The 15 Best Sports Clips of All Time (With Video)

Bell Malley@milesmalleyAnalyst IIIJuly 18, 2011

The 15 Best Sports Clips of All Time (With Video)

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    Every month or so, something happens in sports that's almost too extreme, too magical, too ridiculous to really be explained. The feeling of disbelief can only be obtained by watching this event happen.

    Whether it be an unbelievable trick shot, a save that seems impossible, a broken tackle that leaves the defense mystified, or something so funny it can make you tear, there are millions upon millions of jaw dropping sports videos.

    By rummaging through hundreds of these on Youtube, and friends sending others from time to time, I have attempted to identify the 15  best sports clips out there.

    I have no doubt that I will leave out some amazing ones, but this is a start.

    Comments are greatly appreciated.

    Hope you enjoy.

15: An Amazing (Fake) Video

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    To start off the list, we have a fake video. As weird as it sounds, it still belongs on this list because of its popularity and the debates it caused for a few months regarding if it was real or not. 

    Even knowing that it has special effects, it still seems extremely real. 

    Plus, Kobe looks too damn cool jumping over the car and then talking to the camera to keep off this list.

14: Baseball Pitch...Cirque De Soleil Style

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    You know there's a lot of amazing sports clips out there, when a video has a Cirque du Soleil performer doing an unimaginable flip (if that's what you should call it) and then being balanced enough to throw a decent enough pitch. 

    All in all, an amazing video,

13: Practice?

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    Perhaps one of the most infamous sport clips of all time, and one that sadly depicts many of the superstars in the NBA today.

    If you haven't already seen it, you should know that in this clip A.I. says the word practice 20 times.

    Larry Brown smartly retorted that Iverson said the word practice more than he had actually been to practice.

    Sadly, this video will be a defining moment in the "Answer's" career. 

12: The Real Hand of God

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    Forget Maradona, David Seaman has the real hand of God.

    This save requires such good hand-eye coordination, such amazing diving skills, great precision and unheard-of arm strength, that it should be in consideration as the hardest soccer goalie save in history.

    Even non-soccer fans should admire the beauty and determination needed in this save.  

11: A Goalie's Honest Mistake

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    The beginning of the video basically explains everything. This goal cost the team the chance to advance to the quarterfinal.

    As humiliating as it is for the goalie, I can't bring myself to say it was his fault. Yes, the show boating is what cost the team, but who wouldn't turn around and celebrate if they saved the game winning penalty.

    And, honestly, who would have though the ball would spin back in.

    Finally, I think the players' celebration at the end, and I do recognize it was the penalty that let them advance, was a bit over the line. His shot itself wasn't that nice, it was pure luck. 

    A funny clip, and perhaps a life lesson for goalies all over the world. 

10: Hot Sauce

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    It's not so much this particular clip, because there are hundreds of "Hot Sauce" clips; it's the fact that Hot Sauce may be the best street baller of all time, and one of his many videos definitely deserve a spot on this list.

    Some of the tricks he pulls here don't even seem possible, especially for the defender, but "Hot Sauce" pulls it off regularly. A sick clip that starts off our top 10.  

9: A Little Travel Can Get You a Looong Way

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    The score was 30-28 for the white team, and red was inbounding on their side of the court. But after the ball was deflected, the game was seemingly out of reach.

    But then a miracle happened, when a little fourth grader knocked down an unbelievable shot.

    Yes, I know he travelled, but don't let that get in the way of the moment.

    Imagine this little boy's excitement after knocking down the shot. It's a shot every kid imagines making. And this guy did.   

8: As Accurate as It Gets

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    I don't care how good Manning and Brady and Brees are (and in terms of real life game situations, Alex Tanney probably can't even come close to the things they do) but none of them can do this.

    This is as accurate as it gets, and isn't fake.

    Alex Tanney—best trick shot quarterback of all time.  

7: Poor Varejao

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    The definition of facial. Wade literally jumped directly toward Varejao, as if he wasn't even there.

    Good thing he was though—because it ended up being an and-one.

    The crowds' reaction is priceless, as is Michael Beasley's and the other members of the Heat team. Varejao does get up as if nothing happened, but how can you get walked all over like that and not have a crushed spirit.

    This will undoubtedly go down as one of the best dunks, and evidently best facials, of all time. 

6: Step Aside, Tiger

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    This is the greatest miniature golf shot of all time. 

    If not evident in the video, all the man tried to do was to get the ball on top of the water which, by itself, is already an extremely hard (and lucky) shot to make. After he proceeded to hit the ball off the top of the water, everyone went crazy.

    The moment was over, or so they thought. The ball then took a very lucky bounce into the hole, making the shot insane.  

5: Hardest Catch of All Time?

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    Is this the best catch of all time? Well, I'll let you guys decide.

    But it is undoubtedly one of the best and hardest catches of all time. The angle at which he jumped backwards, and how he caught it with one hand is ridiculous.

    Honestly, the only NFL player I can imagine going for this ball, and catching it, is Randy Moss.

    Anyways, it's up there as one of the best catches in this history of football.  

4: Ridiculous Behind the Back Pitch

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    Now this was not the smartest pitch to make because it's slow so there's always a chance the batter will hit it out of the park.  But you must realize how weirdly genius this pitch is.

    His whole motion seems normal, and he even fakes the actual pitch, when all of a sudden the batter realizes the pitch had already been thrown, behind his back.

    This clip deserves its place at number four.  

3: Through the Leg Catch

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    --Skip to one minute--

    You know what...I'll let the video speak for itself. Nothing more can be said here. 

2: Dude Perfect

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    The best basketball trick shot artists of all time, and that's not even in question. Dude Perfect was so unbelievable that some ESPN analysts went to go see if it was real, or completely fake.

    Real it was.

    Dude Perfect went from a couple of guys playing some fun games of horse, to one of the most watched sports clips on Youtube.

    These are shots that everyone hopes to make once in their lifetime. These guys basically do it for a living.


1: People Are Awesome...And so Is This Video

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    The best sports clip of all time. It has everything needed. Great basketball shots, football catches, baseballs caught and extreme sports at their highest of extremes.  

    The title of this video defines what we're looking for: people are awesome. We want to find the moments when people show the awesomeness that they have, in a good or bad way as weird as that may seem. If you do something so stupid that it merits world-wide attention, it's strangely awesome.

    Like the people in it, this video is awesome.

    It's number one.

    Please comment with ones you think should have been on the list, I would love to look at them


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