 

“A knockdown on that punch? Sure. Even a KO? Maybe. But out cold, didn't hit head, NO movement, eyes shut tightly? NO WAY. Just being honest."

It looked like Ramos was not out there to fight or go for an upset. Maybe he was there primarily to collect his prize money and didn't care at all of the people who paid for their tickets to watch the fight.

Was the fight staged or planned for a short ending in order to scare Pacquiao out of his wits?

Pacquiao’s strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza said “there is no way he can scare Manny. He doesn’t fear anybody. Most kids have no fear factor but grow into it later on. Manny never got it. If they expect to scare Manny that’s not going to happen,” Ronnie Nathanielsz wrote in Philboxing.com.

Marquez originally chose David Diaz for his tune-up fight but the Mexican did not want to give Diaz decent pay for the fight with a former lightweight champion.

If Marquez picked on Diaz by being charitable to a fellow Mexican who seems to be going down the hill, It could have been a fight worth watching. 


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